The Girl with the Almond Eyes

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Having a gun to his head was nothing new for Johnnie, even though it was in the hands of a beautiful oriental woman with a great set of tits and the faint smell of Jasmine.

“I want you to contact your HQ and tell them that unless they call off those pigs surrounding the Ghiwei compound I’m going to blow your head off.”

Johnnie explained that his organization did not do deals and its members knew they might die in the course of duty when they signed up.

“You’re just wasting your time,” he said grimly.

Frustrated by his reply she pressed the gun harder against his head and that’s what he was waiting for. He quickly spun away from the weapon and grabbed her arm. In spite of his training to treat all adversaries alike, he didn’t like hurting women, however, the situation called for drastic measures and so he flung Miss Son Li Ngang against the wall with a fucking great thud.

She went down in a heap on the floor and just lay there unconscious. Johnnie picked up her slim rather nicely shaped body and lay her on the bed. He then proceeded to take off all her clothes, as naked prisoners are faced with additional problems if they attempt to escape.

To take off her bra he had to lay her on her side and she murmured a little but she didn’t wake up. When he pulled the skimpy lace garment from her tits were unveiled and it was no disappointment, they were gorgeous. Next, he went to the bottom of the bed and gradually eased off her panties.

“Wow,” he mumbled to himself, “That pussy is so beautiful I could kiss it,” but he didn’t.

After securing his prisoner with her hands tied to the bedhead he dumped her clothes out of the hotel window and into the street. In a poor country like Khaizhan, he knew they would be picked up quickly and be for sale in the market place by noon.

He sat and waited for her to come around, which took several minutes. Almost immediately she began to tug at her restraints not even noticing that she was naked. When she did she screamed, “What the hell are you up to you pervert?”

“You don’t have anything to worry about,” smiled Johnnie, “I only molest women when they are conscious and when they are willing. I just took your clothes off to make any thoughts of escape a little more complicated.”

“Where are my clothes?”

“Probably being sold in the marker place for a tidy sum I shouldn’t wonder.”

“You bastard, that dress was brand new – I only bought it yesterday.”

“I’m sure your boss will buy you an another one when he makes his daring escape from his lair.”

“He will escape,” she assured him, “It would take more that half a dozen of your agents to pin down Ghiwei.”

Johnnie just shrugged, “We’ll see,” he said, looking at his watch.

“You know something don’t you – you bastard?” she screamed, making another futile attempt to break free, causing her tits to jiggle in the most provocative way.

“All I know is he’ll be taken alive – does that make you feel better?”

“He won’t be taken alive – that’s not his style.”

“Are you in love with Ghiwei?” he asked, “Or are you just afraid that he will betray you and the rest of your members.”

“I am just a follower of his ideology,” she retorted, “Something you wouldn’t understand.”

“I’m not paid to delve into ideologies – I just follow orders.”

“You’re a paid killer.”

“And you wasn’t going to kill me when you had a gun in your hand?”

“I was just trying to frighten you into making that call – that’s all.”

“Wow – you sound like little Miss Innocent.”

“I run a bakery – Ghiwei protects people like me from corrupt government officials and big companies from the west that would like to take over all our businesses.”

Once more she began to struggle to loosen her restraints and Johnnie’s dick started to harden as her beautiful slim body moved around on the white sheets. He imagined how it would feel to slip it into that tight, neatly trimmed little flower. However, after shaking his head once or twice he managed to regain his composure, although his dick was still showing quite distinctly through his pants.

“Ghiwei exploded a bomb in a Paris restaurant in an effort to get one of your visiting corrupt officials,” he replied, “Some French nationals died as a result, we don’t like that sort of thing.”

“I’m sorry about that,” she said, “But mistakes happen.” As she spoke he could see that she noticed the bulge in his pants. “Do I turn you on?” she asked, “Or would any naked body have that effect on you?”

Johnnie smiled, “Not any naked body you just happen to have one that is highly fuckable.”

“Am I suppose to take that as a compliment?”

“That’s up to you.”

She sighed impatiently and struggled with her bonds again. Every time she did this he got more and hornier. Unfortunately, as he was standing by in case he was needed to corner Ghiwei, should he be able to escape through the net the other agents had woven around him, he had to check his OpsPhone.

Speaking in Chaff, an agency language devised to allow agents to converse in public without being understood, he contacted Heinz Krupps, who was the team leader for this operation. They were about 15 miles outside of town but reception was perfect and he was able to see Ghiwei and three of his henchmen standing handcuffed with solemn looks on their faces.

