Sex on a Trampoline

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Ty Somersby had always regarded gymnastics as strictly a female activity until his old friend Alex Rieger told him he had been a member of a gymnastics club for some time. The 19-year-old listened intently to his friend as he put forward a convincing argument for him to sign up with the same organization.

“Ninety percent of the members of my club are girls,” he smiled, “Beautiful girls with figures to die for. If you want to keep agile and fit it’s a great alternative to a sweaty gym.”

Alex showed some pictures of him surrounded by a bevy of beauties and that sure sold Ty on the idea of joining. He phoned the owner of the club the same afternoon and she told him to come over to discuss it.

The club, which operated mostly in the evening, was deserted except for Ms. Rhodis who was catching up on some paperwork. She was dressed casually in shorts and a tank top and he couldn’t help but admire her trim figure and her inviting smile.

“Sit down,” she said, putting her paperwork to one side. “So you think you’d like to try gymnastics.”

“Yes, I would,” he replied.

“You’re a bit old for a beginner,” she laughed, “Students usually start when they’re six or seven but I have a feeling you just want to improve your sex life.”

“Sex life,” Ty echoed, somewhat surprised by her statement.

“Yes – quite a few of my adult students enroll specifically to spice up their sex lives, believe me when you can show your girlfriend how to do a position like a bridge, scale or straddle,” she said, pointing them out on a wall chart, “ It makes the whole thing more exciting.”

Ty didn’t know what to say, Alex certainly hadn’t mentioned anything about this and he wasn’t sure he wanted any part of it – he was just looking forward to flirting with some of the girls while he got a little exercise. The expression of doubt on his face prompted Ms. Rhodis, who now insisted he calls her Roberta, to suggest she should give him a little demonstration to help him make up his mind. He nodded shyly, still not sure that he should be there at all.

Roberta got up from her chair, took his hand and led him out of the office into the studio. She walked over and locked the door before turning to him with a quizzical look on her face, “You do have a girlfriend don’t you?”


“And you do have sex together?”


“Well I’m going to show you how to please her beyond her wildest dreams,” she smiled mounting a pile of floor mats and leaning backward into what she described as the bridge position. Now you move up between my legs and press against me, you will see the possibilities.”

Ty did what she requested but as he’d developed a big erection and didn’t want to embarrass himself pressing against her crotch.

However, she was not impressed with his timidity and commanded him to press up hard against her. She gave a little gasp as she felt his dick make contact through her shorts.

After this demonstration, she showed him any number of exercises he could do with his sexual partners but she saved the best until the last. However, before they got down to that, she talked about the fact that this was a special class that she held on Wednesday evenings for a few select people.

“Is Alex part of it?” he asked.

“Oh yes – it was Alex who thought you’d a great addition to our little group.”

“So I’ve been set up?”

“Not really, Alex said you hadn’t had much luck with girls and he thought you might need a little help,” Roberta looked at him with her big blue eyes and smiled again, “You haven’t really got a girlfriend have you?”

Ty shook his head sheepishly.

“And you’ve never had sex – have you?”

Begrudgingly he shook his head.

Roberta moved closer – and put her arms gently around his neck, “Would you really like to have sex?”

Before he could say a word her soft lips met his and she pulled him so close her breasts crushed against his chest. Ty was overcome with emotion and he kissed her so hard his lips hurt.

Suddenly he felt a strange sensation around his groin, Roberta had quietly undone his flies and her warm fingers were gently massaging his balls.

“Now I’m going to slip gently to my knees – OK?”

He closed his eyes and nodded as she skillfully undid his belt and slipped down his pants as she sank to the floor. His eyes did pop open again when he felt her lips on his throbbing boner and when she absorbed him deep inside her mouth he gave a gasp that echoed around the empty studio.

With her lips, her tongue and her fingers she sensuously worked on him until he thought he was going to blow his load but then she pulled back, stood up and began to take off her clothes. Ty had seen a lot of female bodies in magazines and on porn sites but they paled in comparison to hers.

Roberta’s figure was delicate and unblemished; her natural breasts were a perfect size, perky and ready to be sucked. He clumsily made his first move but she put out her arms and held him back as she moved towards a trampoline in the center of the floor. Seating herself on the edge it was the perfect height for him to stand and kiss her nipples.

He was very gentle and Roberta had to prompt him to suck them harder. She also took his hands and placed them underneath her tits and encouraged him to massage them as he sucked.

Ty was getting more and more excited and Roberta threw herself back, opening her legs so that he could explore her flower. He grasped the rim of the trampoline so that he could bend and begin moving his tongue inside the folds of her wet crack.

She began to groan as he, very passionately, sucked and probed using his tongue and his fingers, and then he completely surprised her by jumping on the trampoline and with his balls dangling in her face he pulled back her legs and continued to lick her moist groove from behind. She in turn gently nibbled on his scrotum which drove him into a frenzy and soon her body began to vibrate violent and she started to yell, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

This was followed by her desperate request for him to fuck her. Ty roughly pulled her into the center of the trampoline and penetrated her with a mighty thrust.

“Oh shit,” she cried and she held onto him tight as he began to go in and out at an ever increasing pace. The trampoline gave him a strange feeling as every time he pushed his boner hard inside of her there would be a rebounding effect that added to the thrill of it all.

He would like to have made it last but with her yelling, “Fuck me hard,” over and over again and what seemed like lightning bolts surging through his entire body he gave one final thrust and shot his load. Roberta was shaking all over and he could feel cum still streaming through his veins as lowered himself down and kissed her passionately.

After a while, he gently pulled it out and lay by the side of her. Roberta raises herself up and leaned over him. “The girls are going to love you,” she said.

“Girls – do you mean you expect me to fuck perfect strangers?” he gasped, sitting bolt upright.

“Oh don’t worry I’ll introduce you to them,” she paused, looking at him thoughtfully, “In fact, I think Serafina will be just perfect for your first session – she’s looking for somebody to cater for her special requirements.”

On the following Wednesday, he set out for the studio hoping that Serafina would be just as beautiful as Roberta. Alex refused to tell him anything about her and said he’d have to wait and see. And when he didn’t see he couldn’t believe his eyes. She must have weighed two hundred pounds and her thighs looked as though she could crack coconuts between them. The only attractive thing about her was her smile, and how she smiled when he hesitantly took off his clothes and, at Roberta’s request, lay naked on the Trampoline.

Still smiling, his partner for the night knelt over him with her huge tits waving to and fro and played with his dick until it was stiff. She then lowered her well-lubricated cunt onto it and gently slid up and down. It felt quite good, in fact, it felt very good!

As the rest of the class looked on, some of them began to diddle each other and Roberta, who had decided to blow some guy with an enormous schlong, was struggling to keep an eye on the proceedings at the same time. Serafina spurred on by the moans and groans coming from the audience, began to bounce up and down on that canvas pounding Ty’s balls unmercifully. In spite of the punishment, his dick was taking he was dying to cum and he grabbed on to her tits and squeezed them tight, urging her on. When he blew his load he screamed, she screamed and so did that girl that Alex was fucking on the parallel bars.

Repositioning himself with some difficulty, he slipped his arms around her waist, and with his cock still up inside of her, sucked on her long hard nipples. The session lasted so long Roberta eventually had to call time on them.

He could have fucked other women that night but he stuck with his plump passionate partner and even took her out to dinner after class.

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