Schoolgirl Obsessions 3

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by Cristiano Caffieri

At 22 Hugo Harrison was no more successful with women than he was in High School when he idolized Cristina Santiago. Even the sound of her name would start his heart fluttering and his dick throbbing. She was absolutely gorgeous and every boy in school would have liked to have asked her out but they didn’t dare. Not if they wanted to wanted to keep their facial features intact.

Cristina was claimed, as it were, by Tye Moston, a black student who was also a part-time cage fighter. Consequently, all Hugo could do, if he wanted to live long enough to graduate, was admire her from afar.

Like a lot of teens, they lost contact after they’d finished school but he often thought about her. One his fondest memory was her eighteenth birthday when she came to class in a plunging neckline and he came in his pants, along with a dozen other guys. As she walked arm in arm with Tye that day everyone scattered, afraid that they’d be accused of looking at those huge tits that swayed to and from with every move.

It was while embracing that memory one day that he decided to look her up on Facebook. He wondered if she’d married that two-fisted maniac but she hadn’t she was sharing an apartment in Cleveland with a girl named Taisha.

Hugo didn’t think it would do any harm to send her a message, even though he was pretty certain she wouldn’t reply – but she did! She almost seemed pleased that he’d made contact and added him to friends list.

He still lived in Michigan and although he would certainly have made the short trip into Ohio, if there had been the slightest chance of a date, he quickly put it out of his mind. However, the most extraordinary thing happened at the company where he worked. Mr. Grimwood, the head of his department, came down with the flu and couldn’t attend a hardware convention, where it was essential their company be represented. It just happened to be in CLEVELAND! And who did they ask to take his place but Hugo.

Before he left on the trip he looked up her phone number and thought about giving her a call but then decided to wait until he got to the hotel. During his three-day stay, he did try to ring but it said the phone was either disconnected or out of order. There was an address in the directory, so on the last evening he missed the delegate’s dinner and got a taxi to where she lived.

After paying the driver he stood outside the faded apartment building for a while before venturing in. He tried the button in the hallway but there was no reply there either. Although he thought she might have moved without mentioning it on Facebook he decided to at least knock on the apartment door.

He climbed the two flights of stairs with his heart pounding and then stood there looking at number 302 wondering whether he was doing the right thing. When his knuckles tapped lightly on the wood he had butterflies in the stomach, just like the ones he used to get when he saw her at school.

The door opened cautiously and a rather attractive young black woman peered round at him. When he asked if Cristina Santiago was in the woman became visibly upset, but she invited him in.

“I’m sorry to call unannounced like this,” he said, apologetically, “but I couldn’t get Cristina on the phone and I did try ringing the buzzer downstairs but got no reply.”

“She had the phone disconnected, it was in her name,” the woman sniffled, “and the buzzer doesn’t work.”

“So she doesn’t live here anymore?”

“No she doesn’t,” she sobbed, “And we’d made a pledge to spend the rest of our lives together.”

There was a photograph on a nearby cabinet of two women kissing, one was the big titted Cristina, he would have recognized her anywhere, and the other was his present company, who later introduced herself as Taisha.

“We were happy as pigs in shit,” she said, “but then she went all straight on me and took off with a guy who came to repair the gas stove.”

Hugo said he was sorry and was just about to get up and leave when Taisha insisted that he had a cup of coffee. As she fiddled around with the mugs in the kitchen area he couldn’t help admiring her firm round bum, she didn’t have the magnificent rack that Cristina had but she sure had everything else.

As he sat across sat across from her sipping on his coffee, he could see right up her magnificent legs all the way to her white panties. She noticed his glance but made no attempt to put her knees together.

“I could have had men if I’d have wanted to,” she said, “I can swing both ways, but I had a sense of loyalty to her,” she paused with a nostalgic look in her eye, “And she has such great tits.”

Hugo said alleluia to that and drank up wanting to make a quick exit.

“What do you think of my tits?” she asked, pulling the neck of her top down to give him a better look.

“They are beautiful,” he replied, hoping to cheer her up.

His reaction seemed to please her and without any hesitation, she pulled her top off revealing two adorable and extremely suckable fun bags. There was silence for a few seconds as they just sat and stared at each other. She was the first to speak.

“I bet you’d like to suck these wouldn’t you?”

The next thing he knew her hardened nipples were brushing across his face and his lips were chasing after them. When he made contact she went all tense and let out a groan, then she dropped her short skirt to the floor and straddled his legs.

“You suck good baby,” she said, running her fingers through his hair and moving her cunt around on his knee.

From that moment on things got a little hotter and Hugo soon had her lying on the floor spread eagle, with his face between her soft black thighs. Parting her petals with his fingers he moved his tongue up and down her wet slit until her whole body began to vibrate and she clung on to his hair as she went into a really big O.

His cock was now throbbing and ready for action and so was Taisha. She was quite creative and got him to sit on one of the kitchen chairs while she bounced her ass up and down on his shaft. Every time her tits made contact with his chest and her cunt crashed into his thighs, a bolt of lightning careened all the way up to his brain. It wasn’t long before he felt his cum moving upwards and there was a massive explosion as he shot his load deep inside of her love canal. She screamed out loud and wrapped her arms around him crushing her tits against his face and almost suffocating him.

Just as she pumped the final drops out of him the door crashed open and Cristina, struggling with three suitcases, stumbled through the door yelling, “I’m home – I couldn’t live without you, sweetie.”

When Cristina saw the two naked bodies, still joined at the groin, the cases dropped to the floor, “Holy fuck you’ve gone bi on me,” she gasped.

She didn’t realize it was her old classmate sitting in the chair, with his dick up the cunt of her partner, until she stamped across the room to face him.

“Holy shit, it’s Hugo,” she cried, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you,” he mumbled, going very red in the face.

“And you ended up fucking my partner.”

“He’d come a long way to see you so I just wanted to reward his efforts,” stammered Taisha, climbing off of his now deflated cock.

“And I don’t suppose you told him about you – did you?” said Cristina, with a rather big sigh.

“Told me what?” asked Hugo, panicking a little, in case the crack he’d just licked and fertilized was home by some insidious STD.

“I didn’t tell you that I also used to be in your class at school,” said Taisha, holding out her hand, “I’m Tye, I had a sex change some years ago so that Cristina and I could live together as two Lesbians.”

Hugo’s therapist, who he’s been seeing for the last three years, has assured him that one day he’ll be able to achieve an erection again, but the nervous twitch he developed in his left eye may well be permanent. THE END

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