Supersized Nymphos

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by Cristiano Caffieri

I knew that being a service electrician could be dangerous. Although it doesn’t happen very often I’ve had older women put their arms around me while fixing their fuse box, and even men a couple of times. Some women think you’re an ideal target in your early twenties, somehow figuring you’re frustrated and desperate for sex when it’s them who actually need it.

My problems began when I answered the call of two full figured ladies in their early thirties who needed some electrical work done. It seemed almost as though someone had purposely damaged some of the wall outlets and so I set out to fix them. There was quite a bit of work involved and so at noon I thought I would slip out for some lunch but they insisted I eat with them. I must say these two super-sized babies really knew how to put on a spread.

Afterward, while sipping on our coffee the subject of sex came up and they explained that they were not Lesbians, as I had assumed, but Pansexuals. I’d never heard of that before but it apparently means they were prepared to interact with male, female, transgender and possibly inanimate objects? They said they had not been following this preference for very long and were still in the experimental stage. Then they asked me if I was prepared to assist them.

“We’ll pay you double the going rate for your time,” they said, referring to my electrical maintenance fees.

Although they carried a bit more meat than I was used to handling, the sight of their voluptuous tits and full lips had begun to make me feel a bit horny. It also looked like as if they wanted a threesome and I’d never had one of those before. Consequently, I said OK.

We all started by stripping off and I couldn’t complain as their bodies, although they had big tits and asses you could place a tray on to serve breakfast, they weren’t flabby. Neither of them shaved their bush and I immediately relished the idea of finding my way through the undergrowth.

As they were, in essence, paying for my services I was pretty much in their hands. Holly first asked me to stand in the middle of the carpet, and she knelt down in front of me. Maxie stood behind her, facing me with her legs apart.

“While Holly is sucking you off I want you to fondle my tits,” she said.

She’d no sooner got the words out of her mouth when Holly grabbed my balls and slipped my cock into her mouth. It was such a shock I forgot the tits for a moment but then Maxie took my hands and placed my palms right over them.

With a set of velvet lips running up and down my dick, chubby but sensuous fingers massaging my balls, and with a tit in each hand, I could not have been happier. As the sucking got faster and faster I squeezed and kneaded Maxie’s tits at the same speed. Every so often she would bend forward and kiss me, rubbing her tongue gently across my mouth. I was in ecstasy and when I blew my load I yelled out loud and gradually sank to the floor, exhausted.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next until Holly, who had gone to the bathroom, re-appeared wearing a strap-on dildo and carrying a large tube of lubricant. Maxie took me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom, here she lay on the bed with her legs open and invited me to lick her out.

As I leaned over to place my face between her thick firm thighs I felt a gunk filled hand lubricating my ass. It worked up and down my crack daubing it on in great gobs as I was trying to open up the lips of Maxie’s pussy with my fingers so that I could poke my tongue deep into her mysterious overgrown underworld. It was difficult to concentrate because I had the funny feeling that the massive strap-on hanging from Holly’s hips was probably going to ram into my ass sometime soon.

When it did I crushed my lips against Maxie’s pink petals and licked them for all I was worth. She screamed as if I had hit the spot, and I began to scream myself as a huge projectile was zipping up and down my ass. When she went into orgasm it seemed to send Holly crazy and she almost destroyed my prostate.

Once that baseball bat had been removed from my anus I sat on the floor and tried to catch my breath. I was ready to call it a day but it seemed there was more work to do. Holly bent over the bed and asked me to fuck her from behind while her partner in crime knelt at the back of me and fingered my nut sack.

I put my arms around her and grabbed hold of her bouncing tits as I slammed against the cheeks of her ass and drove my throbbing cock deep into her wet crack. She was moaning and groaning and calling for me to go faster until I was moving like a piston engine.

“Fuck me hard, fuck me hard,” she cried. I couldn’t do it much harder but when Maxie started licking my ass I seemed to go into warp drive and I shot the biggest load I can remember. As soon as I dropped back she turned her attention away from my bum crack and began to suck my dripping cock.

I really was hoping the Maxie would not want me to fuck her but there was no such respite, as soon as my prick was hard enough she lowered herself onto me in a reverse cowboy and jumped up and down until I thought she’d fracture my pelvis. Of course, her colleague was not going to be denied a little action and she lowered her hairy cunt onto my face and commanded me to, “Start Licking.”

Once again my goo streamed into a well-lubricated vajajay and even though I wanted her to stop bouncing up and down, I couldn’t say anything with a hairy muff covering my mouth. Eventually, Holly came big time, Maxie had her second orgasm and my dick felt as though it had been through a spin cycle.

I was so relieved when it was all over and I was about to crawl into the living room to retrieve my clothes and tools when they made a quick exit and locked the bedroom door on me. I’ve never seen a bedroom without a window before but this doesn’t have one.

Over a month has passed and they’ve been making me go through a similar routine every day, and although they know they owe me $21,089, including one statutory holiday, they seem loath to let me go.
Two days ago, before they could stop me, I managed to grab the phone and call the cops. An officer did turn up to investigate but now he’s locked in the bedroom with me. It has lessened my workload somewhat but I still want out of here.

If you find this note, please inform the authorities that two of us are being held here against our will, but not until after lunch, it’s Southern fried chicken day today. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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