The Castle

Chapter One

My Name is Simon Baugh. For generations my ancestors have been explorers, extreme sports enthusiasts and soldiers of fortune, which has pruned our branches so severely that at 28 I am the sole survivor. Cousin Angus, the last of the line, and who fancied himself as a Gaelic Hugh Hefner, fucked himself to death and so his castle, situated on an island in the Inner Hebrides fell to me.

Yesterday I arrived on the rocky outpost via boat from Oban. For the whole journey the man I’d hired to ferry me kept looking at me and smiling, occasionally shaking his head as if he knew something I didn’t know, but was soon to find out.

All the staff on the island gathered at the dock to greet me. They were all female with big tits and long legs, right from Aila the shepherd to Morag my personal nurse/masseuse. There are seven women in total, the others being Bonnie and Blair, identical twin maids, Elspeth the handywoman, Jeannie the cook and last but not least Seonaid the incredibly beautiful housekeeper.

As the boatman pulled away he shook his head once more and gave me a little wink. I was sure that in Oban that night I became the topic of conversation in every pub. Perhaps bets were being taken on how long I would survive on playboy island.

The women took charge of my luggage and Seonaid took my hand and led me up the cobbled path to the imposing stone castle. When the metal studded oak door creaked open I was in for my second surprise, cousin Angus had absolutely no taste. The ancient stone walls were adorned with garish nude paintings, and he’d obviously used members of his staff as the models.

Although his brush work was not the best he had managed to catch the essence of his subjects with exaggerated boobs and hairy bushes.
“Your cousin was a very talented man,” she said, looking up at them admiringly.

“Yes,” I managed to mumble, not wanting to pass an honest opinion at this early stage.

When Seonaid had managed to break her gaze from a picture that appeared to her with a large dildo in hand, she suggested that I might like to see the master bedroom and take a shower. Bonnie was designated to escort me up the winding stone staircase and led the way with her short French maid’s outfit allowing me to see right up her firm white thighs, in my minds-eye I imagined what it would be like to have ones’ face wedged tightly between them.

Once inside the large and even more outrageously decorated bedroom Bonnie went into the en suite and began to run my shower. After she’d left I stripped off and enjoyed a refreshing ten minutes and then returned to the bedroom. To my amazement she lay there naked on the bed.

“I’d like to find out if you are as good as your cousin,” she purred, patting the bed with a cheeky grin on her face.

I dropped my towel to the floor and my dick did zero to 50 in 7 seconds. Moving over to the bed I climbed beside her and began to suck her gorgeous tits.

“That’s very nice,” she whispered, “But dinner is about to be served, I’m afraid we’ll have to be satisfied with a quickie.”

I was a little taken aback by her response but never-the-less I re-positioned myself between her legs, looked admiringly at her naked body, took a deep breath and then I lowered myself down and slipped my cock slowly into her wet crack. Holy shit it felt so good and I started to go at it like a mad man, I was dying to cum.

As I was pounding her pussy she fingered her clit with one hand and rubbed her bouncing tits with the other. My balls were banging against her ass and I was yelling FUCK at the top of my voice as I felt my cum moving up and shooting into her cavity.

When I gave those last final thrusts Bonnie screamed her head off, dug her nails into my back and wrapped her legs around me so tight I could hardly breathe. At that the moment there was a knock on the door and Seonaid poked her head in. She didn’t bat an eyelid at the two naked body entwined before her, she simply said, “Dinner is served Sir,” and disappeared.

When I went down to dinner I really didn’t know what to expect. The dining room looked a little like Peter Max and Salvador Dali had had a paint ball fight but the food was good and was served on regular fine china. I had half expected for the soup bowls to be in the shape of vaginas but my dear cousin had saved me that embarrassment.

Everyone sat at the table together with Seonaid and I at opposite ends. During coffee she explained some of the conditions under which the staff was engaged. She went on tell me that Angus expected them to work, or at least be available 24/7 but one member would go to his villa in the South of France every seven weeks for a respite.

“Your cousin paid our airfares, provided us with shopping money and of course there was no charge for the accommodations, she paused and looked around at the girls and then back at me, “I would like to think we’re going to continue with those contractual arrangements.”

I said that I had no problem with that but I did ask where the money came from to finance all of this.

“O your cousin has extensive real estate holdings in Scotland, London and in the South of France, I expect his lawyer – well your lawyer now, will clear things up when she arrives tomorrow.”

I was rather overwhelmed by it all and she could see that and so she suggested we all relax and do some body painting. Off we all went to the studio which was down in the basement and everybody stripped naked. Holy shit I was surrounded by seven nubile wood nymphs and in spite of being tired my dick shot up like a rocket. This seemed to amuse everyone and it was decided that I should be the one to be painted.

I was invited to stand on a plenum in the middle of the room and three of the girls picked up their pallets and moved towards me as the rest just sat back and observed. For those who have not had their balls and cock painted, I can highly recommend it.

Great pains were taken to circle my nipples and my belly button with a multitude of colors and patterns but the main area of concentration was my genitals. They even pulled back my foreskin and painted a real eye on the end.

After it was finished I was invited to look in the full length mirror to give my approval. The only problem I had was my night stick was still as hard as a rock and seemed reluctant to go down. Blair took my hand and led me into the shower room and there she soaped me all over, paying particular attention paid to my bright blue balls and purple dick. After she’d sponged me thoroughly, including the crack in my bum, she went down to her knees, and wiping the wet hair out of her eyes, she proceeded to tease the end of my cock with her tongue and then slipped her lips around it and took it deep into her mouth.
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