The Landlord’s Daughter

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by Cristiano Caffieri

The European intelligence organization known as Agence Vingt-deux Vingt-deux always go the extra mile when establishing a cover for their agents. And so, when operative Johnnie Faero was destined to pose as a volunteer for a bogus charity in Miami his background was mapped out meticulously.

This involved spending three weeks in a somewhat Spartan room over a pub in Derby, England, where the only consolation for suffering such deprivation was the publican’s daughter Barb. She was a short bubbly character, quite pretty, with a substantial rack and skirts that rode halfway up her ass.

Barb would bring up his meals along with a coffee for herself and sit and talk to him. It was obvious that she fancied Johnnie and talked incessantly about the fact that she’d recently ditched her boyfriend and was very, very lonely.

Johnnie, now using the alias Jerry Waldron, a market stall owner and volunteer at a local charity selling secondhand clothing, seemed the kind of rough diamond that she was looking for. He tried to explain that he was a bit of an itinerant, here today and gone tomorrow, but Barb hung in there regardless and one night she simply slipped into his room naked and climbed into bed with him.

Barb didn’t waste any time seeking out his dick and putting it in her mouth. Because it all happened so sudden it was a bit relaxed but not for long. As she stroked and sucked it with incredible enthusiasm she kept breaking off the action periodically to make such remarks as, “It tastes so good,” and “You can cum in my mouth if you want to.” A rather unnecessary question to ask any man.

She may have acted a little immature at times but Barb knew a few things about giving fellatio. With her finger a thumb she would pull on the skin of his scrotum and do the most incredible moves with her lips. It was not long before Johnnie felt his load surging up from his balls and into her willing mouth.

His body felt spring loaded for a few moments as he twitched and took deep breaths before he could totally regain his composure. Barb moved up from underneath the duvet and held onto him tight.

“Am I good,” she asked, “Really good?”

“You’re very good,” he replied, giving her an extra tight hug.

“Why don’t I move in with you? Dad wouldn’t mind if we shared a room.”

“I’m sorry Barb but I need my privacy to do all my accounting and so on.”

“Come on – you’re a fucking market stall holder – you’re not Lord Sainsbury.”

“It’s just that you’re just too hot,” he explained diplomatically, “I’d be fucking you three times every night and I would totally neglect my business and go broke.”

“You find me that sexy?” she asked with an extraordinarily big smile on her face.

Johnnie didn’t answer he simply grabbed her by the waist, raise her above his body and began to suck her tits like a man who hadn’t had a drink for three months. Barb started to moan and she struggled to get her cunt to make contact with his big stiff dick. He let her slip onto it and she began to gyrate her ass like a Hula dancer, while he continued to play with her large rosy pink nipples.

He let her ride him like a bucking rodeo star for a while and then without warning he quickly turned her over and drove it deep up inside of her. Barb gasped for breath as his balls bounced against her ass and his cock slipped in and out of her hairy pussy. At one point she grabbed hold of his hair and held onto it tightly as she could feel herself cumming. Johnnie, sensing she was about to explode increased the speed and shot his load as she threw her arms back to grip onto the bars of the bed head, screaming quite loudly as she did so.

Still trembling, she arched her back as he rammed his dick up her crack in a powerful grand finale. Her tits bounced with every thrust and her face contorted as though she was in pain.

“That was great,” she said as he pulled out his dripping nob and squeezed the last few drops onto her belly.

With a roguish look on her face, she rubbed his goo into her skin and then sucked her fingers, before putting her arms around him and snuggling up close.

“I see what you mean,” she whispered in his ear, “I just love the way you do it to me but I don’t suppose I could do that every night – I would be too tired to work in the bar.”

Later she left the room shaking her head, shocked to discover that she had an animal magnetism that was verging on the dangerous.

Johnnie’s mission was to go to Miami, to pose as a vacationing do-gooder who wanted to help to collect used clothing for people in the Third World. However, his real assignment was to destroy an organization that used the charity as a cover for sending sophisticated explosive devices to terrorists in Africa, some of which found their way into Europe.

Being attractive to women, with his fine physique and good looks, his missions usually involve elements of danger combined with some serious womanizing. Johnnie has had more fucks than Bond has had Vodka Martinis. He prided himself on being an equal opportunity lover, having fondled, sucked and penetrated women of every color, cast, creed and political persuasion.

Johnnie knew that telling Barb that he was going away wasn’t easy, especially as he also knew that he would never be back. He did consider just disappearing but in the end, he felt it was better to tell her about his trip to Miami. The way he explained it to her was that he was going to help a worthy cause. This meant if she was asked about him she could back-up his story perfectly.

The poor girl was devastated and immediately wanted to fuck his brains out as a going away present. He certainly wasn’t going to turn her down and she gave it her all.

Fist she sucked his dick until he came all over her face and then as he lay back on the bed she lowered herself onto it in a reverse cowboy and rode him like a champion. There was a big mirror on the dressing table and he could see her tits bouncing up and down as he lay there taking it like a man. Her eyes were closed and her lovely face looked so intense and a little tear stained.

Barb’s cunt was extremely well lubricated and even more so when he exploded inside of her. She came around the same time as he did and began to whimper like a Japanese porn star. Breathless she fell on to the bed beside him and asked him if she was to get pregnant would he come back to her.

Johnnie said he would because he knew that with a “temporary,” vasectomy he wouldn’t be fathering children anytime soon. He felt very sorry for Barb, she was a sweet girl and he spent the night with his arms around her telling her so.
Copyright 2011 Cristiano Caffieri
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