Sex in Another Dimension

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By Cristiano Caffieri

The office was all white, walls, ceiling, carpets and the furniture. Erik Wade cautiously shook hands with the diminutive practitioner who, being dressed in the same color himself, blended almost seamlessly with the décor.

Doctor Kruger bid him sit in a large winged chair which was armed with a remote control. He seated himself immediately across from his patient. Erik was extremely nervous and wasn’t quite sure whether he should have been there in the first place. The problem was he’d reached that certain age when you tend to admonish yourself for all those opportunities you missed when you were young.

It was said that the little man who was staring at him over the rims of his spectacles could put people into a dream-like trance. While Erik was under hypnosis, according to the person who recommended the therapy, he would have the opportunity to relive some past event in his life that had concluded unsatisfactorily. And this time, he would have complete control over the outcome.
“I’d like to go back to the Plaza Ballroom in Derby, England, during World War II, ” he said when asked what he wanted to accomplish. “I used to see this girl there – God she was beautiful – I wanted desperately to ask her to dance – but I was such a bad dancer I was afraid to.”

“And this small thing has haunted you all these years?”

“It wasn’t a small thing – I became obsessed with her – I went week after week and just sat and watched her twirl around the room with other guys,” Erik took a deep breath. “In the end, I took a few dancing lessons and I became quite confident but then for some reason, she stopped coming. I kept going every Saturday hoping she’d be back but after a year I gave up.”

“And now you’d like meet her again?”

He nodded.

Doctor Kruger clicked the remote, the lights were dimmed, the sound of Schumann’s Träumerei filtered through the speakers in the ceiling and a panel opened revealing one of those black and white revolving wheels that makes one feel quite dizzy. He told Erik to stare at it and to clear his thoughts completely.

His brain felt as if it was going to explode as he watched it go round and round. Suddenly, he began to see pictures of Derby just as it was when he was a teenager. There was virtually no traffic but there were dozens of American soldiers walking along the sidewalks and they all seem to be smiling at him. And then she appeared, with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind. She was wearing a tight sweater and he yearned to reach out to touch those lovely breasts but suddenly everything went black and when the lights came back on and he was in the foyer of the Plaza Ballroom.

It was just as he remembered it; the walls were covered with photographs of big band leaders who had played there. Jack Hylton, Lew Stone and Geraldo smiled at him and so did Beryl the cloakroom girl.

“Just go right in sir,” she said.

He nodded, and checking himself in a nearby mirror, he breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t an old man that he saw, but a handsome young teenager with his hair slicked back and his striped tie perfectly knotted.

Nervously, he pushed open the door and was met by the strains of Bram Martin’s band playing “That Old Black Magic” with Beryl, the cloakroom girl, doing the vocals. The glass ball that revolved in the center of the ceiling created a star field and as his eyes followed the dancing lights he saw her.

She was sitting alone. In fact, they were the only people there. Erik took a deep breath, to muster his courage, but let it out rather quickly when he realized that Jeannie, (that was the name he’d given her), was naked. Feeling the cool draft from a nearby fan, he looked down to find that his own clothes had mysteriously disappeared.

Erik wasn’t sure what kind of trick Doctor Kruger had played on him but the confidence he possessed when he first walked through the door had waned. He quickly took a seat across the room from her and covered up his genitalia. As the singer sang the chorus – “Down and down I go, round and round I go,” Jeannie slowly got up and walked towards him.

“Would you like to dance,” she asked in a low sultry voice.

With her gorgeous perky tits hovering above him, his dick was beginning to react in an embarrassing way. He was half tempted to say that he was going to sit that one out. However, when Jeannie held out her hand, he took it and found himself gliding around the floor with his substantial boner rubbing against her belly.

When the number ended, the drummer gave a little drum roll and cymbal crash to indicate there was a break coming up. The band members filed away to the cafeteria and recorded music took its place.
Jeannie took his hand once more and led him to a little nook at the back of the hall. It was like a small stage with wicker seats where couples would often kanoodle. Sammy, the owner of the ballroom, didn’t let this sort of thing go too far and soon an officious looking man in a dark suit would give notice. “Behave yourselves or leave the premises.”

Luckily, Sammy and his man were not there to intervene. Jeannie guided Erik onto a little green love seat and then, very slowly straddled his legs and lowered her wet vajayjay onto his throbbing cock. He sucked most of the oxygen out of the air as it penetrated deeper and deeper.

The look of total ecstasy on his face made her smile and she gently eased herself up and down sending shockwaves through his whole body. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she gradually increased the pace and her tits swayed from side to side in time with every stroke. She was so fucking beautiful; Erik could hardly believe this was happening to him – even in a hypnotic state.

As her ass kept crashing against his groin, she bit her lip and closed her eyes as if she might be about to cum. Jeannie’s expression and the way her cunt seemed to be sucking on his cock made his balls feel as though they were on fire. When she started to whimper, in a build-up to her orgasm, he shot his load deep inside of her.

They both started to yell and cling onto each other. Erik, not being able to hold back any longer, bent forward and started to furiously suck on her hardened nipples. As he licked and fondled her tits, she became very tense and within a few seconds she called out, “I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!” Jeannie rained kisses all over his head as her body shook uncontrollably.

They sat for several minutes before anyone spoke. She went first.

“I’m glad you brought me back,” Jeannie said, giving him a little squeeze.


“Yes, I passed away long, long ago – when I was a teenager. I used to come here all the time before the accident,” she paused. “I guess you used to come here too.”

“I did,” he confessed, a bit overwhelmed that he was making love to someone who had died.

“Did you notice me – is that why we’re here?”

“I never noticed anyone else,” he smiled.

“It would be wonderful if we could spend eternity here – together,” she sighed.

Things got a little hazy and for a few moments and he thought he heard the voice of Dr. Kruger.

The good doctor was trying to bringing Erik back, using every means at hand, but it was no use. His body sat lifeless in the chair. Kruger shrugged,

“Oh well – that’s the way it is sometimes – they just don’t always want to come back, that’s why I always insist that they pay me in advance.”


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