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By Cristiano Caffieri

Richelle and Roselia were sisters but they had quite different personalities. Roselia, the eldest, was a bully, a liar and she’d fuck anything in a pair of pants. Her sister was a little plain, quiet and searching for someone to really love.

There was no denying the elder of the two was a lot sexier and she delighted in using her long legs and big tits to lure away any admirers her sister might have. Richelle was devastated every time it happened but Roselia would just say she’d saved her from disappointment because they were incapable of giving her a decent orgasm.

What made things worse was the fact that they worked for the same company and even shared a New York apartment together. Richelle longed to break away and strike out on her own but every time she tried Roselia would beg her not to leave and she’d even conjure up real tears. It wasn’t that she loved her sister particularly; she just enjoyed the power she had over her. This enabled her to borrow money, drag out her into town when she didn’t have anyone else to go with and of course – steal her boyfriends.

We always hope that people like Roselia come to a sticky end but a sticky end for her was something to be licked, she certainly never seemed to come to any misfortune. UNTIL – one day at a local midway she grabbed hold of her reluctant sister’s arms and towed her into the tent of the Gypsy Alafair.

The mysterious old woman draped in a purple silk shawl and leaning over a glowing crystal ball, bid them sit down. Roselia, who was treating it all as a big joke, asked her if she was going to meet a tall dark handsome stranger but the woman didn’t answer her. She just drew the shawl over her head so the shining ball was covered and stayed there muttering for a few minutes.

Richelle was scared to death, she hated anything that was remotely spooky and when the old woman suddenly threw off the shawl and stared at them with a weird look on her face, she almost peed her pants.

“You are both sisters – no?”

“We are both sisters – yes,” retorted Roselia, getting a bit impatient
with the proceedings.

“One sister is egocentric, greedy and uncaring,” said the woman, “I think that is you.” She pointed directly at the Roselia, who promptly jumped to her feet, told her she was a fucking old phony and stormed out of the tent.

Richelle just sat there not knowing quite what to do but then the gypsy took her hand and told her to listen carefully.

“I sense that you are not happy because your sister saps away your happiness for herself, I shall cast a spell to reverse that.”

When she let go of her hand all the mysticism seemed to fade away and she just asked for fifty dollars for the session and told her to hurry as there were other people waiting to come in. In spite of feeling that the woman was indeed a phony Richelle had to admit that she summed up her sister’s character perfectly. However, it was hardly worth fifty bucks to be told something you already knew.

As for the spell, she didn’t believe in spells but coincidently a few strange things started to happen. When they stopped for a meal later that evening, Roselia ordered for them both as usual, and after one fork full she screwed up her face and said it tasted like shit. Richelle who was eating exactly the same thing thought it was quite delicious.
There was also another thing. The waiter, who would normally have paid attention to the glamorous sister, who exuded sexuality, paid more attention to the younger and less attractive of the pair. Roselia was really pissed off about that and said she wouldn’t leave the little greaseball a tip. Richelle sneakily slipped a bill under the plate as she left.

A few minutes after they arrived back at the apartment Roselia decided she wanted a fuck and she quickly got on the phone to Greg, who had once been Richelle’s boyfriend but was now at her beck and call. Fifteen minutes later he was ringing the bell and hot to trot.
The two of them disappeared into the bathroom to have a shower together before they embarked on an all night fuck fest. Richelle went straight to her room and turned on the TV as she knew she wasn’t going to get much sleep. Her sister was a screamer, and a loud one at that.

As she sat on the bed flicking through the channels she started to feel a strange glow, it was if something very gentle was rubbing her tits and her vagina. It felt good but it was a bit unnerving.

Her sister, on the other hand, was not having that great a time in the shower. No matter what she ordered Greg to do with the sponge it didn’t seem to give her any satisfaction. Complaining, she led him by the hand into her bedroom and flung her naked body on the bed.

“Suck my tits and eat me out,” she said, stretching her gorgeous nubile body across the white bed covers.

Greg was only too willing to oblige. He threw aside the towel he’d wrapped around himself and knelt between her legs. Bending over her, as she twitched in eager anticipation, he proceeded to take her nipples between his lips. In the next room Richelle, who was stripping off to climb between the sheets, felt those soft lips moving from one of her tits to the other and it felt quite wonderful. Now completely nude she lay across the bed rubbing her bush as the sensations continued.

When Greg began to lick the inside of her sister’s thighs, holy shit, Richelle jumped almost a foot in the air and that was only the beginning. Poor Roselia, on the other hand, was feeling nothing. Even though his fingers and tongue were exploring the lips of her cunt it was if it had been treated with Novocain.

However, Richelle was in a state of ecstasy as those powerful fingers and that unrelenting pussy fluffer was quickly bringing her to orgasm. When she started to quiver and a hot flush enveloped her whole body she screamed like a Banshee. Next door Roselia pushed Greg away for a moment to listen.

“Sounds as though that little bitch is masturbating,” she grumbled, before inviting her lover to shove his hot cock inside of her.

Because she’d show such little response to his foreplay he was not as enthusiastic as he could have been but he opened her legs a little wider and then rammed it in. Richelle felt it stretch the lips of her cunt and travel up inside her love canal but Roselia didn’t. And when he began to drive it in and out at a furious pace it was the little sister whose ass was writhing out of control.

When Greg shot his load Richelle could feel those last powerful thrusts and she grabbed hold of a pillow and held onto it tight as if it was him. Perspiring and breathing heavily she confined her vocal renderings to a few moans and groans, but even this didn’t escape the ears of her frustrated sister.

Roselia was so disappointed at what she perceived as Greg’s poor performance, she asked him to leave. Over the next few months, Richelle enjoyed proxy sex with Sam, Harrison, Smitty, Tyler and Patrick, as her sister tried desperately to regain her libido.

After seeing psychiatrists and gynecologists she eventually decided to move out to California for a change of scenery. Shortly afterward Richelle rented out the spare bedroom to a nice young man and a loving relationship developed. There was just one problem, occasionally, when her sister has taken some beach bum back to her place on the West Coast, she’d feel a giant schlong forcing its way into her wet crack. That was not so bad except it sometimes happened at the most inconvenient moment. Twice she had an orgasm in the supermarket, once at a family funeral and the last straw was when she yelled out “Yes, Yes, Yes” during an interview for a new job. After that, she decided to track down the Gypsy woman and have the curse lifted.

Rosalie, not realizing what had happened married the next guy who fucked her because he was the only man who given her an orgasm in over two years. She never looked at another man after that and the two sisters lived happily ever after.


Copyright 2016 Cristiano Caffieri

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