Sucking for a Raise ?

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Sebastian Bench and his wife Joan owned a small publishing company in the Midwest. They had a reasonably happy marriage but she was not as interested in sex as she might have been, which caused her husband to lust after all the eye candy that passed by his desk.

Johanna Patterson was some such candy, she was a long legged, long haired, perky titted blonde whose bum moved provocatively from side to side as she walked. The problem was, according to rumor, she was having a lesbian affair with Skyla Rolf, another rather delectable piece of candy who worked in the mail room.

Somehow Sebastian couldn’t come to terms with a beautiful woman like Johanna licking another woman’s cunt and felt sure that if she ever got a taste of his dick there would be no going back. He tried everything in an attempt to attract her attention to his physical attributes, even wore a codpiece to work one day, it was actually a cucumber on a piece of string but nobody seemed to notice it – not even his wife.

One day, as Johanna leaned over his desk, explaining some discrepancies in the sales projections, her plunging neckline gave him a wonderful view of her unfettered tits. At that very moment, he decided that he must find someway to get her alone and bring up the subject of sex.

“It’s like chaos around here all the time, no wonder we keep getting the projections wrong. Maybe you wouldn’t mind working for a couple of hours tonight and we could get the whole thing sorted,” he said.

“That would be fine by me,” she replied and made her exit leaving him licking his lips.

It had turned out to be remarkably easy and even when he mentioned the overtime with his wife she didn’t seem to have any objection.

“Work as long as you like,” she said, “Get the job done.”

Sebastian could hardly wait for 5 o’clock to come around and got quite impatient when some employees lingered for a few minutes. Alone, at last, he was actually trembling with excitement when Johanna entered the office with a pile of files. Of course, they had to sit side by side and very close to be able to go over the figures but the only figure he was able to concentrate on was hers.

After a while, she began to notice his lack of interest and confronted him, “Mr.Bench you don’t seem to be that interested in what I’m saying.”

“I’m afraid I’ve got some problems at home and it’s playing tricks with my mind,” he said.

Johanna went into sympathy mode and she put her arm around his shoulder and gave him a little hug, “I know,” she said softly, “I know.”
Sebastian was a little confused, he wasn’t quite sure of what she knew but he wasn’t going to turn down a little solace. And when she gave him a peck on the lips he tried to look sorrowful so as to solicit more. However, he couldn’t have imagined just how much more he was going to get. When Johanna’s lips met with his again it turned into a little tongue wrestling followed by her hand feeling for his dick.

This animal magnetism, that he seemed to possess, made him feel almost god-like. He’d never thought of himself as a ladies man but here he was rubbing the palm of his hand over a beautiful woman’s breast and instead of objecting – it actually increased the intensity of her passion.

His office had a sofa and it wasn’t long before they’d taken off their clothes and were sitting together groping each other’s bodies all over. Johanna turned out to be an animal and grabbing his dick she knelt on the floor in front of him and sucked it furiously. Poor Sebastian, or should we say lucky Sebastian, was in a state of ecstasy and couldn’t figure out what he’d done to deserve such rewards.

With his brain exploding and his balls equally volatile it wasn’t easy to think about anything but it did flash across his mind that she was bargaining for a raise and if so she was certainly going to get it. That was even more certain when she let him cum in her mouth.

Sebastian, although slightly weakened by the fact that half his sperm had been depleted still found strength to pull her on top of him and proceeded to nibble at her nipples which were like two ripe cherries. Johanna began to groan and moan and tried to force her pussy onto to his re-stiffened dick but he wasn’t ready for that just yet.

With almost acrobatic precision he hoisted her up and dropped her pussy onto his face. Her wet petals spread out allowing his tongue to work its magic, going from side to side and up and down. She was whimpering, groaning, moaning and uttering the every obscenity as he flicked the contours of her pussy. Then her voice went up two octaves when he managed to squeeze his hand up between her legs so that he could stretch back her groove with his middle finger.

When she came she began to scream and to pound her ass up and down on his face until he was having a job to breath. Grabbing her waist with both hands he pushed her away so that she could lower herself on his dick. In spite of the fact that her body was still shaking and he knew she was ready for a good fuck, she lowered herself slowly, as if to tease him. When she did slide it in she went right down to his balls and the shock caused him to raise his head from the arm of the sofa and then bang it down again.

Johanna smiled as if to say, “I’ve got you where I want you,” and she started to grind on his dick with her hot wet love tunnel. It was almost too much for him and he was desperate for her to go faster but she refused. Slowly, slowly she moved her ass in a circular motion and then, without warning, began to bounce up and down as if she was riding a bucking bronco.

Sebastian’s balls were beginning to ache as her ass thudded against them but although it felt great, his dick slid through her lubricated pussy without enough friction to make him cum as quickly as he would have liked. However, when he did cum it was spectacular. He just kept shooting his goo into her in an endless stream.

Both of them were a little exhausted and they squeezed their bodies together on the narrow sofa and just hugged.

“Nobody would ever know you liked girls,” he whispered, trying to maintain a sensuous mood.

“Girls,” she exclaimed, “Who the fuck told you that.”

“Well,” he hesitated, “I though you and Skyla were an item.”

“That’s Skyla and Joan – not Johanna.”

“Joan – my wife?”

“Joan – your wife.”

He smiled, “That means we don’t have to feel guilty about our relationship.”

“What relationship?” she asked, “I’m just fucking you to get a raise in pay,”

When his jaw dropped as if bitterly disappointed she grabbed his dick again and laughed, “OK – maybe we can have a relationship and a raise in pay as well. THE END
Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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