Valentine’s Day Fuckfest

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Nick and Michelle decided that on Valentines Day they would go to one of those hotels that have special packages for horny couples. When they checked in they were presented with a bag decorated with hearts and roses and couldn’t wait to get to their room to open it up.

The room itself was beautiful with rose petals scattered over the bed, sexy subdued lighting and a mirrored ceiling. it

“Let’s see what inside the bag,” said Michelle taking from Nick and spilling the contents out on the bed. There were chocolates shaped like penises and vaginas, some erotic oil, a book on sexual positions and two mini vibrators.

“Why two?” she laughed, “maybe they think we’re a lesbian couple, I told you not to have your a haircut.”

Nick, whose hair was not particularly long, ignored her as he was engrossed in the book.
“I can see why there are two,” he said, “one for your cunt and one for your ass.”

“Let me see that,” she cried and grabbed the book from him. Sure enough, there was a diagram showing just where to insert them.

“You probably won’t need me this weekend,” he said, “you can fuck yourself while I spent time in the bar.”

“No sex toy can substitute for your big thick dick,” she said, grabbing him by the balls, however, I am anxious to try the two at once.”

It was almost time for lunch but they decided to forego the nosh and live on the fruits of love. They had a shower together, he made sure that her tits and crack were thoroughly cleaned while she washed his balls and peeled his foreskin back because she intended to give it a good sucking.

In spite of him being anxious to ram his dick up her crack and her being just as anxious, they did decide to do the vibrator thing first. Once the little blue plastic mushroom-shaped devices were lubricated he activated one and slipped it into pussy and even though she was already feeling a pleasant glow, she got onto her hands and knees to facilitate the second.

She stayed in that position with her tits swinging from side to side and she just kept on making little squeaks of delighted.

“It feels fucking incredible,” she called out, followed by a big moan, “lie on the bed and I’ll suck it for you.”

He positioned himself so that she could absorb it into her sweet mouth and all hell broke loose. She got so excited she went up and down on his schlong like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. When she came, she let out a muffled scream but managed to continue sucking until he blew his load in her mouth. Then she quickly extracted both the devices and lay on the bed panting.

“Why don’t you try one up your ass while you’re fucking me,” she suggested, and after a few minutes, they gave it a go. The only complaint he had was that he couldn’t slip his dick in and slowly build-up, it made him want to ram it in and shoot his load immediately.

“I’m cumming,” he yelled as his ass vibrated and his sperm spewed out and into her bush.

All in all it proved to be a great weekend and he said wouldn’t mind signing up for the July the 4th package providing he didn’t have to shove a firework up his ass. THE END

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