Strip Searched in China

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by Cristiano Caffieri

I knew backpacking in China with no knowledge of the language might be a problem, and it was! However, it wasn’t until I decided to take a roadside nap in a remote part of Xinjiang Province that it really struck home. Even today I’m not sure what misdemeanor I committed but I found myself arrested by a short pretty female police officer and taken to a small building in a nearby village. As it turned out we were the only people there; even the two small, shabby cells were empty.

She wasn’t impolite but she kept giving me orders I didn’t understand. At one point she tugged at my backpack, indicating she wanted to look inside, so I took it off and handed it over. I never did know her name, but let’s call her Anna – well, Anna spilled everything out on the table and went through it item by item. Every so often she held something up, like my dirty Mickey Mouse boxers, and peer at me with a quizzical expression. This turned into a smile when she found a large box of condoms.

I was a little embarrassed at her finds but not near as much as when she ordered me to undress. First, she tugged at my shirt, which I obediently removed, and next the pants, leaving me standing in the middle of the room in my briefs. Eyeing me up and down, she circled me twice, a curiously pleased look on her face, before stopping directly in front of me. Then came a tug at my underwear, which I slowly and reluctantly removed.

She indicated she wanted me to raise my arms, which I did, and then she started to examine the crack in my bum with her fingers. I’m not sure what she was looking for but she spent quite a bit of time there and as much as I tried to control myself I started to become erect. When she circled in front again, trailing her fingers around my waistline, she looked down and giggled at my dick pointing up at her.

I’m not quite sure if she was searching for something or she just wanted to find out how big my balls were but she moved her delicate fingers all around my groin area. I’d heard of the subtle torture methods sometimes applied in the orient and I decided that I would tell her anything she wanted to know as long as she kept doing it!

Things heated up when she lowered to her knees to make a more thorough inspection. The next thing I knew my dick was in her hand and she was kissing the end. My balls felt like they might burst into flames any moment and then when I thought life couldn’t get any better, she slipped it deep into her mouth. As she took me in further and further I started to groan loudly and almost lost my mind when I realized she intended to make me cum.

Things got more and more intense as her lips and tongue manipulated my dick in a way I had never experienced before. Grabbing her long black hair I yelled out as I felt my cum shooting up through my veins and into her mouth. Then she rose, wiped her lips with her hand and started to undress.

First, she took off her gun belt, then her shirt and then her bra. I swallowed hard as she exposed her small but exquisitely formed breasts. However, that was nothing next to the way I felt when she wriggled out of her skirt and panties, revealing an artfully shaved crack which I was later to find had a wonderful sensual smell.

Anna took my hand and led me to a sofa at the back of the room. She let go of my hand and lay down as if to say, “Now let’s see what you can do!” I didn’t intend to let her down.

I brought her legs over the edge of the sofa and knelt on the floor, opened her legs a little and explored the folds of her flower with my fingers. Her body quivered as I played with her pink petals, as I slowly raised up over her and started to suck her nipples, first one and then the other, my right hand continuing to tease her damp groove.

She was so beautiful and so seductive it took real willpower not to plunge my dick straight into her but I took my time, sucking, fingering and eventually putting my tongue deep into her crack while gently rubbing her breasts with the palms of my hands.

Anna became very excited and I knew she wanted to feel my throbbing cock deep inside of her but I first tantalized her by just rubbing the head into her folds. She started to frantically claw at my arms and when finally I couldn’t hold out any longer, I rammed it in as far as it would go and we gasped in unison.

It was tight, wet, warm and waiting for a pounding. As I went in and out, slowly at first and then picking up speed, she started to whimper and then to scream, like she couldn’t wait for me to cum inside of her. I slammed against her tiny body until sweat was dripping from me, and then kept increasing the pace until I could feel the sperm rushing up my veins. A shock wave cascaded through my whole system as I exploded deep inside her, but I kept plunging it in to ensure she got every single gram of my Western nut butter.

When I made what felt like my final thrust she wrapped her legs around me and held me there. That’s when Len walked in.

I’m calling him Len because I had no idea what his name was, just that he was a stocky young police officer. Anna broke loose when she saw him and I sat up abruptly not knowing what I was about to face. He didn’t seem perturbed that we were having sex; indeed, he smiled at me and began to take his clothes off. I thought “Holy shit, he’s going to fuck me!”

I was shaking like a leaf when Anna took my hand and led me across the room to a typing chair and signaled for me to sit down. Not knowing what to expect, and feeling more naked than I’d ever felt in my life, I complied. The petite young officer with the perky tits leaned forward and grasped my shoulders forcing me back in the chair. Then her colleague, now completely in the buff, a huge cock sticking out in front of him, moved forward and took hold of Anna’s hip bones. With a Neanderthal grunt, he rammed it into her cunt from the back.

Anna, her nipples now rubbing against my chest, gave a pained gasp. However, when he started to pound it into her she crushed her lips against mine and probed my mouth with her tongue. Then, still hanging on to my left shoulder, she removed her right hand and dropped it down to grab my dick. It was as hard as a rock again and she jerked me off while continuing to suck on my tongue and rub her nipples on my perspiring chest.

Len was now driving it into her with such force it was moving the chair slowly across the floor. I’d never felt so many sensations at the same time and it wasn’t long before I shot my load all over her belly. The chair gathered speed as he made those final thrusts, grunting like a Bull Moose as he did so.

When it was all over, I was completely shagged out and glued to the chair but my friendly colleagues laughed hysterically and gave each other high fives. They’d obviously enjoyed themselves, and so, I guess, had I.

After a few drinks, Anna drove me back to the spot where she took me into custody, gave me a long lingering kiss and then in broken English she said, “You good sport.” However, this wasn’t the end of the story. When I arrived at my next stop I found she’d put her panties, with that intoxicating smell of her, in my backpack, and my Mickey Mouse boxers had gone.

To this day, back home in Dayton, Ohio, I always bury my face in Anna’s white undies before I fuck my girlfriend. It makes me twice as horny so she doesn’t mind. And I often wonder if that pretty petite policewoman back in far away China does the same with my boxers.

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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