Sweet Little Ball Breaker

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Eddie McCarthy was a salesman, and his wares were a clutch of self-help seminars billed as “Your Highway to Personal Success.” His seminars were sell-outs, cost $1000 per person per day and nobody came away feeling robbed even if it didn’t make the slightest difference to their lives.

For a middle-aged man, Eddie was in pretty good shape. He still had some color in his hair and he watched his diet to ensure he looked good in his tailored suits. Above all were his magnificent teeth, which he used to project an air of sincerity. Women adored him for his rugged good looks and there was always at least one who would sleep with him before the three-day course was over.

Traveling the country in his private jet he used his personal wealth to prove to his followers that salesmanship was the only profession where you could essentially write your own paycheck. He quoted legendary salespeople like Ben Feldman, Joe Girard and Lisa Wilber as if they were bosom comrades and recounted the big commissions he made when he was working the fields himself.

“They did it, so why the fuck can’t you?” he’d demand of the crowd, kicking one of his Gucci loafers into the audience for dramatic effect. One day it was caught by a gorgeous brown-skinned, brown-eyed beauty who walked up to the stage and handed it back to him with an award-winning smile.

It took a lot to throw Eddie off his stride but he kept glancing over to her seat and she’d smile. Several times he had to refer to his notes, something he rarely had to do.

After the seminar, Eddie fought his way through the exiting crowd to find her and managed to catch her eye before just she reached the lobby. He invited her for a drink. “It’s the least I can do for someone who made such a brilliant catch,” he said.

She readily accepted. “This is the third time I’ve attended your seminar,” she laughed. “I think you’re amazing.” She then introduced herself as Kareena Desai.”

Eddie, who had more notches on his dick than you could count, knew a sex opportunity when he saw one. Dinner followed drinks, during which she explained that she was a representative for a major IT company and anxious to increase her commissions to help cover some family obligations back in India.

“Why don’t you come up to my room and we can run through a few role-play situations that I assure you will boost your sales by 20 to 30 percent?” She looked a little doubtful but nodded yes.

As they went up in the elevator he stood there admiring her long black hair and imagined it being spread out across the pillows on his bed.
Once in his suite, they sat sipping champagne and talking about sales strategies but once again he found it difficult to concentrate as she sat opposite him and he could see right up her short skirt.

They talked vaguely at first in broad business banalities before gradually slipping into a more personal mode.

“What did you do in India?” he asked, not expecting anything like the answer he got.

“When I was a young girl I worked in a garment factory,” she began, “But I wanted to go to college and so I became a prostitute for a while. It was the fastest way I could raise the money I needed.”

Eddie almost choked on his Champagne.

“Oh, I’ve shocked you,” she said, “I’m sorry. Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“No… no,” stammered Eddie, “We can be honest with each other. But I wouldn’t mention it to any of your clients.”

“Of course not,” she laughed, “And I’ve not included it on my resume.”

His imagination ran wild and he considered offering to waive the $3000 seminar fee in exchange for her favors. They returned to sales talk with Kareena hanging onto his every word. However, in spite of trying to remain focused, she couldn’t help noticing the large bulge in his tailored pants that seemed to be causing him some discomfort.

“Mr. McCarthy,” she said at length, pretending they were still doing business school role-playing, “as you know, at one time I was a prostitute and managed to put myself through three years of college using my shaved pussy and voluptuous breasts. I can assure you that my services are second to none and I’d like the opportunity to prove that to you.”

Eddie swallowed hard, she was using his classic opening and that turned him almost as much as the prospect of ramming his dick between her dusky legs. He took a deep breath and came back with, “I’m aware of your good reputation, Ms. Desai, but do you offer competitive rates?”

“Perhaps my services are a little more expensive than you’ve paid before, but you have a need, Mr. McCarthy, and I have the solution to that need and it’s available immediately.”

Eddie knew that he was about to blow $3000 in fees but he felt it was going to be worth it. “You’ve got a deal, Ms. Desai,” he spluttered, extending his hand as if he’d just sold a car.

“As I like to have my body licked all over, I want to take a shower first,” she smiled.

Just the thought of all that licking created a scrotal glow, and he feared he might cum in his pants.

“Go ahead,” he managed to croak, “take as long as you like,” with hurry back written all over his face.

She reappeared naked, looking to Eddie like some goddess who’d just stepped out of the sea. Eddie had also stripped off and was sitting in a chair trying to cover his hardened dick with his hands. Kareena sensually slid onto the bed, spread her damp hair across the pillow and waited.

Eddie cautiously left his seat, not believing what was happening, and slowly made his way to the end of the bed. He took her foot in his hand and gently sucked her big toe; she groaned in response. Sliding his tongue along the inside of her calf – and lingering a while behind her knee – he licked a trail to her to her inner thigh.

The tight lips of her vajajay beckoned but before he could open them to explore her soft pink folds she entreated him to suck her tits. Obediently he moved up her body and took a nipple in his mouth, gently tweaking the other with his fingers.

Whimpering softly, Kareena reached down to play with his balls. The delicate touch of her fingers sent his nerve endings into overdrive and he took more of her breast into his mouth and sucked harder and harder. She moaned and groaned and squirmed, then took his hand and guided it between her legs.

Eddie probed her shaved pussy with one finger; it was warm and very, very wet. She moved her ass around as if impatient for more action. He put two fingers in and finger-fucked her, sliding them in and out.

Within seconds she was arching her back and shaking violently. When she came, she came big time, crying, “Yes! Yes! Yes, fucking yes!”

While she was still shaking he moved his face down between her thighs and opened up her cunt with his fingers, crushing his lips against the soft velvety folds surrounding her cavity. Kareena’s fingernails dug into his shoulders as he licked and sucked and poked.

When she went into a massive second orgasm he thought it was time to drive his throbbing cock into her love tunnel. She gasped as it stretched her lips and penetrated deep inside of her. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed and probed his mouth with her tongue as he rammed it into her.

His stroke became fast and ferocious and he was dying to cum. When he blew his load he cried out at the top of his voice and so did she. He rolled off of her body, breathing heavy and babbling obscenities. She bent over to take his dripping dick into her mouth and started to suck it back up.

They fucked and sucked all night, and the following morning Eddie was unable to get out of bed. With one day to go on the seminar, Kareena took his notes and conducted the last sessions on her own. It seemed that the added sight of her long legs striding across the stage really excited her mostly male audience.

Towards the end of the day, Eddie managed to get up and stand in the wings to watch his protégé at work. When he saw how she worked the crowd, right down to his faux Southern accent, he thought it might be time retire to his beach house in Hawaii.

Kareena became a motivational sensation and nothing distracted her from the goals she set for herself until one day, in the Eddie McCarthy style, she kicked off her shoe and it was caught by a young man in the audience with a beautiful smile.

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