Sex on the Riviera

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Last month I was on holiday with my girlfriend Sara in the little town of Frejus in the South of France. It was supposed to be a very special holiday as it was Christmas.

“This will be something new,” she reasoned, “As well as relaxing we’ll be able to see how other people celebrate it.”

Unfortunately, two days after our arrival we had a big argument, I guess I said a lot of things I shouldn’t have and she swore that she’d never forgive me and took off. Quite frankly I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know anybody in Frejus and I just sat in the apartment we’d rented and admired the decorations we’d put up for the festive season.

When I wasn’t sitting alone toasting myself with eggnog I just wandered aimlessly around the town window shopping and taking photographs. In the course of my meanderings, I just happened to wander into one of the numerous alleyways that lead off the shopping streets. The faded buildings with their shuttered windows, sometimes with washing hanging out of them, inspired me to put my camera to work. I sat on the cobbled surface with my back to a wall and began to click away.

I’d been there for just a couple of minutes when a very pretty young woman in a short cotton dress walked up, leaned against the wall next to me, and looking down at me as I focussed, she asked,

“Why are you taking photographs my building?”

“Your building?”

“Yes I live there – on the second floor, that’s my underwear on the line,” she said, pointing to a bra and panties hanging on a piece of string.

When I stood up, being much taller than she I could see down her low cut dress and I was impressed by what appeared to be a pair rather nice lily white tits. She saw me looking and quickly adjusted her neckline.

“Are you an American?” she inquired.

“Sort of.”

“What do you mean – sort of?”

“Well, I’ve been living and working in London for some time.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Sort of.”

“What do you mean sort of – everything with you is sort of.”

“It’s a long story.”

“Well buy me a coffee and tell me about it.”

“I’ll buy you a coffee but I don’t want to tell you about it.”

“That’s OK – you don’t have to tell me – you don’t even have to buy me a coffee – I’ll make you one – follow me.”

She grabbed onto my hand and led me to the big wooden doorway on the opposite side. I followed her up the bare wooden stairs and even though there was a low light I could see right up her short dress to her white panties.

Her apartment was about the same size as mine but it had seen better days. However, it was quite comfortable and she invited me to sit in a big overstuffed armchair while she made the coffee. As she placed the mugs on the table she introduced herself as Emelie.

We talked mostly about America and how she would like to go there, she told me that she was a waitress and then suddenly she asked me if I’d pay one hundred Euro for a blow job.

“I’m behind with my rent,” she said, looking rather sad and dejected, “I need another hundred by tomorrow or the landlord is going to throw me out on the street.

I have never ever paid for sex and as inviting as her sweet mouth looked I was not about to start. However, I’m a sucker for a woman’s tears and even though I was not flushed for cash I offered to loan her the money, no strings attached.

Her eyes lit up and threw herself onto my lap, and then she began to kiss me. At first, it was on my forehead, the end of my nose and then my lips.

Within seconds her tongue was searching for mine and when they met I felt a power surge rip through my body. I was getting as horny as hell but I restrained myself and as politely as I could, I told her I had to get back to my place as a friend had arranged to contact me.

With my wallet a little lighter and my dick as hard as a rock I made my exit and walked back to my apartment. I checked my email but Sara had not made contact and I wasn’t actually sure where she was. I went to bed early and couldn’t get to sleep for thinking about Emelie’s ruby lips wrapped around my cock.

I awoke Christmas day feeling like shit. I had pate in the fridge and so I carved a few chunks off a baguette and I wished myself a Merry Christmas. What more could anyone wish for except the company of a beautiful woman and I unexpectedly got that?

Just as I was about to leave to wander around town again I opened the door and there was Emelie. How did she find me? She claims she asked around for a “sort of American.”

Once inside she told me that after she’d paid the rent and the landlord agreed to fix some of the problems she been complaining about, including the shower. Therefore her bathroom was out of commission.

“I don’t suppose you’d let me use your shower – would you?” she pleaded.

What a load of bullshit I thought, nobody is going fix your plumbing on Christmas Day, particularly a Frenchman. Even though I had the feeling she was going to flop on my bed afterward – I was powerless to refuse – I’m weak – and I was lonely.

When she emerged from the shower just wrapped in a towel I knew there was no turning back, I put my arms around her and we had a long lingering kiss before I lowered her onto the bed and gently removed the towel. She had an amazing body and those tits, that I’d caught a glimpse of in the alley the day before, were even more beautiful than I had imagined.

Starting to make love to Emelie was like hovering over a sumptuous buffet, I didn’t quite know where to start but when my lips made contact with her erect nipples I knew I’d made the right decision. She responded by sighing and running her fingers through my hair and my genitals suddenly felt as though they were supercharged.

I very slowly moved my hand down passed her belly button towards her hairy muff. She teased me by keeping her legs tight together but after I touched it a few times with my finger she opened up and I slid it inside her wet crack. There was an extra big sigh in response to that. I added another finger and moved them in and out a few times as I continued to suck on her tits. At this point, she got very vocal and reached down trying to grab my dick. However, before she could get a firm hold her body started to vibrate and she came big time.

It seemed like an appropriate moment to ram my throbbing cock into her and so I opened up her legs and made a hole in one. She took a big breath and then held on to my shoulders and started to move her ass as if she couldn’t wait for me to get pumping.

I started by slipping it in and out slowly and gradually built up until I was pounding her pussy unmercifully. As our pubic hairs crashed against each other she called out a whole string of obscenities in French and English.

Towards the end, my balls felt as though they were on the boil and I was frantic to shoot my load. When it did burst forth and ooze into her love canal we both cried out and hung onto each other so tight it was almost suffocating.

Emelie and I fucked most of the afternoon and I have to say she was an expert at giving blowjobs, she did it twice and almost blew the top of my fucking head off.

Now it turned out that she was not just a pretty face because after she’d rummaged around in the fridge and cupboards she put together a very acceptable Christmas dinner. After that it got a little more intriguing as she dug into the weekend bag she was carrying and took out two mini-vibrators.

“This is like a game,” she said, “You have to try and put yours in my cunt and I have to try and shove one up your ass – now catch me if you can.”

With this, she started to run around the apartment jumping from one piece of furniture to the other. In hot pursuit of her gorgeous naked body, I did my best to keep up with the tit jiggling Emelie. When I eventually pinned her down on the bed our bodies became wrapped around each other as we both attempted to insert vibrating plastic objects into each other’s orifices. Probably because I didn’t want to be too rough with her, she managed to overpower me and the next thing I felt was this buzzing sensation in my ass.

Obviously, the winner she just lay back and let me diddle her crack with my vibrator and this lead to a full blown all night sex orgy. I had to admit to myself I was becoming quite attached to Emelie in more ways than one.

Boxing day morning we went out to breakfast but missed lunch entirely as we were busy eating each other out, and for the rest of the afternoon we just lay naked on the bed and watched TV. About 3.30 I check my email and found I had one from Sara, it read:

Hope you having a miserable fucking Christmas – I’m having a great time in Cannes – apologize for your behavior and I might return to Frejus. Sara

I emailed her back:

I think I might be having an even better time than you – just not in the mood for apologizing at the moment – stay where you are – I’m planning to hang out here for an extra week. Skip. THE END

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