Sex and the Single Contortionist

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Max Fielding was a young piano player and singer who, thanks to his New York agent, worked steady and made a decent income. He entertained in resorts, clubs and on cruise ships and enjoyed every moment of it. The downside was that you had to be prepared to go where ever there was a gig regardless of your personal plans. For example one Christmas he was booked in the Catskills until after New Year even though he would like to have spent time with his family in Binghampton.

The booking was at a ski lodge and he was part of a variety show that included a magician, a stand-up comedian and Eva Kovacs, a contortionist. He’d worked with Eva a number of times and agreed to pick her up in nearby Oneonta. Unfortunately, the 23rd of December turned out to be a real stinker and the highways were getting worse and worse as they drove towards the mountains, then a few miles from their destination they discovered the highway was closed.

They managed to find a motel to spend the night but because there were so many stranded motorists the only room they could provide for them was a storeroom in which they’d put a double bed. Now Eva was not at all worried about this, she had always had a thing for Max, but he wasn’t sure if it was wise for them to sleep in the same room, never mind the same bed.

While he thought about the possible complications Eva went into the little bathroom to change. She returned in a very short nightie with matching panties. She looked but very attractive but this was no surprise to Max, after all he’d seen her in her skimpy outfits on stage many times. It’s just that being in a room with a young slender and very pretty girl was a lot different than being together in front of an audience.

He was planning to move some boxes and sleep on the floor but Eva assured him that she would stick to her side of the mattress and there was no problem as far as she was concerned. However, because of the howling winds and zero temperature outside, the room began to get noticeable cold and they’d only been in bed a few minutes when Eva began to snuggle up.

As soon as her body touched his Max got a big hard on and when he turned to ask her to move over it accidentally ended up in her hand. Neither of them said anything for a few moments but she didn’t let go of it and he was beginning to hope that she wouldn’t. All it took was for her to give it a little squeeze and in a split second he had both arms around her and their tongues were wrestling freestyle.

They rolled around in the bed for sometime kissing and groping each other and then decide that they could do it better with their clothes off. Eva stood at the bottom of the bed and slipped off her nightwear. She’d asked for the light to be left on as she found the storage room atmosphere a bit creepy. As a consequence he was able appreciate her slender nubile body and even though her breasts were rather small they were never-the-less quite beautiful.

Instead of climbing back into bed Eva decided to give Max something few men had ever tried. She went into a back bender and her tight shaved pussy was just about the right height for him to slip his dick into it. He quickly hopped out of bed took hold of her thighs and very gently eased it in. She gave a little whimper as her small tight slit was widened to accommodate him.

Once his dick was deep inside of her he reached over to stroke her small firm tits. Her nipples were hard and he massaged then between his forefingers and thumbs as he began to thrust his dick in and out. It looked very uncomfortable for Eva but she was groaning as if she was enjoying the experience and he certainly was. He returned his hands to her thighs so that he could hold her steady as he increased to pace.
It felt absolutely incredible for both of them and when Max started to feel that he was cumming Eva was beginning to take short breaths as she built up to an explosive orgasm. As they both came at the same time it was difficult for them to keep their balance but once he had taken his dripping dick out of her she realigned herself dropping to her knees and sucking what wast left of his cum.

As soon as that was over Eva just took off like a little wood nymph into the bathroom to wash up before the next round. Now he was in for something special as she stood on the bed and then transferred herself to his shoulders with her wet muff pressed against his lips. He’d never eaten anyone out like this before but he loved it.
Squeezing into quite a small glass box was part of Eva act and so she had to be very agile and light in weight. Max just walked around the room with her, making sure to avoid the boxes, his mouth crushed up against her wet groove. He flicked his tongue like a butterfly’s wing up and down her lips and she held on to him with her fingers in his hair. When she began to take short breaths again he knew she could feel herself cumming, then her ass began to move at such a rate Max was unable to remain upright and they both crashed onto the bed.

He began to suck those tiny tits while she, still trembling, fondled his balls with her fingers. It was his turn to come up with some acrobatic move and so he stood at the bottom of the bed and pulled her legs towards him and then upwards until his dick embedded itself deep inside her cunt. She wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and with his knees pressed against the bed for better thrust he fucked her until she was screaming and pulling on his hair again.

Both of them had cum once more and that looked as if it was time to bring down the curtain and go to sleep. However, when they awoke they performed a few more sexual fetes before going out into the crowded restaurant for breakfast.

When they walked in the room there was rapturous applause and the manager, somewhat embarrassed, explained that the store room they’d been sleeping in had a security camera and that during the previous evening someone had inadvertently switched it to the TV over the bar.

“You’ve got a great act there,” he said, to the blushing pair, “In fact, we took up a collection and raised over two hundred dollars.”

Realizing they worked so well together Max and Eva decided to open their own porn channel and now have fans all over the world, to say nothing of a plaque on the motel in upstate New York that tells how it all began in their store room.
Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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