Taming the Cobra

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Granville Hawk was an ambitious young TV comedy writer. In spite of his youth he figured he’d paid his dues, he’d been nominated twice for a prestigious award and was the darling of a couple of Hollywood comedians who loved his work.

Never the less some producers were never satisfied with his creativity, one was Serina Lindstrom. When she wanted a script writing she wanted it yesterday, then she hung on to it for weeks and when she did send it back with her notes she needed the revisions done almost immediately

The bible, they give writers outlining the plot and the characters, would say one thing and then Serina would want exactly the opposite. She didn’t want women to be portrayed as foolish but she wanted them to be funny, she demanded dignity for two apes in one script but was quite happy to see men made into complete assholes. Poor Granville was at his wit’s end, he’d loved to have told her what to do with the job but like all writers, he desperately needed the money.

He’d only met Serina in script meetings, where she was venomous as a Cobra, and wondered if she acted like that all the time or whether she sometimes let her hair down and relaxed. Granville was about to find out.

Despite her being critical of him on many occasions when confronted by serious dilemma she called on him to help her sort it out. A whole pile of scripts had been rejected for one thing or another by her co-producers and they wanted it all fixed in four days.

It was arranged that he go with her to a cabin she had up in the mountains and they would slug it out until it was done. He would rather have eaten a live cockroach than spending four days sequestered with Serina but he didn’t have much choice and the money was very good.

She picked him up in her BMW and drove like a bat out of hell until they reached their destination. The weather was warm and she just wore a halter top and a very short skirt. He thought she looked pretty good for a woman in her late thirties but when he got inside the building there was something even better – a very pretty Thai maid.

“This is Mani, she looks after the place for me – she’s a great cook so you’re in for a treat.”

The maid slipped out to unload the groceries and Granville gave her a hand. He could take his eyes of her firm little ass as he followed her up the steps nor could he ignore the view he got down her top as she struggled to put the bags down.

Meanwhile, his boss was piling up scripts on the coffee table.

“Stop looking at Mani’s tits and sit down here,” she called out, “We’re going to work like fuck.”

He was a little embarrassed but the maid gave him a friendly wink and a smile and he thought that was very encouraging. As he took his seat beside the Cobra she told him that they were going work right up until dinner at eight and then they were going to chill out – whatever that was supposed to mean.

Pens were drawn right away and they set to work trying to save some very bad writing. During what seemed to be an endless, tiresome day, she cursed like a sailor at both the original writers and him, threw things and occasional screamed and went into a full blown tantrum. Granville was so relieved when it was time for dinner.

The meal was punctuated with at least two bottles of wine between them and liqueurs to follow. Afterward, they all flopped on the big overstuffed sofa and he presumed this was her idea of chilling out. However, she did come up with something that rather surprised him

“I didn’t bring you up here to fuck you Granville but I wanted you to know that Mani and I usually sleep in the same bed and diddle each other’s pussies.”

The Thai girl giggled.

“It’s a king sized bed so there’s plenty of room if you want to join in. You can have a separate room if you want it’s up to you.”

He was quite shocked by her suggestion but as he eyed the young women over, he thought he’d be a prize fool to refuse such an opportunity. Mani looked rather pleased with his acceptance and he couldn’t wait to fondle that neat little body of hers.

By ten they were all showering and preparing for bed. Nobody seemed to want to dress after that and they just walked around naked. It felt like he’d been paid an enormous bonus as he watched the two girls with their beautiful tits and shaved pussies leap onto the bed and then smile, as if to say, “Are you coming?”

Before he could climb into bed the two of them were kissing but that stopped when he hit the covers.

“Let’s play a little game,” said Serina and she picked up the clock from the bedside table.” You have to make both of us cum Granville, and we’ll time it to see who cums first. You can start with Mani.”

That was music to his ears because although Serina was extremely attractive he figured she’d be telling him what to do all the way through to orgasm – and that’s if she had one. Mani snuggled up to him and he started off by kissing her. Her soft warm lips caused his dick to grow another couple of inches and when he began to suck her small but beautifully shaped tits he felt as if was about to cum already.

She whimpered a little as he licked her nipples and then taking his tongue down the center of her belly he put his face between her thighs. Now she was groaning in anticipation and when he parted her pink folds and began to flick his tongue up and down she shouted out loud. She swore very well for someone who only spoke English as a second language.

Granville slipped off of the bed dragging her legs so that he could kneel on the floor and bury his face in her wet crack. He began to work her pussy with his tongue and his finger with one hand still free to reach up and squeeze a nipple.

It didn’t take long at all before she was screaming “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” and her whole body seemed to be going into a spasm.

The Cobra was impressed. “Now I know as your boss you’ll be expecting me to give you instructions but I’m not – do whatever you want – you can even be a little bit rough if you want to.”

He figured that was subtle instructions in itself and he saw it as an opportunity to be at least a little dominant.

“OK lie over me,” he said.

She did as she was told and her tits hung down within easy reach of his mouth. He then grabbed them with his hands and started to suck them hard. Serina moaned as he kneaded them like he was making two cottage loaves and then he slid his body between her legs and started to lick her wet slit.

With a struggle, he was able to reach back to keep playing with her boobs while his tongue traveled the length of her crack again, and again, and again. When Serena reached the Big O she went into a frenzy and slipping off the bed she began to kiss him all over the face as if she really fancied him.

As Mani, with the clock in hand, declared herself the winner Serina went down on his dick and she didn’t stop sucking until he blew a big load in her mouth. The Thai beauty not wanting to left out of the action joined them on the floor and started to play with his balls attempting to get him hard again. When it did return to its former glory Serina encouraged him to fuck Mani, “It will be my turn tomorrow night,” she said.

Back on the bed, the petite Mani lay there smiling up at him as he slid his shaft deep inside her tight little crack. Granville couldn’t believe how good it felt and as he began to pound her pussy those gorgeous brown tits bounced to and fro driving him to increase his pace until he yelled, “Fuck it’s cumming,” and she started to squirm around like a frog in a sock as he shot his load into her.

Serina was still diddling herself when they stopped and continued until she started writhing all over the bed in self-induced ecstasy.

The following day she was back in the caustic producer mode. She criticized and bullied, threw his revisions up in the air and once told him he was a talentless worm. It went on until he could stand it no longer.

“Shut the Fuck up or you’ll have to fuck yourself tonight,” he yelled.

Poor Mami, who picking some the papers froze on the spot as if she was terrified but the Cobra didn’t strike. She certainly didn’t say she was sorry but she started to act like a normal human being – that was until she was in bed of course. THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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