Sorority Girls

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By Cristiano Caffieri

When Rikki Annis applied to join a Sorority she was a bit naïve. She knew that there were certain rituals to go through to get a full membership but she shrugged it off and moved into the House anyway.

Roz van Dieman, the head of the house said that as part of her initiation she would have had to have sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather. She was absolutely staggered when she heard this and had pretty well decided to withdraw her application and move out again – that was until she met Frank.

He just happened to sit next to her on a bench in the college gardens one day and they got to chatting. He turned out to be a very intelligent man and they had a most interesting discussion.

Rikki saw him the following day in exactly the same place and she decided to engage him in conversation again to try and find out his age. It turned out to be 67, that was certainly old enough to be her grandfather. But the next step was a little more difficult, how do you ask a refined old man like this for a quick fuck so that you can join a sorority.

She began to explain that she had made an application to join and what she was required to do for the initiation was horrifying. He asked what they were demanding that was so bad when she told him she had to have sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather.

“Well I’m old enough to be your grandfather,” he said with a little wink.

She was shocked and was about to get up and leave but then he added,

“I could always write a letter saying we’d had sex and that would let you off the hook.”

“WOW that would be very nice – would you do that for me.”

“Look my chauffeur will be picking me up in a minute and we can go back to my house and I’ll write the letter.” He saw a little fear in her eyes and went on to explain that he had a housekeeper and a butler and so they wouldn’t be alone together.

When the car arrived she was in for another shock – it was a Rolls Royce. The chauffeur opened the door and Frank very gentlemanly stepped back for her to climb in first.

Shock number three came when she saw the house and the sprawling gardens and again when she walked into the lavishly decorated hallway. The butler took her coat and Frank escorted her into the den that was lined from floor to ceiling with books. Everything about the place indicated great wealth and she wondered how Frank had accumulated it.

“I used to be in the investment business,” he said, “Had a few lucky hunches and made a fortune – certainly more luck that expertise I can assure you,” he smiled.

He was such a nice old man she was growing quite fond of him and he was awfully well-groomed and not at all like she imagined when the Roz at the sorority had made her demands. She rather thought of someone with a bushy beard and a walking cane, Frank was far removed from that image.

“Before I start writing I think we should have some tea and sandwiches,” he said, and with this, he rang the bell and instructed the rotund little housekeeper to prepare some for them. Rikki sat back in the big leather chair and was somewhat mesmerized by all the opulence and the fact that Frank was being so kind to her.

As he started to write the letter she wondered if it would be that bad having sex with him, maybe he couldn’t even get it up.

“Frank,” she interrupted him, “I don’t know how you feel about this but perhaps I shouldn’t be dishonest by saying we’ve had sex when we haven’t – if you are OK with it, we could have a quickie.”

He stopped writing mid-line, “Are you sure you’re OK with that?”

“Yes I am – you’re a good looking man, even a little sexy and I’m quite prepared.”

When Frank showed her into the bedroom once again she took a deep breath. It was huge and the furnishings were luxurious.

“Why don’t we take a shower first,” he said, and he led the way to the bathroom which was almost as big as the bedroom. There was a large shower cabinet, a Jacuzzi tub, and what could only be described as a miniature gym.

When he started to strip off it was obvious he used the fitness equipment on a regular basis, he was in great shape for his age. She, on the other hand, was just drop dead gorgeous, and Frank gasped when she very sensuously removed her top and short skirt and revealed a pair of beautiful 18-year-old tits and other equally pleasing accessories.

Being the gentleman he bid her get into the shower first and he followed. Soon he was sponging her front, her back and between her long slender legs. She didn’t want to admit it but she was becoming increasingly turned on.

Naturally, she had to take her turn and as she lathered up his balls and his dick became larger and larger. In response, he was breathing rather heavy and she was worried that he might have a heart attack. She heard about such things happening.

Back in the bedroom he took her hand and led her over to the bed. She lay on the spotless white covers and he bent over her and began to nibble on her nipples – ever so gently. She liked it and when he took the whole end of her tit in his mouth and worked his tongue in circles around the crown she felt herself getting very wet below.

His dick kept rubbing up against her leg and so she decided that she would suck it for him, thinking that if he came he probably wouldn’t be able to get it up again to fuck her. She wouldn’t feel so guilty then about cheating on her boyfriend.

She slipped down the bed, took his dick in her hand and peeled the skin back as far as it would go and then she caressed it with her lips, just holding it there at first and then gently sliding them right down his shaft. Frank took several big breaths again and she started to worry once more about a possible heart attack.

As he didn’t seem to be expiring anytime soon she plunged it deep into her mouth going up and down and fingering his nut sack as she did so. Frank warned her when he was about to cum and she pulled back and worked out his goo with her hand. There was quite a lot and it shot all over the sparkling white bed covers.

Instead of feeling exhausted he seemed rejuvenated and he soon had her legs in the air and his face buried between them. He did everything very gently and when he opened up her slit and the tip of his tongue made contact with the lips, it sent lightning bolts throughout her body.

Frank worked it with his fingers and his long smooth pussy flicker until she could hardly stand it anymore. Her body was beginning to get warm all over, she started to tremble, and grabbing onto his wrists she went into an earth moving orgasm. Rikki flung her arms across the bed causing her tits to bounce from side to side – and this really excited Frank. The next thing she knew he’d driven his cock into her tight little cunt and was pounding it like a 25-year-old.

He was breathing a bit heavy but he kept up the pace and she was taking short breaths, anticipating that at any moment he was going to shoot his load. When he did cream her pie she hung onto his shoulders as he made those last powerful strokes that ignited her nerve endings and sent her into a sensational climax.

Note in hand she left the house and headed back to college in the chauffeur driven limo. When she presented her written proof to Roz and her committee they laughed hysterically, “You’d didn’t really have to do that,” she cried, “We were just playing a joke on you.”

Rikki really didn’t care because she’d had the best fuck she’d ever had in her life but the sorority sisters wouldn’t let it drop. It was joke after joke, “Did he take his false teeth out first,” and “Did he fall asleep in the middle of it.”

Several weeks later during lunch, Roz was once again trying to bring up the subject of her fucking an old man when a hand-delivered envelope arrived and the housemother handed it to Rikki. When she opened she gasped, “Oh my god Frank’s passed away – he had a heart attack.”

The insensitive members broke into laughter as Roz cried out,, “Holy shit – she fucked him to death.”

Rikki clasped the letter to her chest and yelled “Oh my god,” at the top of her voice. Everyone went silent as tears began to run down her cheeks,

“What’s wrong,” asked one of the sisters, “Did he leave you his long underwear.”

“No, he left me his whole fucking estate worth 200 million,” she cried, “And I have you girls to thank! THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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