Steamy Night in the Sauna

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Larry’s dad said he could remember when Lora Kovacs was the town beauty queen, she even came third in the state but now at age forty-five years of age, and still attractive, she was the mayor. Unfortunately, her attractiveness didn’t show up in her personality. The – “I just want to make the world a happier place,” speech she gave in the state finals was forgotten. As a municipal employee, Larry was finding his life a lot more miserable since she came along.

Everybody was scared of her not only him. Her two ex-husbands had filed harassment charges against her, her mother said she wouldn’t vote for her if she was the last candidate on Earth but in that gun-toting town, they loved her. She was tough on crime, tough on social welfare recipients and tough on herself, because she worked long, long hours.

Larry just worked as a janitor in the evenings as he was still in college, consequently, he very rarely saw her. His shift didn’t start until eight o’clock and she had normally left by then carrying a pile of files to work on at home. However, one summer’s night she was still there. It was very hot and she’d decided to step into the sauna that was situated in the women’s washroom.

Since she’d been in office it had been declared it out of bounds as she considered it an unnecessary luxury but obviously that didn’t apply to her. Even though it wasn’t in use Larry still mopped it out every night as he knew she inspected every little thing and when he started the next shift there were always memos saying what she’d found unsatisfactory.

When he barged into the cabinet with his sponge mop he never expected anyone to be there, particularly the ferocious lady mayor, but there she was sitting back dripping with perspiration and completely naked.

“What the fuck you are doing in here,” she yelled, “Get out you little pervert.”

He was so flustered he tripped over his mop and grabbed the door handle for support. It had always been a bit loose and so it came away in his hand. As she kept yelling abuse he fiddled with it but it seemed that as though the outside part had fallen to the floor and it just wasn’t going to open.

“I’m sorry,” he said, turning to her with an innocent smile, “ We appear to be trapped.”

Trying to cover her personal parts the best she could she asked if he had a cell phone. He said yes but it was in his jacket pocket in the locker room. That answer did not please her and he was subject to a good deal of bad language and threats that would have been illegal for her to carry out, except if he had been a domestic animal with a risk of breeding.

He wanted to sit across from her but she wouldn’t allow that so he had to stand in a corner with his back to her. Eventually, she decided that he could give up his T-shirt so she could cover her essentials. When he took it off she gave a little gasp because even though he had his back to her she could see that he was in excellent physical shape.

Larry reached back to hand her the shirt and after she’d squeezed it over her big tits she said he could sit down. However, the garment didn’t cover very much and her nipples were clearly defined to say nothing of occasional glimpses of her hairy pussy.

“This is a very serious situation,” she sighed, “It looks like we’re going to be in here until tomorrow morning and disregarding the discomfort it will not look good for my political career if I’m found in here with you.”

At times she seemed to get distracted by his muscular body, “Do you work out a lot,” she asked at last.

“Yes I work out most days at school.”

“You’re certainly look in good shape,” she said, softening her tone.

“So do you,” he replied, looked a bit embarrassed as he thought he might have overstepped the mark. But she actually smiled,

“I was once a beauty queen and represented the town in the state finals.”

“I’ve seen pictures – you were,” he paused for a second and looked her up and down with his big blue eyes, “ I mean you ARE very beautiful.”

Politics had taught Lora to make the best of any situation and she thought as her reputation was at risk of going down the toilet when they were discovered together, she might as well see if she could get a good fuck out of it.

“Do you have a girlfriend,” she asked.

“Nobody steady,” he replied.

“But you do have sex?”

“Whenever I can get it,” he grinned.

“Have you ever fucked an older woman.”

“No ma’am,”

“Have you ever desired someone much older than yourself, let’s say you were trapped in here with Sandra Bullock naked would you be tempted.”

“I sure would.”

“Well as Sandra Bullock isn’t here but I am – how does that make you feel.”

“Do you mean you want me to fuck you?” he stammered, rearing to go but wondering if he could really be that lucky.

“It’s not very comfortable but if you’re interested we could try it.”

Larry made a sudden grab for her but she slowed him down, then she took off the T shirt and exposed her great tits. He knelt down in front of her and started to suck. Because she was perspiring from the heat she tasted rather salty and he liked that.

Lora rubbed his muscular shoulders as he continued to lick and fondle her gorgeous tits and then he struggled to insert a finger into her hairy crack. She slid forward a little on the seat to make it easier for him. When his finger was firmly inserted in her warm wet love tunnel he began to move it around while continuing to suck on her nipples.
She moaned and groaned and pulled him closer to her but then he broke her gr grief,” she cried out, as he parted her petals with his strong fingers and pressed his face into her damp crack.

His tongue began to work up and down the lips of her pussy and when he hit certain nerve centers she would jump and cry out as if it was so good she couldn’t stand it. After a while, she placed her hands under his armpits and encouraged him to move up so that his hard dick was nestled between her tits. They were soft, warm and well lubricated with her sweat so he was able to slide it up and down her cleavage quite easily.

She didn’t want him to cum and so when his face began to look tense and contorted she quickly got up and turned around placing her hands on the side of the cabinet. He grabbed onto her hip bones and drove his dick into her, creating a slapping sound has his thighs slammed into beautiful round ass.

As he pumped it into her crack at a steady pace she began to cry out, “Make me cum, do it faster and make me cum.” He increased his muzzle velocity until he was driving in and out of her at a frenzied pace. Lora could feel herself cumming and as he moved into the short strokes, and reached round to grab onto her tits, she went absolutely insane. She screamed out loud and her body vibrated so much he had a job to keep his cock embedded in her cunt.

Even when he’d emptied the contents of his balls into her cock pocket Larry hung onto those tits and kept on banging it in. The snooty Lady Mayor seemed disappointed when he gave that final thrust with a big grunt and backed away.

They fucked a further two times and then at midnight Larry casually put his finger in the hole where the door knob had been, turned it a little and the door swung open.

“You fucking bastard,” she cried, “You devious cock-sucking little bastard, you knew you could do that all along.”

“Yes I’ve been planning to fix that handle for some time but I’m rather pleased I didn’t now – aren’t you?.”

Lora didn’t answer she just shoved past him and grabbed her clothes that were hanging outside. As she put them on she looked at him and shook her head,

“I want you to report to my office after college tomorrow – you can say goodbye to your janitorial duties – there’s a future for you in politics my boy.” THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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