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By Cristiano Caffieri

Matt Granger worked for an agency called Gino’s Confidential Escorts. Singles and divorcees who had to attend company functions and conventions and didn’t want to turn up alone simply phoned Gino.

During his time with the agency, Matt had attended everything from a Meat Packers Convention to a Fund Raising Dinner for African Missionaries. He’d got so used to traveling all over the country to these events he didn’t even ask what it was for anymore. He just got the clients name and where they were to meet, grabbed his plane tickets and hotel reservations and off to the airport. Ready for any eventuality he made sure he’d packed his bag for both formal and casual engagements and even a pair of swimming trunks in case there was a pool party.

This time, his trip took him to Miami where he was to meet Molly Milverton at the Edensor Hotel. After phoning her from the lobby he went up to her room and was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful young woman who met him at the door.

“I’ve never had to do this before but my boyfriend whimped out on me. I could hardly turn up alone,” she laughed, “I’d never hear the last of it.”

They sat at the table by the window and had coffee while they discussed the schedule and then she asked where his luggage was.

“It’s over at the Hilton where I’m staying,” he said, “it’s only a few minutes away by cab.”

“But why aren’t you staying here in this room, you’re going to be fucking me all weekend and so you might as well sleep with me.”

Matt was stunned for a few seconds, even though he‘d got lucky with the occasional client, it was not included in the contract, that would have been against the law. However, when he explained he was not that sort of escort it did not go down well.

“Why the fuck would you take an assignment for a Swinger’s Convention if you’re not that kind of escort?”

“I think Gino must have misunderstood what you needed.”

“Well, you better get it sorted out because my reputation is at stake here and I’m prepared to sue you and Gino for every cent you have. We have several attorneys and a couple of judges in our little group so you’d better phone your boss NOW and get it sorted.”

Matt, trying to stay calm, asked if he could go to the bathroom for some privacy and then he phoned Gino. His boss was very apologetic but said he thought it was a trapeze artists convention and he begged him to help him out on this once.

“Do this for me Matt and the next two assignments that come up in Hawaii are yours.”

Having a steady girlfriend he wasn’t too keen about fucking a bunch of women in some kind of swinger’s sexual frenzy. However, Gino had been good to him in the past and he didn’t want to let the agency down.

When he re-emerged from the bathroom he told Molly it was all settled and that he would just slip out for his luggage. She looked at him a bit suspiciously, thinking he might not come back, but he’d now made a commitment and that was that. He returned with his case and found that she had arranged to have dinner served in the room.

“There’s nothing going on tonight except committee meetings,” she informed him, “so we can have a nice dinner, some champagne and then rehearse.”

After the dishes had been cleared away she made sure the door was locked and then she took off her dress. She was completely naked underneath and she was gorgeous. Her tits were perky but natural, her muff was trimmed and looked good enough to eat and her ass was so round and firm he got a big hard-on just watching her walk around the room.

“Well let’s see what you’ve got on offer,” she said, sitting back in one of the chairs as though she was going to direct a movie.

Matt stood up and started to strip off. She nodded her approval when she saw his bare chest but when he removed his pants a big smile appeared on her face.

“How many rounds can you go with that thing?” she inquired.


“Yeh- how many times could you cum in one evening.”

“Three or four.”

“That’s not bad.”

After moistening her fingers in her mouth she began to slowly rub her cunt and then, opening her legs up wide she invited him to eat her out.

“You should get familiar with the taste,” she said.

Matt, who now had a sizable erection, walked over to where she was sitting and dropped to his knees. Moving up between her shapely thighs he opened up the lips of her crack with his fingers and then, just with the tip of his tongue, he began to tease her, just flicking it here and there. She began to groan almost immediately, and anxious to get more tongue, she gripped on to his head and forced his face deep into her hairy cunt. He sucked hard on to her wet pink lips and then he withdrew and started to swipe his pussy fluffer along one side of her vulva and then the other.

Matt quickened the pace until she became quite hysterical, yelling, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Her ass jerked up and down as though she couldn’t stand it anymore, but he kept on licking and licking as she struggled to break free. Once she’d calmed down, she pulled on his arms to indicate she wanted him to stand. She then took his balls in one hand and his dick in the other and plunged it into her mouth. Her fingers moved skillfully between his legs as she worked up and down his throbbing cock and using her lips to increase and decrease the pressure, created an urgency for him to cum. However, she didn’t intend him to do that until she was ready and so she’d withdraw, licked from the base of his balls to the tip of his dick, and then she’d start sucking all over again.

Matt felt as though electric bolts were shooting through his body and he could take it no longer. Grabbing onto her hair he seemed to lose all control and he face-fucked her with a vengeance, shooting his entire load into her mouth.

Now feeling a bit like a caveman, he picked her up, threw her over his shoulder, and dumped her on the bed. She looked a little worried as he moved toward her with a determined look on his face but when he began to gently lick her nipples she relaxed again.

Matt sucked then, fondled then and rubbed his dick over them before opening up her legs, then he just knelt before her with his huge throbbing dick at the ready. She opened up her legs a little wider as if she couldn’t wait for it to penetrate her quivering quim. When he did ram it in she let out a scream and dug her long fingernails into the cheeks of his ass.

“Fuck me hard Matt – I like it hard,” she begged.

Wanting to please his client he raised himself up until only the bell end rested between the lips of her vagina and then he came down on her mound with considerable force. He continued to savage her slim trim body making her tits bounce and her nerve endings seem as though they were on fire.

When Matt could feel his hot cum moving up he increased to pace and she, realizing that he was about to blow his load, urged him on until with a primeval cry he gave a last desperate thrust and almost squirted the entire contents of his balls into her love canal. Molly worked her ass up and down, still enjoying the feel of his cock inside of her but gradually they came down from their sexual high and they just relaxed on the bed for a while.

“What the schedule for tomorrow?” he asked, dreading the thought of mingling with dozens of people, some possibly old enough to be his mother – and all naked.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” she said, “to be honest I’m not that keen on sharing you with the others, maybe we should remain in our room for the weekend – just you and me.”

As she was lying with her back toward him he turned and pressed his dick between the cheeks of her bum.

“I like that idea,” he said, reaching around to hold on to her tits.

She gave a little gasp as she felt the first inch ease its way into her ass.

“So do I,” she replied, “so do I.”

Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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