HELP! I think I’m in Paradise


“I’m very pleased with the way things are going Elliott,” she purred, “I think we are going to have many happy hours together.”

It was my first morning as Mrs. Haywood’s acting coach. She was a rich bitch, married to an older man, who hadamazonhelpcoverT suddenly made her mind up to go on the stage, maybe even become a movie star. I was an American drama student on sabbatical in Ireland with a desperate need for funds. My employer paid well and provided me with room and board and so I had nothing to complain about. At least at that moment in time.

She was actually a good pupil, probably because everything she did seemed to be an act. And as for enthusiasm – she had enough for three people.
There was one snag, I could already feel sexual vibrations and I knew it was only a matter of time before she tried to maneuver me into the bedroom.

This was no more evident than when she brought up the subject of playing love scenes. I’d explained that to pull it off convincingly you had to condition your mind to believe that you were in love with the person you’re playing opposite to.

“Let’s say that you are my lover Elliott,” she said dramatically, “And that you are going away on a dangerous mission – how could we make that seem real to an audience?” She moved towards me, “Would it go something like this?”

My student seemed to be taking over the role of teacher as she put her arms around my neck and improvised her lines.

“O Elliott – I’m going to miss you so much,” she sobbed, “I’m going to be so lonely when you’ve gone.”

She then tightened her grip on my neck, pressed her big tits against my chest and kissed me. And I do mean kissed. Her tongue was halfway down my throat and the next thing I knew her hand had dropped down to fondle my dick.

When she eventually stepped back she asked, quite coyly, “Do you think I was convincing?”

If she had looked down at my massive erection she would have realized just how convincing it was. I was glad that her husband hadn’t walked in or I might have been out of a job.

At 4 p.m. we broke off for the day and I went up to my room to find Katya, the maid, putting clothes in my dresser. She and her sister were ethnic Russians from Finland. I didn’t even know that there was a Russian community in Finland until the girls enlightened me. Both of them were quite beautiful. Katya had long black hair, great tits and legs. Oksana, who worked as the cook, was equally endowed but with blondish colored hair.

“Mrs. Haywood doesn’t want you wearing t-shirt and jeans around the house,” Katya informed me, “So she sent me out to buy you some trousers and shirts. I’m sure they will fit you but you can try them on if you like then I can return them if there’s a problem.”

I was a mystified when the boss asked me to write down my measurements for her but now I knew the reason.

“I’ll try them on later,” I said, and thanked her for buying them.

“Are you too shy to change in front of me?” she teased.

“No – but I don’t think it would be proper.”

“I don’t understand – what you mean – proper?”

“Well it’s not as though you were my girlfriend or …my doctor,” I stammered foolishly.

“I have the evening off tomorrow,” she said, “Would you like to take me to a movie?”

“Yes – that would be nice,” I replied, a bit taken aback by her forthrightness.

“OK – we’re going out together – that makes me your girlfriend – now try your clothes on.”

I had to smile at her crazy reasoning and I slipped out of my shirt as she handed me one of the ones she had bought. I then unbuckled my belt and cautiously slipped out of my jeans.

Without warning Katya dropped the pants she was about to pass to me and within seconds she had moved forward downed my underwear, and was on her knees consuming the boner she had seen bulging there. Holy shit – my brain almost exploded as she worked her mouth around it with great skill and enthusiasm.

Although I was in seventh heaven, I was also in shock. I knew from the way she been looking at me all day that she was a hot prospect but I didn’t expect her to take the initiative, especially in such a delightfully aggressive way. When my balls started to tingle I decided I’d better take charge of the situation and I pushed her towards the bed, unbuttoning her uniform as I did so.

When her dress fell to the ground there was nothing but her panties to remove, she was not wearing a bra. I was amazed by her perfectly rounded breasts. The only way I can describe is to say they were breathtakingly beautiful.

I laid her slowly on to the bed and she wiggled her bum to help to me take off her panties. When I caught sight of her trimmed muff I couldn’t wait to place my tongue deep inside of it. It was sweet to the taste and as I explored the folds I reached up and caressed her tits causing her to twist and turn, moaning as she did so.

As I began to move all over her body with my hands and tongue she tried to position herself so that her crack touched by throbbing cock but I kept my distance and concentrated on sucking her delicate nipples. Katya was getting impatient and she grabbed my buttocks digging her nails into my flesh and pulled me towards her. I responded by penetrating her with one forceful thrust, she gasped and threw her arms backwards as if she was making snow angels on the sheets. I started to move in and out, first at a slow pace, and then at her bidding, faster and faster.

Electrical shocks seemed to surged through my nerve endings as the action became fast and furious. I felt myself cumming, and she responded to my grunts by going crazy, yelling and flaying her arms around. When I squirted my goo, I continue to ram my dick into her cavity it in order to give her the full load. To my amazement she called out, “O fuck,” and started to cry with actual tears running down her face.

Things calmed down after a while and we just lay quietly in each other’s arms until reality returned and she realized she had to get back to her duties. Katya quickly put on her uniform and came over and kissed me before she left. Later at dinner, which we ate in the kitchen separate from the family, we exchanged glances. Oksana seemed to pick-up on the fact that something was going on between us.

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