Sex on the Orient the Express

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Nathan Smith was a hard working young man who spent the fruits of his labor traveling around the world. At 22 he’d already been to Australia, New Zealand and 16 European countries.

His latest venture was to travel on the old Orient Express, out of Paris to Vienna. This is not to be confused with the Orient Express Simplon, the posh train that goes between London and Venice. The old Orient started out from the Gare de l’est at Midnight and one would almost expect to see Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart saying goodbye on the platform.

The atmosphere was the stuff that mystery movies are made up. People of all shapes, sizes, and colors, carrying suitcases, boxes tied with string and briefcases that could conceivably hold documents of great value to some foreign power, milled around looking for their railway cars.

As it was an overnight journey he’d booked a room and it turned out to be quite comfortable with two bunk beds, it’s own tiny bathroom and fold down table. He was a typical backpacker traveling light so it didn’t take long to settle in. However, about ten minutes before the train was due to leave a knock came at the door and there was the little rotund French porter accompanied by a rather attractive young lady.

“Your wife has arrived,” he announced with a big smile on his face.

Nathan protested that he didn’t have a wife to which the porter shrugged and said that was none of his business and left the two gaping at each other by the door. The young woman stepped inside, and in a rather upper-class accent, she introduced herself as Natalie Smythe.

When he said that he was Nathanial Smith they suddenly realized why there had been a mix-up. They had both booked their tickets through the same London travel agent and their names, being so similar, must have created the confusion.

“I’m game to share if you are,” smiled Natalie, “After all, there are two bunks.”

Nathan nodded, “Why not?”

She didn’t have an assortment of cases, trunks and hat boxes that you might expect from one of the Smythes of Eddington Motte, Natalie was a fellow backpacker and like him, she was heading to Vienna to explore the palaces, art galleries to say nothing of the nightlife.

They both agreed that they should follow their usual routines and not let the fact that they were sharing interfere with their behavior. It was decided that he should take the upper bunk, that he’d already turned down and she would lie underneath him – as it were.

He suggested that she should use the bathroom first which she did, emerging a few minutes later just wearing a pair of flimsy white panties and a matching flimsy tank top. She was possibly one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Natalie was wonderfully constructed and there wasn’t a blemish on her smooth white skin.

When Nathan came out of the bathroom he was sporting just a pair of Union Jack boxers, which caused her to giggle.

“I see you’re quite patriotic,”

“I like to show the flag occasionally,” he laughed, climbing onto the bunk and sitting there with his legs dangling over the edge.

He continued to sit there and watched as she brushed her long blond hair in the wall mirror. It wasn’t long before he felt a tingling sensation in his groin area and his dick had suddenly become as hard as wood.

As she turned around she couldn’t help but see it, “My God you’ve even got your own flagpole,” she laughed. Then she adopted a sort of serious demeanor, “I’m to blame for this aren’t I, she said, “I have – as they say – dressed provocatively.”

Nathan blushed, “It’s my fault for having so little control.”

“Well – if you look down – you’ll see that my panties are a little damp because quite frankly – you turn me on.”

Nathan was amazed that she’d say such a thing and even more amazed when she gently opened up his flies and took out his dick.
“It looks good enough to eat,” she said and with that, she took it in her mouth and almost swallowed it up to the hilt.

Nathan’s body became very very warm as she put her hand up the leg of his boxers and grasped his balls. Even in such a moment of ecstasy, he couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

Being dark haired and brown skinned due to having an Indian mother he could never have imagined that one of the Smythes of Eddington Motte would have been interested in sucking his dick – and with such enthusiasm!

Natalie got a little impatient with the boxers and at one point she quite roughly shoved him back on the bunk and literally ripped them off his body. As she was now detached for a moment he took the opportunity to roll over and quickly jumped down from his bunk. He then put his hands under that flimsy tank top and fondled her soft smooth perky tits. Falling to his knees he slipped off her pants and licked her shaved flower, parting the lips with his fingers and gently sucking the folds.

Her body trembled so violently he guided her onto the bottom bunk and then did a swift U-Turn and got into the 69 position. Natalie loved it and the more he sucked her the more she sucked him until they both called out “FUCK” as her quim began to quiver and jerk up and down and his cum streamed into her mouth.

They both lay there for a few moments. Her tongue kept flicking the end of his dick and then he changed positions and lay on the top of her. When he began to lick her erect nipples she arched her back and whimpered like a school girl. Her tits were so perfect he could have laid there all night just sucking on them. She was certainly in no hurry for him to detach himself. Breathing heavy, she kept ruffling his hair with her hands, and occasionally she licked her fingers and gently probed his ears with them.

Nathan was beginning to lose control as he and he began to get more aggressive. Moving down her body then he forced open her legs and rammed his dick inside of her as far as it would go. She let out a scream which caused the porter to tap on the door and asked if everything was OK.

Even though his mouth had dried up somewhat Nathan managed to say that everything was fine. “Better than fine he mumbled,” as he rammed it in again and again.

Natalie was gyrating her pelvic area all of the time, making it even more exciting, and compelling him to establish a faster pace. Desperate to cum inside of her he went a little too fast and slipped out of her cunt. She groaned when this happened and quickly facilitated his re-entry. When he did cum she temporarily turned into a crazy person and rolling him over she grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him passionately putting her tongue into his mouth and sucking the breath out of him.

Exhausted, they both ended up falling to sleep in each other’s arms and didn’t notice any of the stops the train made during the night. It was when the porter knocked on the door calling out breakfast that Nathan woke up.

When they arrived in Vienna Natalie was due to meet a bunch of friends from her college and Nathan expected that he’d just disappear into the crowd and never see her again. However, she didn’t let go of his hand and not only did she introduce him to her three (rather posh) friends but suggested he share their room with them.

“He’s a really good fuck,” she laughed, “My cunt is still on fire.”

Giggling at her remark the bevy of nubile young women piled on top of Nathan in the back seat of a taxi and off they drove. He didn’t know where they were heading and he didn’t care a fuck. It looked like being the best holiday he had ever had. THE END

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