Risking Death for a Piece of Ass

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Attending a seminar in Chicago was not Curt Whalen’s idea of fun, particularly in the winter but his boss insisted. It was only a two-day event but he was bored to tears, and so on the last evening, he decided to wander the streets and take in a bit of local culture. He figured it would be more interesting that listening to a keynote speech on the future of hardware franchising.

He was thinking of heading back to his hotel when the flashing sign from a small bar caught his eye. It seemed a friendly kind of place and so he walked it and sat at the bar. While he was waiting for his drink he looked around and noticed a very beautiful girl sitting a few empty stools away from him.

She was really quite gorgeous, she had a tantalizing pair of legs wound around the stool but she didn’t just look like a girl you’d expect to find in such a place. The other extraordinary thing was, although there were lots of men there none of them seem to have the courage to sidle up and offer her a drink – but Curt did exactly that.

Her name was Josie, and she accepted his offer with a radiant smile.

“That’s very kind of you,” she said, “I’ll have a Manhattan, light on the Vermouth.”

Curt found that she was not only drop dead attractive she was a good conversationalist and it wasn’t long before they were sharing each other’s little secrets.

“I get bored with my husband,” she sighed, “He’s always traveling around the country and while I stay back here, starved for sex, he’s probably fucking a different woman every night.”

It was quite a shock to hear such an angelic creature talk that way but opportunities seemed to be opening up for him to hit on her.

“I feel a bit like you,” he said, “I’m as horny as hell and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Josie put down her drink, “We could solve each other’s problem if you like,” she said,

“What do you have in mind exactly,” he replied, swallowing so hard it hurt his Adam ’s apple.

“My apartment is just around the corner – how would you like to come around for a coffee.”

The idea of a cup of Java had never been so appealing and so he paid his tab, took the young lady by the arm, and with all eyes following him, they walked out of the door and proceeded to her place. It turned out to be quite a pad and he figured her husband must have a very good job to pay for it.

Josie didn’t mess around, as soon as they entered the place she kicked off her shoes and then stripped off naked.

“Come on,” she said, “Get those clothes off – we both know what we want.”

Curt didn’t need reminding and soon they were both naked she started to dodge around the furniture. “If you can catch me you can fuck me,” she called out from behind the sofa.

She was slim, fit and very agile and the chase lasted for a full ten minutes. The sight of her running around with her tits bouncing as she jumped over obstacles made him so horny his dick kept smacking against the furniture and he was praying he didn’t suffer any serious injury before he got the chance to drive it into her.

After one little accident, where the pain showed on his face, she stopped running. “Oh have you hurt it den,?” she said, like as if she was talking to a little baby, “Let mommy kiss it for you.”

As he stood there breathing a little heavy she knelt on the floor in front of him and gave it a little peck. Then she looked up at him with a roguish grin, “Would you like me to pull the skin back, take it into my mouth and suck it until you cum?” she asked.

Curt’s throat was so dry he couldn’t speak, he just nodded his head furiously and she smiled and took it between her generous red lips and just held it at the end for a moment before plunging it all the way into her mouth. The shock was unbelievable – he almost lost his balance.

He managed to lean on the arm of the sofa while she slipped up and down his dick with generous amounts of saliva, stroking his balls with her free hand. Curt was a bit embarrassed by some of the groaning he was doing but he couldn’t help it.

She continued to suck it at a steady pace until his trembling legs indicated that he was about to cum, then she went at a frenzied pace until he could feel a stirring in his balls and then it exploded in her mouth. Before she swallowed it she showed him some of it on the end of her tongue, “Do you want to lick some?” she gurgled, having difficulty in forming words. When he shook his head and screwed up his face, shrugged and swallowed the lot.

He was about to lift her up so that he could suck he tits but she said they had to go into another room, that turned out to be a fully equipped gym. Josie skipped across the floor and jumping onto a massage table she lay on her back and invited him to suck her tits leaning over her from behind.

As he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it, she ran her tongue across his hairy chest. Groping, sucking and licking her soft warm tits brought his dick back up and then some. It was so hard and extended that he kept banging it on the table but it was soon put to use when she asked him to climb up over her face so that he could eat her out with his cock stuck in her mouth.

He scrambled onto the table, moved down over her belly and lifted her legs up so that he could nuzzle her wet crack and she took his cock and guided it between her lips again. Curt was dying to fuck her mouth and she knew that, but she kept hold of it, licking the end and taking just enough of it in to tease him.

Her thighs held his head in a vice grip and his mouth and nose were completely covered by the wet folds of her vajayjay. He would like to have lapped her slit like a friendly puppy but it was not possible in the circumstances. Judging by her deep throated moans he figured that she was quite happy with what he was doing and so he just kept doing it.

As she got close to cumming she took a lot more of his dick into her mouth and when her body began to vibrate violently and she went into a massive orgasm, he began fuck her face harder, anxious to climax while she was still shaking. However, thinking he might not be able to get it up a third time, and wanting desperately to slide it into her cunt, he broke her grasp and quickly repositioned himself so that he could lay on the top of her.

Breathing heavy as she anticipated his penetration she opened up her legs and let him drive it into her smooth wet hole. She then moved her ass around impatiently, “I want you to fuck me until it hurts,” she cried out, and that prompted him to pound her pussy like a jack hammer.

Every time his balls collided with her ass she gave a little shriek and these became louder and louder as he pumped it in for all he was worth. When he shot his load his cum felt scalding hot, and he lay breathlessly with his chest resting on her tits, as she whimpered like a Japanese schoolgirl.

When they both got up with the intention of going back into the living room he noticed a large photo on the wall. It was Joey “The Gorilla” Miller – a well-known cage fighter.

“Are you a fan?” he asked.

“Not really, “she retorted, “That’s my husband.”

Curt’s blood drained from his entire body, now he realized why the guys in the bar left all the stools around her empty – they were too fucking scared to go near her. Joey had been on numerous charges for assault, battery, and attempted murder and here he was letting that maniac’s wife suck his dick.

Back in the living room he quickly grabbed his clothes, ran into the hallway naked, dressed in the elevator and burst out in the cold night air. Waiting around the doorway were several men he recognized from the bar, they cheered him, patted him on the back and one man even offered to read his eulogy.


Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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