by Cristiano Caffieri

When my girlfriend Sandy walked out on me I thought it was the end of the world. Even though I had a good job in Toronto, friends, family and a great bachelor pad, I decided to get out of town. The thought of bumping into her with some other man just frightened the hell out of me. So I packed my belongings in my car and headed for Montreal.

Booking into a cheap hotel I first looked around for a job and found one looking after a healthy snack bar in a women’s gym. Even though I had sworn off ever living with another woman I was quite content to fuck them and this seemed an ideal place to pick them up.

My next task was to get an apartment and once more I got lucky. It belonged to a very nice looking woman who was prepared to rent it for a reasonable amount but I had to get lost every Wednesday night from six until midnight, make sure the place was kept immaculate and on that special night I had to put clean sheets on the bed.

Claudine, my new landlady, explained that she was by bisexual, as was her friend Lisa, who would be joining her at the apartment each week. They were apparently both married to successful business men and so they had to be very discrete. She said she’d cut my balls off if I mentioned it to anybody, and I think she meant it.

Chapter 1 My Landlady’s Lover

I am settling into my new apartment and my job. Montreal is such a vibrant city full of great clubs, restaurants, to say nothing of the cultural and sporting facilities.

The women’s gym where I work is a busy place, crowded out with a cross section of Quebec womanhood. There are fat ones, thin ones, housewives and professionals, French and English speaking. Working behind the “healthy” snack counter I get into conversation with some very beautiful women and Cecile my boss is one of them.

Being in this kind of business she obviously has to keep herself in great shape, and the clothes she wears shows off her attributes to perfection. I get on very well with her, and at the risk of sounding as if I’m flattering myself, I think she’s attracted to me, although she is married to quite a hunk.

My first adventure however did not have any connection with the gym, it was right in the apartment. Lisa turned up early on the third Wednesday; possibly she wanted to see what I looked like. I had just about finished tidying up the place and was preparing to leave when the phone rang – it was Claudine.

“Would you hang on until Lisa arrives,” she said, “My husband Max is feeling ill and I have to take him down to emergency. I tried to call her on her cell but she must have it turned off.”

I didn’t have time to say she was already here before she put the phone down. When I passed the message on to Lisa she said, as she already told her husband that she was going to a movie with Claudine, she’d have to hang around for a few hours and asked if I would keep her company.

It didn’t take a lot of thinking about; this was a very good looking woman, with long, long legs and a cleavage I would have paid money to stick my face between.

“I could put some coffee on,” I suggested, to which she added, “Make that Irish coffee.”

I wasn’t attempting to make the atmosphere romantic or anything because I certainly didn’t want to fuck-up my relationship with my landlady but I decided to light the little wood stove. Then we sat together on the sofa and sipped away.

When I offered her a refill she told me just to make it just Irish and to forget the coffee part, and so for the next hour we sat and talked a kept tippling the Jamiesons.

“Does it bother you that Claudine and I are bisexual, and that we use your bed for our little trysts,” she asked at length.
I told her it was no business of mine.

“But would you fuck someone who you knew to be bisexual?” she said, now beginning to slur her speech a little.

“I’ve never had that opportunity,” I replied.

“How would you like one?”

“One what?”

“An opportunity to fuck a bisexual.”

By now I could see where she was coming from, and I was a little apprehensive.

“You’re very good looking,” she said, holding out her glass for me to top up, “and I bet you’ve got a big dick,” she giggled , looking down at the bulge in my pants.

I suggested that maybe she’d had enough to drink and probably she should go back onto coffee before she went home.”

“O I just remembered that my husband is away on business tonight, so I might stay here with you.”

“Sure,” I said, trying to avoid getting into a situation I might regret, “I can sleep out here on the sofa.”

“But I can’t get to sleep on my own,” she pleaded, “At least lie with me until I fall asleep.”

She led me by the hand like a lamb to the slaughter and once in the bedroom she stripped naked. I think I used the word gorgeous already – but I’m going to use it again – gorgeous, gorgeous – fucking gorgeous!

Her tits were perky but I’m sure they were natural, her muff was nicely shaven and when she let her hair down it was more that I could stand. I quickly took her in my arms and we kissed passionately, with her working her hands around my neck and up into my hair. She then turned her attention to my shirt and started to unbutton it, while I struggled to get out of my pants.

Once we were both completely naked I picked her up and placed her on the bed. She quickly re-positioned herself turning around and stretching her legs up the wall at the back of the bed. I knelt behind her, covering her face with my chest and bowing my head to take an erect nipple into my mouth, while rubbing the palm of my hand over the other.

She struggled to reach up and began to lick the salty perspiration from my chest. Whimpering as I continued to suck on her she began to move her ass around as if she wanted to take the action to another level.

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