Revenge is Sweet

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Penelope Simpson-Rowe was rich, beautiful and socially connected. Everyone thought she had everything a girl could desire and she did, that was until the day she found her boyfriend Danny Cooper fucking her best friend.

She couldn’t believe a man she’d given sheltered to while he studied for his law degree; a man she’d given her virginity to; a man she’d blown off more times than she could count, would betray her and make her look a complete fool in front of her friends. The situation was made somewhat worse by the fact that they were doing it in her apartment, in the very bed they had spent so many intimate moments together. When she caught the pair naked and performing sexual calisthenics she went berserk. She grabbed a riding crop from the top of her dresser and started to beat their ass’s until they screamed for mercy.

After a few minutes of ferocious slashing she let Mary Beth, her one time trusted confident, grab her clothes and run out of the building. She did not extend the same privilege to Danny. He was forced out of the door in the nude and she later threw most of his belongings out into the street while he shivered down below.

The next day he sent her roses, tried to speak to her on the phone and even arranged a singing telegram but as far as she was concerned it was all over. However, she still had the need for revenge. If Danny’s best friend Freddie Wooten had have been in town she would have offered herself to him for an evening of carnal adventures but he was skiing in Davos.

Just before dinner, that first night night alone, she decided to go to Peregrines, one of Danny’s favorite haunts, to see if some of his colleagues from college were there. Unfortunately the only ones she saw were accompanied by their girl friends or were so stoned on something or other that they could not serve her purpose. Feeling quite down in the dumps she left the bar.

Before she reached her car she was approached by a man requesting a couple of dollars for a meal. He wasn’t the average panhandler, in fact he was reasonably dressed, sounded quite educated and apart from the fact that he needed a shave he wasn’t bad looking.

“I’m sorry to bother ma’am but I haven’t eaten for a couple of days.”

She looked at him for a few seconds before she replied, then she said, “Hop in the car and I’ll take you for a meal.”

The man was in no mood for arguing and soon they were speeding towards Penelope’s apartment. She didn’t want to meet anyone she knew in the elevator and so she led him up the back stairs.

Once in the apartment she took him into the bedroom, threw open Danny’s closet, that still had a few of his things in, and she told him to get a shower and to help himself to what ever he needed while she rustled up some food. When he emerged from the bathroom she was surprised to see how sharp he looked.

“I hope you like Omelets,” she said, “it’s the only thing I could think of at such short notice.”

“Omelets are fine,” he replied.

“Sit down – help yourself to coffee and there’s some French bread here.” she said, holding out a plate.

He took a couple of pieces and thanked her for her kindness. During the meal she asked him lots of questions about how he managed to end up on the street. She found out his name was Jarred, he was 30 years old, had once been a university professor but he had developed a gambling habit.

“When I’d spent all my own money and tanked out my credit cards,” he explained, “I started to borrow from my colleagues. As I kept losing I couldn’t pay them back, that caused some embarrassment to the college and they let me go a few months ago. Then two days ago they padlocked my apartment and I’ve been sleeping in the park.”

Penelope looked at his lightly chiseled face, his Windex blue eyes, his thick brown hair and thought that he was quite a bit better looking than Danny, who she wished was sleeping in the park. After he’d cleaned his plate he sat there looking a bit uncomfortable as she continued to eye him over without saying anything.

“When I picked you up,” she said, “I had a reason.”

“I hope you’re not a mad scientist looking for body parts,” he laughed.

“I might be looking for your body parts,” she said, “it depends on what you have to offer.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Well I’ve just had a very bad experience, I just caught my boyfriend, who I’d always been faithful to, fucking my best friend in this very apartment.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” he sympathized.

“It may sound kind of weird but when I bumped into you I was looking for someone to come back here with me and I was going to fuck their brains out.”

He put his coffee cup down and gazed at her with a quizzical look on his face , “Did you think that would make you feel better?”

“Yes – I did.”

“And how do you feel about it now?”

Penelope got up from the table walked over to him and gave him a long lingering kiss. Her short skirt rode up quite high as she bent over and he couldn’t resist placing his hand on her leg and moving it gently up and down.

She responded to his touch by sitting on his lap, allowing his hand to proceed all the way up to her brief briefs. As her tongue explored his mouth he moved his finger around the narrow barrier and put it just a few centimeters into the lips of her vagina. She gave a little gasp as he moved the finger around.

Moving his hand from her legs he began to unbutton her top. As she was wearing no bra he made instant contact with he firm but soft warm tits. He quickly pulled it off completely and began to suck her nipples which had become erect and inviting.

Penelope could feel his penis grinding against he bum and thought they should move some to somewhere a little more comfortable. She led him over to the sofa and quickly took off her skirt and panties, threw herself onto the cushions and waited for him to removed his clothes.

Jarred went straight down on his knees, gently prized her legs apart and buried his face in her bush. She repositioned herself by drawing herself up, grabbing the back of the sofa and forcing the lower portion of her body upwards. Jarred extended his arms to grasp her narrow waist and continued to nuzzle the lips of her flower.

As she twisted and turned her body in a passionate frenzy he moved into an upright position, pinning her arms and forcing his cock into her wet crack. She squealed as he drove it deep inside of her and then gyrated her ass like an Egyptian belly dancer, causing him to groan as he struggled to control the action.

Jarred was very happy to keep doing what he was doing as he could see her tits bounce from side to side with every thrust. But she wanted to change his point of entry and pushing him off for a few seconds she turned with her back towards him. Leaning forward with her hands on the back of the sofa she encouraged him to grab onto her tits as he rammed it into her from the rear.

His groin crashed against her tight round bum with increasing intensity until he finally gave a loud gasp and blew his load. He slipped his hands down to Penelope’s hip bones and pulled on them as he made the last few final thrusts. She pushed back hard as though she wanted to get every last drop.

“Oh God that was good,” she kept repeating, “that was good.”

Both of them, quite exhausted, sat naked in each other arms and it was some considerable time before anyone spoke. Then it was Penelope that whispered, “Thank you.”

Later, putting on his own clothes, Jarred was preparing to leave. Penelope, whose cunt was still quivering from the beating it had taken, asked him to stay at her place for a while.

“You’ve got nowhere to go,” she smiled, “Why don’t we see how it works out between us?”

“I don’t think you want to get involved with a gambler,” he said, shaking his head.

“Why not?,” she quipped, “Every time you feel like gambling we can play strip poker and if I lose, which I probably will, I’ll suck your cock and swallow.”

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pack of cards “With odds like that,” he laughed, “How can I possibly refuse.”

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2013

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