He showed the images to his captive. “What are you going to do with them?” she sniffled, visibly upset that her hero was in custody.

“Well, we can’t rely on your officials to give them a fair trial – so they’re going to whisked away to Europe.”

“That’s kidnapping.”

“Yes it is – but it’s better that killing them in cold blood.”

“Who is going to fight for us little business people now,” she said, shaking her head.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Ghiwei will provide information that will bring some positive changes to your country.

“Would you do me a favor,” she asked, squirming around a little,
“Please don’t leave me tied to this bed when you leave – the hotel staff would spread that around town and my life would be hell.”

“You look quite ravishing lying there,” he smiled, looking down on her.

“You’re dying to fuck me – aren’t you?”

“I’d be lying if I said no,” he replied, sitting beside her.

“I’ve never been fucked by a Westerner,” she said.

“We should all be prepared to add to our experiences,” he grinned, “I’ve never fucked a woman with such gorgeous eyes.”

“Do you want to do it while I’m still tied up as your captive,” she inquired, “I’ve heard that you Europeans are a bit kinky.”

“Well I don’t want to spoil our reputation,” he said, bending over and taking a nipple in his mouth.

“That feels good,” she murmured, “Keep doing it.”

Johnnie kept doing it for a while but then paused to take off his clothes. When Son Li looked over and saw his long erect dick she smiled and then made a licking noise with her tongue. He knelt beside her head and although her restraints made it impossible to give him a blow job she licked and sucked the end while he rubbed her tits gently with his hand.

Anxious to get back to sucking them he straddled Son Li’s lithe body, bent over and took as much of her left breast into his mouth as he could, she moaned and moved her legs upwards touching his balls and started to rub them with her knees. It wasn’t long before they were both in a state of ecstasy and Johnnie moved down her body to put his face between her slender thighs.

He trailed his arms until they reached her ankles and then he moved them up her legs slowly. When they reached the top he moved his hands to the inside of her thighs and parted the petals of her flower. His tongue explored the outer folds and Son Li responded by arching her back and moaning and mumbling something in Kaizahni.

Moving his body to the side of her he slipped his finger into her flower moving it around and around. Even though her hands were bound she raised up as far as she could to seek out his lips and tongue. He put two fingers in and then began to suck her nipples as her body twisted this way and that. It was as if she was desperate to break free and put her arms around him.

Once more he slid down the bed and this time he parted her legs wide and put his dick just inside the folds of her flower. She was swallowing hard, breathing heavy in anticipation of the whole eight inches being thrust up inside of her.

Johnnie teased her for a while and then plunged it in up to the hilt. She cried out and moved her ass around as if pleading for action. Her beautiful almond shaped eyes stayed open as he began slowly to move his dick in and out of her warm moist slit. With those eyes looking up at him and her lovely tits moving from side to side he was driven to quicken the pace, ramming it into her again and again it home again and again.

When she began to show signs of going into an orgasm it increased the excitement and the action became faster and harder until it felt as though his balls were bursting into flames. When he shot his load into Son Li’s tight little cunt, he exhaled and groaned as she cried out and wrapped her legs around him.

He continued to thrust his dick in and out as if anxious to get rid of the last drop and then he just lay there on top of her for a while as she kissed his face and begged for her restraints to be untied.

When he slipped the knots Son Li put her arms around him and just held them there. “That was wonderful,” she said, “Really wonderful.”

Johnnie had to admit that it was pretty dam good and he would have loved to have started the process over again but he had to meet up with his colleagues. However, there was a little boutique in the hotel lobby, so he quickly purchased a couple of dresses and a pair of sandals, hoping they were the right size and rushed back up to the room with them. She was delighted with his gesture and to show her appreciation she went down on her knees and looking up at him with those amazing eyes, she gave him the best blow job a man ever had.

Johnnie had a rented car at the back of the hotel and he drove out of town to the rendezvous point where the group was to be picked up by helicopter and flown into more neutral territory. During his debriefing on the plane back to France Heinz Krupps asked if he’d encountered any difficulties at the hotel.

“No the room had everything a man ever needed.” he said.

Krupps raised his eyebrow but asked no more questions.

Johnnie looked out of the window dreamily wondering if he’d ever forget the girl with the almond eyes.
Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2013

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