Teaching the Teacher

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by Cristiano Caffieri

James E. Knight was a serious academic. He had little time for frivolous pursuits and, at age 31, it was rumored he had never slept with a woman.

“If James E. Knight needs a thrill,” laughed one of his colleagues at a staff meeting one day, “he picks up a book on ancient architecture.”

“Probably thinks of the Amphitheater at Uthina looks like a vagina,” joked another, before hushing quickly as the subject of their ribaldry entered carrying a book on ancient architecture.

His tenured post at the small Midwestern university brought him in contact with many young women, so it’s not that he lacked opportunity, especially given his classically handsome good looks; it just seemed that his work came first. This intrigued a young student named Xiomara Thomas.

Xiomara was black, incredibly beautiful, smart as a whip and occasionally sassy. She asked challenging questions in his lectures and made what he considered astounding observations for a woman of her young age. He was so impressed with her that he invited her to his home to review some of the photos in his expeditions — provided, of course, she not to mention it to any of her classmates, as he didn’t want to be accused of favoritism or impropriety.

The night of the showing turned out to be a memorable one. Xiomara sat cross-legged on the rug encircled by photos while he monitored from above on the sofa. He had an excellent view of her tits. She’d worn the flowered top because she knew it showed them off to maximum affect, however, she was not sure that the serious-minded professor would even notice them.

To ensure that he paid attention to her physical attributes and not just her brain she uncrossed her long shapely legs and stretched them out in front of him. Her short skirt left very little to the imagination.

Although she did notice a slight bulge in his pants, she was getting a little a little frustrated by his apparent lack of interest.

“Where did you take this one?” she asked, indicating a picture of a Greek monastery perched precariously on a rock. He lowered himself onto the rug beside her and studied the photograph carefully.

“That’s the Holy Trinity Monastery in the Peneas Valley… in Greece.”

He was about to elaborate but when he looked up he found her face inches from his and she was staring at him with her big brown eyes. Although for a moment it appeared he might take advantage of the situation, he didn’t, and so it was Xiomara made the first move.

Slipping her arms around his neck she pulled him towards her and welded her mouth to his. It was a long and passionate kiss and soon their tongues were entwining like two rabid snakes.

James abruptly pulled away, “Oh my God, you’re my student! We shouldn’t be doing this!”

Taken back by his outburst, Xiomara reminded him that she was 23 years old and a willing party, so what was there to worry about?

James pondered for a moment then sighed, “You’re right – there’s nothing to worry about,” and before she could reply he leaned forward and picked up where they left off.

Xiomara had had the hots for her professor all semester and since he seemed short on technique she decided to make him her student. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. There was a short break in the tongue-wrestling and the thought occurred to her that he might not know he could play with her nipples, now protruding proudly through the thin cotton top, and kiss at the same time.

It felt good when his palms brushed over her heaving breasts but she wanted it next to her skin. She sat back up, slipped off her top and her lacy bra and threw them across the room. James stared at her naked breasts for a second and then began sucking them, maybe a little bit too eagerly for her liking.

“Just kiss and lick them gently for a while,” she whispered.

Having spent his entire life in academia, James was the perfect student and followed her instructions to the letter. Moving his tongue around those gorgeous nipples he stroked underneath her soft warm tits with his hands. He was determined to please her, and when she freed herself of her short skirt and panties he employed the same modus operandi in her nether regions.

His performance was beyond her wildest expectations. As his tongue darted in and out of her moist pink folds her body began to writhe and tremble. It seemed he knew every erogenous zone, and she didn’t know whether it was beginner’s luck or if he’d done research on the subject.

Soon her delightfully round ass began to jerk up and down she called out for him to keep it going,

“I’m cumming,” she cried, “I’M CUMMING!” and she started banging her arms on the floor as if she couldn’t stand the lightning bolts of pleasure searing through her body.

After a massive orgasm, it took a few minutes for her to settle down but then she sat up and literally tore off James’s clothes, unveiling a huge boner pointing in her direction. Xiomara knelt down and took it between her luscious lips. If anyone knew how to suck a cock, she did. Shoving back his foreskin she worked it every which way, plunging it up to the hilt and then taking it out again. Every time she plunged it back into her throat his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

When he felt his mucilage beginning to force its way up his channel he thought it fair to warn her but she took no notice; in fact, she sucked harder. She sucked, he came, she conquered.

As the last drop of his cum trickled down her throat she began working his dick to bring it back up to its previous rigidity. She licked his balls and stuck her finger up his ass and her tongue in Pete’s eye until it was as hard as a copper’s night stick.

Then, scattering the photos all over the floor, she lay back on the rug and simply said, “Fuck me, James. I want to be fucked.”

The timid intellectual suddenly seemed to take on the persona of some ancient Roman centurion; he roughly parted her legs, lined up his massive cock with her quivering crack and drove it in.

She gasped as it penetrated her sphincter and gasped again when he partly withdrew it and rammed it in even more forcefully. As he looked down at her beautiful face and her jiggling tits, he was overcome with the desire to fill her cunt with his cream. She began to moan and groan, and the more she did that the harder and faster he drove it in.

Xiomara screamed and flung her arms backward as James shot his load deep inside of her. Their still-entwined naked bodies rolled all over the rug and they held on to each other for a full five minutes before relaxing side-by-side on a pile of his prized photos.

During a brief recess, Prof. Knight inquired meekly over a glass of wine as to the subject of anal sex, specifically whether it felt good. Five minutes later she was bending over the sofa doggy style with him ramming it up her ass. This was followed by doing it standing up with him crashing his naked body against her groin and tits. When she left, she felt that she’s opened up new avenues for Professor Knight, and it gave her a sense of accomplishment.

She couldn’t resist telling her best friend Saffy about visiting his house, even though she’d sworn not to mention it.

“It was just to look at some of his photos,” she said, not wanting to send unpleasant rumors around the campus.

“Is that all you got out of it?” she laughed.” “When Breanna and Dana went over there he pretended that he knew squat about sex. So of course, those two retards figured they were going to teach him. That mild-mannered lothario pounded their pussies so hard they could hardly walk for a week!”

Xiomara, just smiled politely and limped away feeling that she’d been duped.


Copyright 2014-2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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