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by Cristiano Caffieri

Fran and Dave had been going out together for a few weeks. She was a great-looking girl but incredibly shy when it came to sex. He wasn’t the type to talk about his sexual activities but he was so frustrated he decided to confide in his co-worker Miles Thomas.

“I once dated a girl like that,” he said. “She wasn’t sexually adventurous at all until I bought that board game.”

“Board game?” asked Dave, curious how a game had to do with a good fuck.

“Yeah, a sex game I saw advertised on the internet. It looked interesting so I bought it. I didn’t think she’d play along but one night, with nothing better to do, I took it out of my pocket and asked her if she fancied a game.”

“When we played it she went completely fucking crazy – but then without the game it was back to Miss Prim and Proper. I had to get out of the relationship eventually she wanted to play every fucking night, and it got to be too much.”

Two weeks later Dave received his own game in the mail and he had to admit it looked quite promising. He took it over to Fran’s apartment and tried to introduce it without stressing the sex factor too much.

When he showed it to her she blushed, “This looks terribly rude,” and handed it back.

“I thought you might not want to play it,” he said, throwing onto a nearby chair.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t,” she mumbled under her breath.

“So you’re saying you’ll play it?” he smiled.

“I might,” she said softly.

“Well, why don’t we give it a try? If you feel uncomfortable at any point we can quit.”

“Okay,” she replied, perking up.

“Well, first it says we should take all of our clothes off. That sounds reasonable.”

She shrugged and peeled off her top, revealing a lacy bra. Dave was already feeling as horny as hell and when her two beautifully shaped tits popped out he started ripping off his own clothes as fast as he could. He was naked before she was, and sat on the floor with the game as she shed her skirt and wiggled out of her panties.

Although he did want to play, when he saw her tight little cunt just inches from his nose he could have banged her there and then. However, he did manage to control his emotions and simply gave a deep sigh as Fran sat down crossed legged before him. She giggled when she saw his erect dick standing up like a Cobra ready to strike, but then she suddenly turned serious.

“Have you played this game with your other girlfriends?” she pouted.

“No, I only got it in the mail yesterday.”

“What made you buy it?”

“I just thought it would make our lovemaking more interesting.”

“But we can quit if it gets out of hand..?”

“Of course,” he said, hoping he wasn’t about to hear that fucking annoying phrase, “I don’t want to do that.” He’d suffered that shit too many times before.

He let her throw the dice first and she moved her piece around the board to, “You get sucked.”

At this point, she looked quite enthused, “What does that mean exactly?”
“I guess I have to suck your tits or your crack,” he said, feeling a little flushed at the prospect.

“If it’s my choice… I’ll say breasts.”

Dave shoved the board aside, moved close and guided her down on the carpet. Then he straddled her body, bent over and started to lick, suck and stroke her tits. Fran closed her eyes and responded with little whimpering sounds.

He loved her soft warm tits and could have sucked on them all evening but it was his turn with the dice. She had to lick his balls and so he stood up and she sat between his legs reached up and swiped her tongue up down and sideways.

Although it was his idea to play the game in the first place he was starting to feel it was going too slow but then it picked up a bit. When she made her next throw her piece landed on “give ten strokes to his dick.”

Complying with the board’s demands she took it gently in her hand and slipped the skin back and then very slowly moved it up and down ten times. It felt so good he didn’t want it to stop but now it was his go again and this was a real surprise.

“It says you have to spit on my cock and then I have to ram it into your ass,” he said, expecting that this would be where she’d back out. To his delight Fran greased it up with her saliva and then leaned over the sofa, sticking her lovely round ass into the air.

Dave grasped hold of her hip bones and slowly slipped his dick in. She cried out a little at first as if he’d hurt but when he picked up the pace it looked very much like she was enjoying it.

“Have you got to cum inside my bum?” she panted.

“Well I’m not pulling it out now,” he said as he pounded his balls against her ass.

She was groaning quite a bit by the time he blew his load and they both collapsed on the sofa exhausted.

“If I’ve got to suck that later,” she said, pointing to his dripping dick,

“You’d better wash it.”

Breathing heavy and holding his schlong in his hand, so it wouldn’t drip on the carpet, he staggered to the bathroom and gave it a thorough cleaning. When he returned she was back sitting by the board and anxious to continue. It was a lucky roll, a double six and then a four.

“OMG,” she cried, “You’ve got to lick my ass.”

Dave was beginning to think it might be a good time to quit but he had second thoughts, took a deep breath and as she bent back over the sofa he gave her ass a mighty slurp. On the bright side, his next turn required her to suck his knob and let him cum in her mouth.

She’d never done this before and she looked at him a little funny, but then she got him sit to on a chair, knelt before him, smiled and slipped his dick between her ruby lips. He was amazed at how much she managed to get into her mouth. As she began to move up and down his shaft it felt just like he was sliding into her cunt. And, she went a step further and began to massage his balls with her sensuous fingers. He was getting hot all over and sweat was dripping off of his brow. When he felt his goo traveling upwards he grabbed onto her hair and pulled her face towards him as he filled her sweet mouth with a super-sized portion.

There were a few silly tasks after that but when her next roll came up “eat me out” things started to get really hot. Dave put his face between her slender thighs and crushed his lips against the pink folds of her vajajay. He flicked his tongue up and down her wet crack until her body started to vibrate and she started yelling “Oh fuck,” at the top of her voice.

Dave didn’t want to resume the game after that. He pinned her arms behind her head, spread her legs with his knees and rammed his throbbing cock deep into her cunt while she swung her ass around impatiently. When at last he started pumping her pussy she went completely wild, digging her nails into his back and seeking out his lips with her mouth. He drove it in with all the force he could muster and when he blew his load he couldn’t stop, it felt so good.

As they sat back on the sofa with their arms around each other he smiled smugly thinking he’d finally found a way to motivate Fran sexually whenever he wanted. But he was in for a shock.

“I really enjoyed this,” she said, kissing him affectionately on the cheek, “Let’s play every night – it’s fun.” Dave shook his head and took a deep breath, “You don’t know Miles Thomas by any chance, do you?”

“Sure I know Miles,” she replied, “I went out with him for a few weeks last summer – why do you ask?” THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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