Snuggling for Survival

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Tommy Aston ran a boat for hire service out of a small town on the California coast. He always dressed impeccably, wore a captains hat and designer glasses and you would have thought that he would have attracted the women – but he didn’t. The fact was – he wasn’t that good looking – he was just born that way.

He often rented his boat and his services to young couples who couldn’t keep their hands off each other and it made him envious – but that was life. Tommy’s life at least.

The real test came when he was hired by a group of four girls, armed with a case of champagne for a trip out into the bay. They lay around all afternoon in their skimpy bikinis, sang bawdy songs and talked about their sexual exploits.

As far as he was concerned there was nothing to choose between them, all four of them were gorgeous. He’d loved to have had sex with any one of them but he knew that was not going to happen. OR shall we say he couldn’t imagine it happening.

All was going well on board, Suzi, the blonde one, had just climbed back up the ladder after a swim and Aimie, Maihrie and Shana were just stretched out on the deck taking in the sun. However, Tommy was noticing some dark skies coming their way and checking out the weather channel he realized a storm was moving in their direction.

He informed the girls, in a captain like way, that there was a severe weather warning but they said they had an hour left on their agreement and they didn’t want to go back yet. Shana actually stood up, rubbed her hand up and down his chest and said, in a very sexy and slightly inebriated voice,

“You don’t want to spoil our fun do you?”

Tommy swallowed hard, “Maybe I could give you another fifteen minutes.”

She laughed and walking around to the controls, took out the ignition key and threw it overboard.

“How long will it take you to dive for that,” she asked, and all the girls, well under the influence of the champagne, giggled like idiots.
Tommy was absolutely furious but nobody was listening to his ranting. He knew he couldn’t dive for the key, the water was much too deep and so his only alternative was to hot wire.

As he tried to unscrew a panel to get to the wiring he could feel the boat beginning to buck, which made it more difficult. Then a huge wave swept across the bow and the giggles and ribaldry turned to screams. His nubile passengers were suddenly fighting to see who could get below decks first, as he continued to struggle with the wiring.

It wasn’t long before the weather got seriously worse. He was soaked by the waves as the boat was tossed up and down like a cork. Joining the girls down below he tried to console them by saying he’d fix the motor as soon as the squall died down. It didn’t.

Hour after hour they were battered by the storm and they drifted further and further out to sea. When it became dark the girls huddled under blankets shivering and moaning and swearing that they were all going to die.

In the early hours of the morning the boat struck a rock and water began to pour in. Tommy struggled to get out on deck and through the morning haze he managed to make out that they were close to shore. He wasn’t sure if they were on the mainland or on some island but there was no time to lose, the boat was going down fast. Quickly he got the girls on deck and told them to swim for it, he followed as his beloved vessel just disappeared beneath the foam.

When the sun broke through, three whimpering girls were huddled together on the golden beach, as Tommy checked out the terrain. It didn’t look good. There was some fruit on the island and there was obviously lots of fish but he wasn’t sure how long it would be before they were discovered.

Feeling a bit like Captain, from Gilligan’s island, he started to construct a shelter, while the girls lay around drying out their bikinis. Using his boyscout skills, he used his glassed and the sun’s rays to set light to some kindling.

By lunch time, everyone was hungry and this motivated the women to collect fruit and to take some lessons in spearing fish. They seemed to be in a more positive mood saying that they’d soon be rescued and it was just like being on one of those survival shows on TV.

When darkness fell they all had to crowd into the small shelter they’d constructed and nobody seemed to have a problem with Tommy sleeping in the middle of them. After all they had to try and keep warm and body heat was all that they had.

Even the Captain on Gilligan Island didn’t get to sleep with four bikini-clad babes. Of course, it had its setbacks, he developed an enormous erection.

As they snuggled together he felt Aimie’s arm slip around him and when her hand made contact with his dick her hand suddenly stopped. She had a really good feel, summing up its dimensions, and then she softly whispered in his ear,

“When everyone’s asleep we could sneak outside.”

She didn’t take her hand away but continued to fondle it and Tommy had to fight hard not to make any groaning noises. When they did hit the beach there was a full moon. She slipped off her bikini and then took his hands and placed them on her nice round tits. He groped them, sucked them and then, laying her back on the sand he proceeded to put his face between her legs and lick the moist vibrating petals of her flower.

Aimie got very excited. She wanted to yell “Oh Fuck,” but she bit her lip in case she woke the others. His tongue had waited so long for such an opportunity and Tommy gave her the royal treatment. He lightly flicked up and down her pussy lips, then opened them up with his fingers and feasted on her sweet tasting cavity. When she went into an orgasm she actually had to clamp her hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

Tommy’s dick was so anxious to penetrate her hot wet crack it was throbbing like as if it had its own heartbeat. He rammed it into her with one mighty thrust and they both gasped as it reached deep, deep inside

It was impossible to be gentle anymore, he was dying to cum and he went at it fast and furious. Her cunt gripped on to his cock, squeezing it tight, increasing the sensitivity. He was desperate to blow his load and when he felt it working its way up and oozing into her love canal he couldn’t help crying out, “Holy Fuck!”

Fortunately the other girls slept through it and the couple crept into the hut and managed to squeeze back into their places. Inadvertently, as he wrapped his arm around Maihrie, who slept the other side of him, his hand grasped hold of her tit, which had slipped out of her bikini top.

She awoke with a bit of a start and feeling his now erect dick sticking into her back, she quietly led him out of the shelter on to the beach. WOW – was she ready for it! She sucked his cock until he came in her mouth, swallowed it and then moved into the shallow water so that he could fuck her in the gentle ebb and flow of the sea.

He first sucked her salty tasting nipples, and then pounded her pussy until his goo gushed deep inside of her. She responded to his last forceful thrust, and copious seminal discharge, by flinging her arms up and down in the water like a beached Mermaid.

Tommy was in demand every night of the week and not just one on one. When the women became aware of each others’ sexual activities they were game for threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes.

Even though he was completely shagged out, after a couple of weeks he decided to climb the steep mountain right behind their camp to get a view of the whole island. When he got to the top he was amazed to see a small settlement in the distance. He didn’t mention it to the girls right away as things seemed to be going so well. However, after a diet of fish, nuts and berries for four, months he broke the news to them.

Two days later he led the way to the little village, followed by four pregnant women. Once back on the mainland they made a fortune out of public appearances and TV talk shows. The millions that poured in from their book, “Snuggling for Survival,” bought them a country estate in Oregon and they continue to live together, as one big fucking happy family. THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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