Shaggin’ Wagon

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Noah wanted to buy a car, his first car. He’d heard all his friends talking about how they loved to fuck their girlfriends on the back seat and he wanted to join the club.

When he approached the used car section of a dealership he was greeted by a good looking female sales rep, possibly about thirty, whose legs seemed to go all the way up to her tits and what a set of tits they were. He was a bit lost for words as he’d thought that he’d be approached by a loudmouth salesman in a check suit.

“Can I help you?” she purred as she emerged from the office, I’m Caterina Fiore.”

When her warm soft hand made contact with his, he almost came in his pants.

“I want to buy a car,” he stammered, a bit unsure of himself.

“You have come to the right place,” she smiled, “tell me how much you want to spend and I’ll have you driving out of here the proud owner of a reliable set of wheels.”

“That’s want I want,” he said, “something reliable.”


“I can spend about five thousand,” he said.

She led him over to a really small car and began to give him her sales pitch.

“This has been really well cared for,” she assured him, “Our mechanics have given it a thorough going over and they tell me it’s in A1 condition.”

He peered in the rear window, “the back seat is a bit small.”

She looked at him and gave a sly grin, “What you’re saying is it isn’t big enough to have a good fuck in.”

He was a bit taken aback by her abruptness but he did manage to mumble “yes” in reply.

“What you need is a shaggin’ wagon they were very popular in the hippie era and I just happen to have one on the lot.”

He couldn’t see one but when she led him around the back of the office there it was. It had the most beautiful scene airbrushed on it and it was big enough to fuck two women at once.

“Why don’t we climb in the back to see just how roomy and comfortable it is?”

She went first and her short shirt rode up exposing her flimsy panties as she climbed in the back. Noah followed her in and she closed the back doors.

“This is a very comfortable mattress,” she commented, patting with her hand, “you could really bounce around on here.”

Gathering up a bit of courage he asked her if she’d ever done it in a shaggin’ wagon.

“No, but as soon as this arrived on the lot it gave me the urge – have you got the urge?”

“I had the urge as soon as I saw you,” he said, feeling his dick getting bigger and bigger as he spoke.

“Well we could satisfy our urges together if you like,” and she leaned over and kissed him.

His whole body seemed to light up like a Christmas Tree, and he slipped his hand inside her blazer and groped her tits. She responded by unzipping his flies, struggling to get his hard cock out and then laying down to suck it.

It wasn’t just the sucking motion that nearly blew the top of his head off, it was her hand movements and the way she danced around the bell-end with her tongue.

“Why don’t we sixty-nine and both enjoy it?” she said, taking it out of her mouth.

Soon they were both naked with his head between her thighs licking her hairy twat and she with his cock halfway down her throat and her fingers fondling his balls.

When she came she couldn’t very well scream with a mouthful of cum and she pulled on his head shoving his face deep into her crack in case he became vocal and attracted attention.

“I think I can get you back up and hard again,” she said, spitting on her hands and beginning to manipulate it like she was kneading bread.

She was right, and placing a couple of scatter cushions under her ass he lay on the top of her and steered his dick into her cavity using his hand.

“O that feels so good,” she whispered, “so very, very good.”

He looked down at her gorgeous body and her tits pointing right at him and it prompted him to try and force it in further. She dug her long fingernails into his thighs as he started to move up and down.

“Come on,” she urged, “I want to cum again. Do it hard and do it fast.”

Noah went at it like a deranged buck rabbit. His cock was sliding into that lubricated hole so fast he thought it would catch on fire. As his load started to work its way up he thrust it in her crack like a battering ram. Her tits jiggled from side to side and she gripped on to his ass tighter and tighter.

When he came it was like hot molten lava gushing up and into her hungry cunt.

“My god – you certainly know how to fuck for a young guy,” she said, breathlessly, “some lucky girls are going to have their vaginas destroyed in here.”

Noah took the vehicle and she not only threw in a year’s maintenance but she promised to test the mattress out once a week just to check for defects. THE END

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