Saving Luther

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Tina, Nicki, and Terri were three gorgeous women in their twenties who worked for Luther Marsh, a very successful insurance broker. He was a single man in his forties, rather plain and unassuming, but who treated his staff extremely well. They all loved to work for him, the pay and benefits were excellent, the offices pleasant to work in and there were all kinds of little perks like birthday and Christmas parties all paid for by the firm.

There were occasions when the girls worried about his health, he looked pale and seemed to lack energy some days. Fortunately, his physician, Dr. Jamerson, was also a client and so they decided to ask him what was wrong with their boss.

“Sex,” he said, “It’s not natural for a man to go without, he needs to release his endorphins or he’s at risk of just fading away.”

The girls were shocked, they couldn’t imagine working for anyone else or, as they all become best friends, working with anyone else. It was all quite distressing. In the little lunch room, where the food was brought in and paid for by the company, they discussed their options.

“I wouldn’t mind giving him a blow job once a week,” piped up Tina, “If it would help.”

“Shit – I don’t think I could do that,” said Nicki, “I don’t even like doing it for my boyfriend.”

“Well just give him a hand job then, buy some nice scented lubricant – I’m sure he’d love that.”

Terri sat there quietly for a while and the other two looked at her waiting for her input.

“For some reason,” she began at length, “You two haven’t noticed that I have the hots for him, there’s nothing I’d like better than to fuck his brains out.”

Her two friends sat there with their mouths open.

“But,” chirped up Tina, “He’s almost twice as old as you!”

“Well, so are most of the movie stars you’re always going on about and you’d probably fuck them in a flash.”

“True,” said Tina, “But Mr. Marsh isn’t a movie star.”

“But he’s a great guy, I bet your boyfriends don’t treat you with the same kindness and respect as he does.”

The two nodded their agreement on that one and then got down to the serious business of how they were going to put their plan into action without giving him a heart attack, as that would be defeating the object. Tina announced as she’d been there the longest she’d do her part first, then it would be Nicki and then Terri.

Tina decided that the next day she would wear her shortest mini and her lowest cut top to see whether she could give him a little encouragement. When she walked into his office and bent down to the lowest drawer in the filing cabinet she actually heard him gasp. Walking over to his desk she bent over to show him the letters he had to sign and of course he got a full view of her tits that looked like two ripe mangoes ready to be consumed.

There was a distinct bulge in his pants and as she leaned over further she touched it with her hand. His face turned bright crimson and he just became frozen in his seat.

“I think you need help with that,” she purred in his ear as she eased down his zipper. He didn’t say anything he just continued to sit motionless, although he was breathing quite heavy.

It was a bit of a struggle to get his dick out but when it emerged she was most impressed, it was a big fucker and it obviously didn’t have many miles on it. First, she just stuck her tongue in the little eye at the end and then gently pulled the skin back. When her full lips wrapped around the end he took a deep breath and then blew it all out again.

She moved his swivel chair around, knelt between his legs and engorged the whole thing. The other two girls were listening at the door as Tina went up and down on his cock. He was groaning and moaning quite a bit as she took it into her throat as far as it would go. When he shot his load he let out a yell that indicated to the two outside that he had cum.

“I wonder if she took it in her mouth and swallowed it,” asked Nicki.
“That’s what I would do,” said Terri, rubbing her crack and taking deep breaths.

The following day was a day of celibacy even though he looked longingly at Tina every time she went into the office. When it was Nicki’s turn she tried to apply a different tactic, she spilled his coffee down the front of his pants and then quickly went to his assistance, insisting he take them off as she’d taken a first aide course and knew exactly what had to be done.

It just so happened that she had a bottle of lotion in her pocket and as he stood there, looking quite uncomfortable, she sat in his chair and began to apply it generously to his dick and balls. It was floppy when she started but it soon rose to the occasion and Nicki realized that Tina was telling the truth when she said it was long and wide.

She worked one hand up and down his cock as she massaged his balls, as she’d used so much lubrication it made a squelching sound as she pumped it between her long slender fingers. When he felt his load starting to move up his tubes his legs began to wobble, he hoarsely called out “I’m cumming,” but before she could move out of the way it flew all over her dress.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” he said, grabbing a tissue to wipe her down, even though his legs had turned to jelly and she was still holding on to his dick.

There was a noticeable change in Mr. Marsh’s health after his two sessions and the big one was to come as Terri intended to give him the full treatment. She had to wait all week-end as the target day was Tuesday. That morning she put on a see-through dress that displayed her perky tits to perfection and showed off the outline of her thong. So as not to attract too much attention on the way to work she wore a long coat over it.

When she walked into Mr. Marsh’s office that morning he was visibly nervous as this royal treatment from his staff was taking its toll on his nerves, he didn’t know what to expect next. He’d worked himself up so much – the moment that Terri walked through his door with her tits swinging from side to side he just got up from his seat, took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

She had left the door just a little bit ajar and soon the eyeballs of the two voyeurs became visible and almost popped out their sockets as Mr. Marsh and Terri started to frantically undress each other. This was followed by their boss laying her down on the rug and sucking her tits like someone possessed.

As she whimpered and ran her fingers through his hair he licked her body all over on the way down to her pussy. Once there he opened up her legs and placed his face between them. Really loud moaning sounds were emanating from Terri as he moved his tongue amongst her pink petals. At one point he used his fingers to part her lips so that he could insert it further into her flower.

Her body soon began to twitch along with cries of “Oh fuck – I’m cumming.”

Mr. Marsh intensified his licking until she just exploded, lifting her legs up and down and thrashing the floor with her arms. Having previously had lots of foreplay with his other two assistants he simply opened her legs further and rammed his big thick dick straight into her crack.

Tina and Nicky had sneaked in and taken the two visitor’s seats by the desk and as he pounded Terri’s pussy, they were fingering theirs. Everybody seemed to be crying out as he kept slapping his balls against her shaved pussy as if it was his last day on earth. When he shot his load into her love tunnel he just yelled “FUCK” at the top of his voice, she screamed, and the other two, who seemed to cum around the same time, just took big gasps of breath that almost took all of the oxygen out of the room.

After things had settled down he instructed Terri to send Dr. Jamerson a bottle of Glenlivet and a dozen roses for his wife. The three women looked at each other curiously as if they might have been victims of a conspiracy but when he handed her the address on a slip of paper, there, scrawled across the bottom were the words, “I love you Terri.” THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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