Sex Marathon

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Most women don’t run as fast as men but Paige Hunter did and that put her in competition with a local guy named Danny Mannering. They went to the same small town school and although he was the track and field star she would still beat him in a couple of events. This seemed to challenge his masculinity and so he was always a bit cool towards her.

When they left high school to go to college they didn’t see each other for around three years but then they both returned to their home town and low and behold they had developed a shared interest in marathon running. Danny had done very well in statewide events, while Paige, who had been studying on the west coast, had run in marathons in San Francisco and San Diego.

Suddenly, they were up against each other again and even though neither of them actually came first in any event, they, both placed quite well and on a couple of occasions she was ahead of him. In the second year, both 24 years old and in peak physical condition, they each entered a 26-mile marathon for charity and the route promised to be a grueling one.

The night before the big race, they decided to relax and spend a couple of hours at a local watering hole where quite a few of the runners met. He was with his friends and she with hers. The only problem was Dave Mollet. He was a mutual acquaintance and began to stir the shit in the hope that he could get a confrontation going between the two sides. He succeeded and after some less-than-friendly banter, Paige walked over to Danny and whispered in his ear, “If you place better than me tomorrow – I’ll let you fuck me.” Everybody would have liked to have known what she said but she wouldn’t tell and as sure as hell he wasn’t going to.

When they were limbering up at the start, they exchanged fleeting glances but that was all and when the mayor fired an old civil war musket they took off. There were over 200 runners so it was difficult for him to pick out Paige but when he did she was ahead of him. Danny had to pace himself so he didn’t want to get carried away trying to catch up with her. He decided to remain cool and trudged on hoping that she would eventually fall behind.

About three miles away from the finish, he caught up with her and she was limping and then she stopped altogether. She shrugged as he passed and he shrugged back. He certainly wasn’t going to gloat over a fellow competitor’s misfortune.

Danny was quite happy that he placed 12th and he lingered at the finishing line for a while to see what had happened to Paige. She eventually turned up in an official vehicle and he walked over to ask how she was.

Before he could open his mouth she said, “I suppose you’ve come to collect your prize.”

“Oh no,” Danny replied, “You couldn’t help it if you sustained an injury.”

“No, a promise is a promise,” she said. “You know where I live, come over tomorrow night and I’ll cook you dinner.”

He was having some difficulty in dealing with the fact that his long-time rival, who had never said a kind word to him (at least that he remembered), was suddenly being rather nice. And this became even more mystifying when he turned up at her apartment for dinner.

She greeted him at the door in a low cut dress and ushered him into the living area, where a beautiful table was set complete with candles and soft music playing in the background. During the meal, she poured his wine, asked him about his career and was generally pleasant.

After coffee and dessert, she suggested they retire to the bedroom and there he could collect his prize. His dick was as hard as a rock thinking about it but it still felt a bit uneasy, as though he was taking advantage of her.

However, she sashayed into the bedroom and he followed in eager anticipation. When she reached the end of the bed, she stopped and told him as they were both athletes they should do things a little differently, “I want you to wrestle me for it,” she said. Paige then began to strip seductively, one garment at a time, each castoff revealing another part of her gorgeous nubile body.

When they were both completely naked, he moved towards her hoping to embrace her but she pushed him away. They sparred for a while and then he managed to grab her and throw her onto the bed. There didn’t seem to be any possibility of foreplay considering the rules of engagement, so he lay his body on top of hers with the idea of ramming his dick straight in.

Unfortunately this plan fell apart as she crossed her legs. He tried to use one hand to hold her down and the other to force her legs apart but she broke loose and did a backwards somersault landing on her feet on the other side of the bed. On his knees, he shuffled over towards her, intending to grab her again but it was Paige who made the first move and he ended up sprawled on the floor.

When he turned over, she quickly straddled his body, sticking her ass in his face, and stuck his swollen dick into her mouth. As she moved up and down his shaft, he held onto the cheeks of her bum and tried manoeuvre himself so that he could lick her pussy but it couldn’t be done.

She continued plunging it into her mouth and, massaging his balls with her fingers, and when he felt he was about to explode he slapped her ass and yelled, “I’m coming.” However, instead of stopping her from taking a load of his nectar, the prospect seems to excite her and she milked him to the very end.

Her next move, not learned by watching professional wrestling, was to sit with the lips of her cunt right over his mouth. He began to lick her delightfully pink petals and she groaned and moaned as he proceeded to poke and probe her with his tongue.

When she came she screamed and shook violently like a washing machine in the spin cycle. He kept licking up and down her wet groove until she could stand it no more and threw herself forward onto the floor.

This was Danny’s chance to be really macho, he picked her up and literally threw her onto the bed. She found his caveman antics quite amusing and started to giggle but far from crossing her legs this time she spread them so that he could get a hole in one.

He lowered himself onto her body, and as he penetrated her, shoving his dick right in to the hilt, she gasped and opened her eyes up wide. Taking a big breath, he withdrew his cock and thrust it in again repeatedly. But for all his effort, Paige was getting impatient, as she too wanted to cum again and so she clutched his forearms in an attempt to keep him inside of her.

Danny got the message and began to drive his hot throbbing cock into her at a steady pace. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. He thought how beautiful she looked as her hair was spread out across the pillow and her gorgeous tits danced from side to side. When he felt his goo moving up his shaft he started to groan and she responded by pulling him tighter and tighter. When he shot his load he yelled out, “OH FUCK” but kept pounding her pussy as if he didn’t want it to end.

Her legs wrapped around him, he lay trapped in her groove for awhile and then they just lay in each other’s embrace.

“Are you running in the Wesleyville marathon next month?” he whispered.

“Of course. Aren’t you?”

“Yes… and what I was thinking was… if I place better than you I’m going to ask you to marry me.”

She gave a big sigh, “Oh God: that means I’ve got to pretend I’ve twisted my ankle again.”


Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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