Relieving Sexual Tension

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Mel Bemrose ran a small business finding draftsmen and designers for engineering companies in the Toronto area of Canada. He worked out of a single office with a lot of technology and Ms. Seale, a 35-year-old divorcee who acted as his secretary and general factotum. However, she had gone to South Africa on a three-week photo safari and her position had been taken over by a 22-year-old temp old named Kelly Matthews.

She found him to be a good employer, he was handsome, well dressed but a bit of a bore. He was a devout something or other and was always lecturing her because she had so many boyfriends.

“I’ve been married for 12 years,” he’d said, “And I’ve never loved any other woman and, unlike most men, I would never think of cheating on my wife.”

“Amen,” she muttered under her breath.

This state of almost evangelical proportions continued until one very stormy night in January when an order had come in for some highly specialized workers. Because the client wanted some answers by the next day they had to work late sifting through resumes and phoning applicants to see if they were still available.

About seven o’clock Mel got a phone call from his wife inquiring where he was. Kelly was on another line talking to an applicant and his wife heard her voice in the background.

“Who is here with me – it’s Kelly dear the girl from the agency – yes, of course, I need her we have a lot of work to get through,” he said.
He pauses as his wife appeared to be yelling, “Look,” he continued, “I don’t care what Mrs. Giotto told you she is not attractive – she’s quite plain and very serious minded.” Mel sort of smirked and shrugged towards his assistant as he made the statement. “Oh I don’t know if I can email you her photograph dear we’re very busy,” he screwed his face up as the yelling renewed itself.

“OK dear,” he sighed, “I’ll email you one right away.”

“I’m sorry about this Miss. Matthews pleased ignore all I said on the phone – it’s just that my wife gets so jealous – it’s almost to the point of being psychotic at times. Now can you quickly look through the files and find me a photograph of one of our draftswomen – someone that’s plain, possibly wearing glasses and definitely no make-up.

Kelly didn’t have to search, Emmaline Grizzling came immediately to mind and she fished out the resume and handed it to him.

“Ah – excellent” he grinned, “She’s perfect.”

He scanned the picture and sent it off to his wife with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“Now we can get back to work.”

Kelly glanced over at her boss as she sifted through more material, “Mr. Bemrose – if you were single – would you fancy me.”

He gazed at her with a rather sad expression, “Of course I would Miss Matthews, “Of course I would.”

“So you do find me attractive?”

“Yes most attractive,” he replied, trying to concentrate on the papers before him to avoid looking at her long slender legs.

Kelly walked over to his desk and handed him another file, she purposely bent forward as she knew he’d be able to see her tits down her low cut top. He gave a little cough and once again tried not to look. She didn’t know why exactly but she had the desire to break this sanctimonious and somewhat pompous man down to basics.

“I have to say you’ve acted very gentlemanly towards me so far,” she said, “Do you know what happened at the last place I worked,”
“I have no idea,” he replied still turning pages over as if he was actually reading them.

“I was bending over his desk like I am yours and he copped a feel,” she took his hand and guided it down between her soft warm tits, “Just like that.” Mel looked up in horror but he didn’t withdraw it right away.

“That’s terrible,” he said, swallowing hard as he slowly retrieved his hand.

“Do you know that his excuse was?”

“I’ve haven’t a clue.”

“He said my outfit was too sexy – do you think my clothes are too sexy Mr. Bemrose?”

“Well,” he stammered, “Your outfits are sexy as you put it but not too sexy.”

Kelly moved back from the desk and hitched up her mini skirt,” What do you think of my thong,” she asked, “ I only bought it yesterday in Eaton’s Center, see the little hearts on it, I thought they were so pretty I couldn’t resist buying it.

Perspiration from Mel’s brow was beginning to drip on his papers and his dick was pressing hard against the desk. He was about to tell her to behave herself and go back to her work when the phone rang again.
“He glanced at the call ID, “Damn, won’t she ever leave me alone,” then trying to regain his composure he answered sweetly, “Hello dear – yes that is Miss Mathew’s photograph – I am not a liar – I’m not hiding anything.” Mel was getting increasingly agitated as the yelling in his ear continued until he finally blew his top. “OK – Kelly is a very beautifully young lady and it’s taking an enormous effort for me to keep my hands off of her – is that what you want to hear!” With that, he slammed down the phone.

“Wow! Did you mean what you said Mr. Bemrose?”

“What did I say,” he snorted, obviously irritated.

“You said you were attracted to me and you almost said you’d like to fuck me.”

“Oh god Miss Matthews – I would love to fuck and suck you but I’m a married man.”

“The trouble is you’re building up sexual tension and that’s got good for anyone whether their married or not. I tell you what – you can suck my tits if you like – that’s not like fucking me so you won’t feel guilty or anything.”

Before he could say another word she whipped off her top and stood by him with two beautiful perky tits inches from his face. He paused to look at them for just three seconds and then he just took a nipple in his mouth and sucked as if his life depended on it. For the next ten minutes, he licked and fondled them until her crack was dripping on her new heart patterned thong.

Breaking away from him for a moment she slowly went down to her knees, “Do you know another really good way to relieve tension is for someone to suck your dick,” she said and she started to unzip his pants. His dick was so big and stiff she couldn’t get it out of his flies and so she suggested he should stand and drop his pants.

The phone started to ring again and he picked it up and threw it against the wall as Kelly’s bright red lips slid down his throbbing shaft. Her mouth, her tongue, and her fingers worked in synchronization to bring him to the point where he thought his balls were going to explode. When he shot his load he held on to her face and kept working his cock in and out as if he couldn’t believe it had come to an end.

“I beginning to feel a little tense myself,” said Kelly, “Would you might eating me out Mr. Bemrose, it would really help.”

She hoisted herself up onto the desk and spread her legs. Her trimmed pussy was trembling as he placed his face between her thighs and poked his tongue into her pink folds.

“Oh shit that feels so good,” she cried, ruffling his hair with her fingers, “Make me cum Mr. Bemrose – please make me cum.”

His pussy fluffer and his fingers went to work in double time. He sucked and chewed the lips, he stretched it with his fingers and he licked it starting at the bottom of her slit and moving in a continuous motion to up to her clitoris.

She moaned and she groaned and when the muscles in her vajayjay began to quiver he knew she was about to cum. Kelly screamed at the top of her lungs and pulled hard on his hair.

There was no talk of tensions anymore, no excuses, he just grabbed on to her legs, she lay back on the desk and he rammed his dick into her right up to the hilt.

“Fuck me and fuck me hard,” she cried, wanting to feel him pounding against her cunt. Mr. Bemrose didn’t disappoint her he went at it full throttle, holding on to her gorgeous round ass as he did so. Once again he felt that turbulence in his balls and soon he was pumping his goo into the young and nubile Miss Mathews.

Mel had never felt better. During the remainder of her time at the office, she relieved his tensions as often as he needed it and he gave her an amazing reference when she left. When Ms. Seale returned to her post she was tanned and in great shape after her vacation but she now having to pay all of the credit card bills and catch up with a lot of other things she was a little tense.

“Do you know what’s good for reducing tension,” he asked.

“What’s that Mr. Bemrose?”

“If I sucked your tits,” he smiled.

“Why Mr. Bemrose,” she laughed, as she slipped off her top, ”I think you’ve been reading my Cosmopolitan Magazine again.”


Copyright 2015-2017 Cristiano Caffieri

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