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By Cristiano Caffieri

When Danny Waring got a job as an English teacher on the South East Asian island of Manokoori, he looked forward to lounging on the beach and spending tropical evenings sipping a cool drink on the verandah. It turned out to be very much like he’d hoped for and he loved every minute of it.

He’d got the job through an agency who was working on behalf of King Toku III, who didn’t make his money selling spices or coconuts but by trading in stocks, bonds and futures. Educated at the London School of Economics and Harvard, the man was a genius.

The natives who worked for him trading shares, currency and anything else on which you could make a buck, needed to have their English skills improved and this was his task. However, in addition to the King’s financial team, there were also three of his 15 wives. These pretty, sarong wearing, young women, who tended to giggle a lot, spent much of their class time teasing him.

“Are you getting enough ma’a ma’a,” they’d say, which meant sex in the local language. He tried his best to ignore them while remaining respectful; after all, they were in effect all queens.

He’d been there just a couple of weeks when one day, unannounced and accompanied by his entourage, the King came to his bungalow. While his followers waited outside in the garden he sat and had a beer with Danny in the living room.

After telling him he was doing a great job he made him the most astounding offer.

“Look,” he began, “If you’re interested I’d like you to take an apartment in the palace. My wives are quite demanding sexually and I just don’t have the time or the energy to satisfy them. I’m up at all hours you see – following the markets and investing my country’s money.”

Danny sat there with his mouth open wondering what was coming next and when it came he almost choked on his beer.

“I don’t want to hire a local to fuck them as they couldn’t be discreet, it’s the nature of my people you see, they loved to gossip. However, from what I’ve seen of you so far, and what my three wives attending your classes have told me, I think you are the man for the job.”

The young English teacher was struck dumb and just sat there with his mouth open like an idiot.

“Of course I will pay you extra,” the King continued,

Danny managed to stammer that it all sounded satisfactory and the next morning a chauffeur came over in a limo to take him and his luggage to the palace. Here he was shown his apartment, that was luxurious by any standard, and ten minutes later a sumptuous breakfast was served in his own dining room. Lying on the napkin was a set of keys and a note from the king saying he was giving him a car so that he could drive to and from the school.

It proved to be a bit embarrassing in class that day as the three queens, who seemed to be aware of his new job, kept finding excuses for him to help them with their work. Each time they bent over his desk they’d whisper. “You get some ma’a ma’a tonight no?”

When he got back to my apartment, Nila, who seemed to have been designated as his personal maid, served supper after which he sat nervously wondering what was going to happen next. He checked his email, looked out of the window at the sun setting over the ocean and paced up and down the room. It was when he heard giggling outside the door that he began to perspire a little.

He was only expecting to service one of the King’s damsels at a time but when the door opened it was the three who were attending his classes. He was shocked to see that all they were wearing were big smiles. Kizi, who had the biggest tits, took him by the hand and tugged him over to the bathroom followed by Inda and Niri.

Once inside, one started to run the bath, while the other two stripped him down. They were amused and delighted when they exposed his dick and it was upright and hard as a rock. There was more giggling as they took turns to touch it before persuading him to climb in the enormous tub. Of course, he was joined by his three companions who soaped him all over with big natural sponges.

They washed his back and his chest before getting him to stand up, and then Niri started to work on his balls while Inda gently went up and down the crack of his ass. While he was covered in lather, two of them sandwiched him tight between them and moved up and down his body crushing their tits against his warm skin.

Danny was getting very anxious to cum and it wasn’t long before his wish came true. Nira, who was behind him gently took his scrotum and pulled it gently back as the other two took turns to suck his cock. One would plunge it deep into her mouth, slip it in and out a few times and then the other one would do the same. It was like participating in a fellatio tag team.

His legs were turning to jelly as his fondled balls began to tingle and he could feel his cum moving up and into Kizi’s mouth. The others cheered as she milked his cock and then offered to share a taste with them.

As he stepped out of the tub the three of them armed with fluffy towels rubbed him furiously all over before screaming and running into the bedroom. When he followed them in he found them lying like three sardines side by side on the bed. Three gorgeous sets of tits and three hairy muffs awaited his pleasure but he was not quite sure if he could manage all three.

The bed was a super king size and so there was room enough for him the crawl up behind their heads and lean forward to reach their nipples. Danny went from tit to tit sucking and licking them in turn as if he was playing a tune on a Xylophone. The girls whimpered and fingered their cracks as he started to work up a steady rhythm. Kizi came first, followed the other two, who chose to cum in unison. It was complete chaos as bodies twitched and arms flayed all over the place.

Kneeling at the end of the bed he took hold of Niri’s ankles and pulled her down towards him until her cunt was right up to his face. He parted the lips with his fingers and began to lick from her ass to her clit. When she began to moan and groan, the other two sat wide-eyed and watched what was going on. After a couple of minutes of licking and fingering, she came big time and screamed at the top of her voice.

He didn’t even wait for the noise to die down, he just stood up, pulled her forward and rammed his dick into her. The other two gasped as if they could feel the force of it.

Holding onto her tits, he pounded her pussy as Kizi and Inda sat there breathing heavy, anxiously awaiting the thrust of his royally appointed cock. When he shot his load all hell broke loose and the two onlookers, both in a state of ecstasy, groped each other tits and yelled like banshees, as his goo streamed into Niri’s crack.

Danny even surprised himself when he managed to fuck all three of them, two up the cunt and one up the ass. They all seemed gloriously happy as they left his bedroom and he figured they’d give a good report to their husband the king.

Shagged out, he fell back into an armchair and could hardly muster up the strength to call his maid to bring him a drink. He was still naked with a dripping dick when she rushed in with a cold beer.

“Their majesties Queens Rahini, Dara and Lila are waiting outside for their turn” she said, “Should I tell them to come in or would you like a little break?” THE END

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Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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