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In 2125, with the world’s population burgeoning out of control the United Federation was compelled to takeamazonweederscoverT drastic measures. Only those truly useful and compatible would be allowed to live. The obvious result was a smaller more productive body of inhabitants, less prone to illness, crime or insurrection.

Everyone over the age of 18 was given a “Personal Audit,” (sometimes referred to as Weeding), which took into account their scholastic achievements, physical and mental condition and past behavior patterns. Those who did not measure up to requirements were, after a 60 day appeal period, humanely disposed of. Very few appeals succeeded.

There were exceptions of course. Couples who were bringing up children, prior to the rules being applied, were allowed to live and would be re-audited along when their children attained the age of eighteen.

Naturally those facing a possible death sentences would like to have quickly formed partnerships to get pregnant but sexual intercourse between minors was illegal. A child resulting from such a union would be taken away from the parents and the law would take its course.

In some cases however there was a solution. Someone like myself, who had scored thirty percent or more over the required 100 points, could marry a man or woman who had achieved at least 85; in effect combining their points. My ex-girlfriend, who was a little below par would gotten a reprieve had we have got married, which was the intention. However, before this could happen she was lured away by some rich dude and I became just part of her history. Needless to say I was devastated.

If you were still alive and not involved in a partnership, people assumed that you were probably a high scorer, and referred to you as an Angel, and Angels were in big demand. People could even buy lists on the internet and you were bombarded with emails, texts, videomails, and even with women knocking on your door. When you rejected these suitors you were in effect sentencing them to death, it weighed heavy on your conscience. I was certainly not overanxious to marry as getting a divorce was extremely difficult, and I was worried about bringing up a child who would have to be coached from birth to ensure their survival.

Women would offer to give me a blow job just to consider their proposal. I could have taken advantage of such situations but I just couldn’t do that. Sure I was tempted the odd time, what man wouldn’t be, but I knew I had to live with myself afterwards.

For months I managed to avoid being cornered by desperate and often beautiful young women, that were referred to as Chasers, but then I met Chandra. I was coming home from grocery shopping in the pouring rain and there on my doorstep I found this girl. She was obviously in distress. When I asked if I could help her she didn’t answer but looked as if she might pass out at any moment.

In spite of having some misgivings I decided to try get her into my apartment, which was fortunately on the ground floor. I thought I could at least offer her a hot drink. However, she was quite reluctant to move, but after some cajoling she allowed me to pull her to her feet and then, to my amazement, I found that she was blind.

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