Shooting His Load in a Storm

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Aime Sullivan wanted to work at something interesting during her break from college but she ended up as a security guard in a mattress factory. It was a case of beggars can’t be choosers.

She did rather like the uniform which was pale blue with a white trim but the sensible shoes were a bit too sensible. When she put them on for her first shift she felt like a deep sea diver.

Her parents weren’t too happy about her working nights in the vast warehouse but Aime, who had taken two judo lessons, ensured them that she would be OK. Anyway, she was not working alone she was on duty with a certain Colin Clewes, who she had never met but was told he was a seasoned veteran of some three years.

When she clocked into the guardroom she was half expecting an older man, probably someone who’d retired from the regular job and were just filling in time until they died but she got a shock. Colin was about 24, tall, dark and fucking good looking. Not only that he was polite and shook her hand warmly when they were introduced.

He explained to her that one of them had to make rounds of the warehouse every hour and make a note at what time you covered certain points. The other one simply stayed in the guard room and watched the monitors that covered the outside entrances.

All went well for the first hour and then a thunderstorm broke loose and all the lights and monitors went out. There were some small emergency lights that ran on a battery in the guard room area but the rest of that big warehouse, stacked from floor to ceiling with mattresses was pitch black.

“There’s no point in anyone watching the dead monitors,” he said, “So I think we should make the points together, you wouldn’t know where to find them in the dark anyway.”

Armed with a very large flashlight they started off on their first round. Colin turned out to have a good sense of humor and every so often he’d stick the light under his chin so that it looked like a head floating in the darkness. Aime could see right away that it wasn’t going to be dull working with him.

It was a little bit spooky walking down those narrow avenues of piled up mattresses but he took her mind off it with a few jokes and occasionally he’d grab her hand and guide her through some spot that was hazardous in some way. She knew that he probably knew every twist, turn, and mattress in the place but she was beginning to suspect his intentions as the hazardous areas became more frequent.

Colin was as happy as a sand-boy, his previous companion had been a rather grumpy retired school teacher that was always picking him up on his grammar. Now he had a 20-year-old redhead with a body to die for and a bubbly personality. What more could a seasoned security guard ask for?

“I suppose I shouldn’t tell you this but we sometimes cheat a little on this job,” he said, taking her hand once again.

“What do you mean cheat?”

“Well early in the shift it’s statistically unlikely that anyone will break-in, thieves usually make their move in the early hours of the morning when there are very few people about outside, and so we sometimes do a quick round, space out the times on the sheet and take a nap for an hour.”

“What if there’s a fire or something?”

“No need to worry there’s a sprinkler system.”

“So where do you sleep?”

“Just follow me and I’ll show you.”

He led her between two stacks of mattresses to a metal door.

“This is a little annex,” he said, “They store some damaged product in here it’s quite cozy.”

Colin invited her into his little lair hanging his flashlight on a bolt sticking out of the wall and flung himself on to a pile of single mattresses. He lay back in a relaxed position to show her how comfy it was.

“I usually nod off for close to an hour, I’ve sort of trained myself to wake up on time – I’ve never overslept yet,” he laughed.

Aime climbed up and lay beside him wondering if she would wake up in time if she tried it. Just then a giant clap of thunder rattled the metal structure of the warehouse and she grabbed on to his hand and held onto it tight. The second clap caused her to put her arms around him and bury her head into his shoulder.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” he said, “It’s only thunder.”

He’d only just got the words out of his mouth when the building shook as if it had been hit by a bomb. Now they were for all purposes in a real one hundred percent embrace and feeling her warm body next to his began to have an effect on his dick. It began to get hard.

As Aime didn’t seem to be in a hurry to break away, even though the thunder had subsided, they just lay there and with their faces so close together it seemed the most natural thing in the world to kiss. She had soft moist lips and Colin’s dick got harder and harder and she could feel it poking her.

It was completely out of character for her but she found herself getting horny and hoping that he’d quickly make the next move. When he didn’t she took his hand and placed it on her breast. Colin took in a huge gulp of air and then very gently stroked them. This led him to unbutton her top and slide his hand under her lacy bra.

When he felt those soft warm tits and hardened nipples he began to breathe a little heavy and so did she. It wasn’t long before they had both stripped off and were lying there naked. Colin was kissing her beautiful body all over and she was running her finger nails up and down his back.

When he moved down the mattress and put his face between her thighs she began to twitch with eager anticipation, and then it came, his tongue began to play with the pink folds. She swallowed hard as visions of his dick penetrating her now wet cunt flashed across her mind. Colin seemed to know instinctively what would please her and he licked up and down the side of her lips just touching them lightly. It wasn’t long before her trembling turned into full-scale shaking and she yelled as she enjoyed a powerful breathtaking orgasm. It seemed to go on and on until she was quite exhausted.

Colin’s dick was standing up like a fence post and he was longing for her to take it in her mouth. She didn’t disappoint him. First taking it between her soft moist lips and then sliding right down it almost up to his nut sack. Even after the first suck, he was ready to cum but he also wanted to feel it his dick forcing its way deep inside her body. Before she could bring him to the boiling point he pulled away and moved so that he was partially behind her holding onto her tits as he rammed it in.

The mattresses rocked precariously as he pounded her pussy grunting and groaning as he did so. When he was about to cum he began to yell out “Fuck” over and over again and she joined in.

Their bodies were both perspiring, their nerve endings felt like as if they were on fire as it became more and more intense and Colin shot his load. He held onto her as tight and he could and kept ramming his dick into her as she made little whimpering sounds and brought her hand back to feel his ass.

They lay there in each other’s arms until the lights began to flicker and then they picked up their clothes and started to dress. As Aime pulled up her panties she looked at him and smiled, “We’re not going to do this every night are we?”

“Only if there’s a thunder storm,” he laughed, “But I do have a great stereo system at my place – if you’d like to come round for dinner – I can put on a sound effects CD and we can pretend there’s a storm.”

“Sounds good to me,” she said, straightening her skirt, “Now I think we’d better get back to work.”

When the lights came back on fully and they emerged from their hide-away they both stood frozen to the spot as hundreds of mattresses had disappeared and a cool breeze was blowing in through the big open doors of the warehouse. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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