Sucking his Magic Wand

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Wesley Page was a magician, not a great magician but he managed to make a living. However, sometimes his bookings were the ones that several entertainers had rejected and he became the agent’s last hope.

Such a gig was in the little known Khahabuuku Islands where he was to entertain members of a United Nations contingent. From the very start, things began to go wrong. The beaten up old plane that was to take him from his hometown of Honolulu was marginally airworthy and his female assistant flatly refused to go on board. Halfway to their destination, they encountered rough weather and some of his equipment broke loose and was damaged. This meant his show had to be delayed several days.

The commander of the base did find him a replacement for his glamorous assistant, a woman named Moona, who spoke virtually no English and had never been a magician’s assistant before. She was pretty and she was willing but extremely difficult to work with.

One situation arose when he wanted to repair his Vanishing Cabinet from which he intended to make Moona disappear, once his show got underway. He told her to strip off all of the cloth inside so he could repair the broken board behind it, but instead, she went inside and stripped off all of her clothes. When she stepped out – there she was with a gorgeous set of tits and a very cute hairy muff, smiling as if to say is that OK?

Things got even more complicated when he was shown to his accommodation, which was a single-roomed hut and Moona turned out to be his live-in housekeeper. If she’d have been some old hag he would have felt more comfortable but although she was a second rate magician’s assistant she was fucking attractive and he was getting the hots for her.

She served him rather a nice meal in the evening and then she sat in a corner to watch him eat.

“Come and sit down and eat with me,” he said, feeling that her behavior was a flash back to the old colonial days.

She seemed very pleased and when she sat across from him he tried to explain that she was his equal and that he was happy to have her by his side. It was perhaps an unfortunate choice of words as Moona immediately came over to share his seat that made dining a little awkward and feeling her warm leg pressing against his made his dick rise to the occasion.

At bed time he tried to choose his words carefully and patting the bed he asked her where she was going to sleep and she smiled and leaped into the bed.

“No you can’t sleep in there,” he protested, grasping her by the arm in an attempt to encourage her to move but Moona responded by pulling on his shirt causing him to fall on top of her.

Now Wesley had been kissed a few times in his life but nothing like the way she did it. He tried to resist for a fraction of a second but that was all he could hold out for. Soon their tongues were playing touch tag and his hand was struggling to pull down her sarong in order to have a feel of her tits.

Two minutes later, at the most, they were both naked and he was sucking her hardened nipples while her hand slid down to feel his dick. She seemed happy with what she found and she quickly realigned her body so that she could take it into her mouth.

Wesley let out one huge gasp as she slid down his magic wand almost all the way to his balls. Very slowly she moved her lips up and down, up and down. It made him want to cum so badly but she continued to go so slowly – up and down, up and down. He grew so desperate he began to move his ass so that he was fucking her mouth. Moona got the message and not only increased the pace but gently massaged his nut sack as she did so. His nerve endings felt as if they were on fire and he was taking in great gulps of air as she brought him skilfully to the boil so that he could blow his load. As he lay there gasping she spit his cum out all over the bed, obviously thinking it didn’t taste that good.

After the few seconds, which he needed to catch his breath, Wesley grabbed hold of her legs, laid her back on the bed and forced his head between her smooth brown thighs. She gyrated her ass like a Hula dancer as he nibbled on the lips of her warm wet cunt and flinging her arms back she closed her eyes and began to softly whimper. Her vocals became louder and louder as he probed with his tongue and his finger and it wasn’t long before she was yelling something in her native language and bouncing up and down so that her tits swayed wildly from side to side. When she was about to cum the folds of her pussy started to vibrate and her whole body began to shake. “Oh fuck,” she yelled out in perfect English and she clung onto his hair and pulled hard as she had a long, massive orgasm.

It took some time for her to calm down. She just lay back with her eyes shut and took short sharp breaths. Wesley’s knelt over her with his throbbing cock just waiting for action and when he thought she was ready he turned her over so that her ass was sticking up in the air and then he slid it into her, all the way. She gave a little short scream and then forced her bum back into his groin as if she was anxious for him to get moving.

Wesley didn’t disappoint her. He was dying to cum again and so he rammed it in fast and furious while reaching round to hold onto her gorgeous tits. The old bed was creaking like hell and in danger of collapsing but he continued until his balls felt as if they were going to explode and then, as she screamed loud enough to be heard all around the settlement, he shot his hot goo deep inside of her.

For the next three days, the two of them became inseparable and Wesley was beginning to dread having to fly back home and leave her there. After the show, which turned out to be a great success, he tried to find her to tell her that he would apply for her to join him in the States but she was nowhere to be found.

Devastated he climbed aboard the rickety old plane, thinking that she couldn’t face up to saying goodbye to him. The six-hour journey back to Honolulu seemed interminable, he thought about her every minute of the trip.

Still feeling despondent he was stowing his gear into his garage when he heard a tapping sound coming from his Vanishing Cabinet. He was about to reach for the latch when the door burst open and there she was. She threw her arms around his neck and in her heavy South Sea accent she said, “I love you.” How the fuck can you argue with something like that. THE END

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