She Missed His Salty Taste in Her Mouth

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Jae and his girlfriend Breana has been going out together for three months, they seemed to enjoy each others company but, whereas he wanted it to be a sexual relationship, she didn’t.

“I don’t want to rush things,” she said, “Let’s take it slowly – I have issues that have to be resolved.”

He had no idea what issues she was talking about, all he knew was that – he was as frustrated as hell. The good looking, tussled haired, 21 year old had gone through a number of relationships and all of them involved sex. Jae didn’t want to be unfaithful to her but he didn’t want to spend the next year or so jerking off watching porn movies. In the end, he decided to phone Letisha, a girl he’d gone out with when he was 19 and who was highly motivated in that regard.

Jae had heard that she was in a relationship but he felt, based on their past experiences together, she would possibly succumb to his charm. Letisha worked as a book-keeper for a tax accountant and so he decided to ask her if she could help him with his taxes as a cover for his real intentions.

In spite of the fact that he not spoken to her in eighteen months, she was delighted to hear from him and arranged to meet him at his apartment that very night. He dug out all his tax papers and then prepared some of her favorite snacks and opened up a bottle of red wine to breath.

When she arrived, spot on time as she always was, she was dressed to kill. Her skirt was so short it was hardly worthwhile wearing at all and her top showed her bra-less tits swinging around whenever she leaned forward.

“You couldn’t have phoned me at a better time Jae,” she said, with quite a serious look on her face, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately – we should never have broken up like we did – we’re meant for each other.”

He was a little taken back by this revelation and tried to turn her attention to the tax papers on the coffee table.

“There’s no need to pretend with me – I know the tax thing was just a ruse to get me here – let’s face it Jae we are completely – and I mean completely – sexually compatible – consequently I decided to cast aside my other romantic ties the moment you rang.”

“That was a bit rash wasn’t it,” he said, now realizing that his plan for a quick bit of nookie was developing into something more serious.

“No it wasn’t – I have to be frank – no one has ever been able to give me the satisfaction that you’ve given me. This last few month I’ve been in a lesbian relationship and that’s not been working either, come on Jae – let’s take our clothes off and fuck like two rabbits – that’s what we use to do and we can do it again.”

Not having much on in the way of clothing she was naked in ten seconds flat while Jae picked up the tax papers once more in an effort to take her mind off of fucking his brains out. She just knocked the papers out of his hand sending them flying into the air and then proceeded to help him to strip.

Latisha had a gorgeous body, big tits, a narrow waistline and a shaved crack that he recollected was as tight as a mouse’s ear. Even though the talk of getting together again made him nervous, and was certainly not what he intended to happen, he was feeling as horny as a three puckered toad.

It was impossible to turn back now because as she dragged his pants down to the floor, she went down with them, and the next thing he could feel was her long slender fingers gently stroking his balls and her lips just touching the end of his dick. He held his breath knowing that at any moment she was going to plunge it into her mouth – and she did.

As it went deep into her throat he exhaled, closed his eyes and tried to erase all thoughts of Breana from his mind. The guilt seemed to disappear completely as she slid her ruby lips up and down his dick, taking it out of her mouth occasionally to gently chew on his gonads. He was beginning to feel flushed as the the blood pumping through his veins seemed to be building up enormous pressure.

Latisha, with her thumb and forefinger encircling the base of his dick, continued to slide up and down it until he felt his cum bursting up from his balls and shooting into her mouth. She kept on sucking determined not to waste a drop of the distinctive salty tasting goo she missed for so long.

When she stood up, licking the remaining residue from her lips, he put his arms around her and immediately took her to the floor. Now crazy with passion he sucked and licked her tits like a man gone berserk. Latisha’s body was writhing all over the place and she was calling out his name along with, “Oh fuck, Oh shit and Oh fuck,” over and over again.

Jae was beginning to realize that what she had said about being completely sexually compatible was absolutely correct. His whole body felt as if it was on fire, his dick was just as hard as when she sucked it and he couldn’t wait to ram it into her cunt. However, he knew Latisha really wanted him to eat her out, she always loved the way he did it.

When he moved back and opened up her legs she knew what was coming and she immediately started to plead, “Make me cum Jae, please make me cum.” With his head between her thighs, his tongue began to explore the inner depths of her pussy. He gently probed her pink petals and then inserting one finger into the base of her crack, he pulled it down while he licked up and down her soft warm pussy lips.
Latisha threw her arms back in complete surrender as he continued to work his magic. Soon her body was shaking violently, he could feel the muscles in her vagina contracting around his finger, and then all hell broke loose as she came big time.

“Oh Jae you are so fucking good,” she cried out, “You make me cum so good.”

Kissing her gently on the mouth he then rammed his throbbing dick into her as far as it would go. She put her hands on the cheeks of his ass urging him to start the action.

He would have liked to have given it to her tantalizingly slow, making her beg for him to quicken the pace, however, he was now desperate to cum himself. Jae’s ass started to go up and down like the proverbial fiddler’s elbow. It was fast and furious and she was calling out, ”Fuck me, fuck me fuck me hard baby – fuck me hard.”

Her tits were bouncing from side to side and her fingernails were piercing his skin as he pounded her pussy mercilessly. When he felt his cum traveling up from his balls it was his turn to yell, and then, when he shot his load inside of her, she went completely out of control and screamed her head off.

Both breathing heavy he raised himself off of her beautiful naked body just as the door opened and Breana walked in.

“OMG I thought you were fucking around with someone else,” she cried, “I just didn’t want to believe it.”

Trying to cover his crown jewels for some reason, Jae stood up and started to apologize, “I’m so sorry Breana…”

“I’m not talking to you,” she snapped, pointing her finger at Letisha,

“I’m talking to that two-timing bitch.” THE END

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Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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