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by Cristiano Caffieri

Don Boot had two girlfriends, Cindy was twenty years younger and Emily was twenty years older and they all lived together in a rather nice house in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. The neighbors talked of course but it didn’t worry this thoroughly modern family, they were having the time of their lives. They always walked around nude inside the house and they just had sex anytime the mood moved them.

There were occasions when Cindy or Emily were bending over the sink when Don would creep up behind then and just ram his dick up their crack, or up their ass, depending on how he felt. They had an agreement of no refusal and so Don was equally obligated to fuck them or suck them on demand and he did his best to satisfy all their desires.

A little bondage, sex toys, whipped cream and threesomes kept their sex lives fresh and interesting. There were no taboos, Emily was fond of having a vibrator stuffed up her ass while he rammed his dick up her pussy while Cindy always enjoyed being eaten out by Emily while she sucked off Don and swallowed his cum.

They must have been together for a couple of years when Eric suddenly appeared on the scene. He was a plumber that Emily had called in when the other two were at work. Being the eldest resident she was a little bit more frugal than the others. Consequently, when the bill was presented she offered to drop her panties for Eric if he agreed to give her a 50% discount.

Now Don was a pretty good lover but he did have a rather small dick both in length and girth, whereas the plumbers was massive no matter which way you looked at it. It stretched the lips of Emily’s snatch to their max and she screamed with ecstasy throughout the whole encounter.

She couldn’t resist telling Cindy about it and soon both of them were enjoying weekly visits from Eric and poor Don was getting less and less attention. He knew something was wrong, not only because they were not attacking him as frequently but he’d also noticed the new taps in the bathroom, the new garbage disposal unit in the kitchen and radiators had ceased to bang. Which couldn’t be said for his two concubines?

One day he decided to pretend he’d gone to work but sneaked back into the house and hid in the spare bedroom. There was a spy hole into the master bedroom so they could spy on each other and masturbate while doing so. A couple of hours past by and he began to think nothing was going to materialized that day, however, Eric turned up just after noon and quickly herded the two women upstairs and into the bedroom.

Now it appeared that although he had a prize-winning cock he was not into foreplay. Unlike Don who was gentle and considerate and would suck their nipples and lick their slits as long as they responded, Eric was straight up and no messing around. He didn’t even take his work boots off, he just flung the women on the bed one at a time and rammed his enormous dick into their cracks stretching them to twice their normal size and so far up Don thought they might choke on it.

Although he’d never looked on their relationship as a truly loving one he suddenly realized it was. He was devastated that they would prefer this grunting well-hung Neanderthal to him. He didn’t say anything to the two but over the next weeks he pulled further and further into his shell, and they noticed it.

“Perhaps we should stop seeing Eric,” said Cindy, my vagina’s battered and torn and his breath stinks of garlic.”

“He’s certainly not as thoughtful as Don,” Emily agreed, “and his nails are always filthy, perhaps we should sever relations with him and go back to our old life.”

“Don’t you think we should wait until he’s installed the new hot water tank?”

“Good point – but after that, it’s back to handcuffs and whipped cream.”

With a new energy-saving hot water tank installed the two women broke contact with Big Eric and as Don’s birthday was coming up they decided to plan something special for him.

While he was at work they prepared a theme party that revolved around tits. They hung plastics ones on the wall, they made jellos in a tit shaped molds crowned with little cherries and they painted happy birthday on their own tits and met him at the door.

He was overjoyed to once again be the center of attention and as they lit the penis-shaped candle in the middle of the table he couldn’t resist telling the pair that he loved them. There were lots of hugs and kisses and after the meal, they led him upstairs to the king-sized bed that they had covered with a waterproof sheet and after oiling themselves all over they slipped and writhed all over his body like two horny snakes.  They rubbed their big boobs on his face, dangled them in his mouth and then they took it in turns to give him a titty fuck until he came all over them.

Before they settled down to sleep Emily put her face between his thighs and gently licked his balls, while Cindy lay over his body with his nose up her crack and she sucked him off. All in all, it was a great birthday and there was no mention of Eric ever again. However, when the fridge went on the blink two weeks later the two women could resist asking the repairman for a discount, and over the next year they had the house completely redecorated, the kitchen cupboards replaced, and laminated floors laid in all the downstairs rooms.

The women made sure that they did not neglect Don and felt that as long as they fucked and sucked him regularly he wouldn’t suspect a thing. But he was no fool, he could see what was going on. However, as long as they treated him right he was not about to complain and he really appreciated some of the home improvements.

One day the women came in after a shopping session and found Don giving it to a middle-aged woman doggy style. Her tits were swinging from side to side as he held on to her hair and rammed it up her ass in double-quick time. After he’d blown his load and the woman was licking the drippings off his dick he introduced her as a local car dealer.

“We desperately need a new vehicle,” he explained afterward, “and Sharon is going to give us a 20% discount.”

Copyright 2019 Cristiano Caffieri

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