Police Informant

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Detective Sergeants Jack Perry sat smoking his pipe like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

“I’m looking into the death of a friend of yours,” he said, to a woman who wore far too much makeup and whose figure had seen better days, “Beth Chalmers has been murdered.”

“Everybody has heard about that – a very nasty business.”

“Do you know who might have done it?”

“It could be anybody she was in a high-risk occupation.”

“Did anybody have it in for her?”

“Is that a double entendre?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Look in this business you fuck strangers every day, sure some are regulars but the others could as easily be Jack the Ripper or Santa Claus.”

“Did she have any enemies among the other girls?” he asked impatiently.

“Nothing as far as I know.”

“You don’t know fucking much do you?”

“I might know something but it will cost you.”

“Come on – you do this to me all the time and sometimes the information isn’t worth shit.”

“I told you who killed the pimp down of 5th Street didn’t I?”

“Yes you did,” he mumbled begrudgingly.”

“So you know the deal Jack, you give me cunnilingus and I tell you all I know.”

Jack shook his head, “How is it that other officers pay their informants fifty bucks a pop and you make me lick your cunt.”

“Because you blabbed on me when I made a little mistake. I’d been a good cop up to that point but that didn’t seem to matter to you and I lost my job.”

“Fucking a prisoner in his cell was not a little mistake and you can’t blame me for you ending up selling meat.”

“I can Jack and that’s why I love to rub your face in it,” she laughed, “no pun intended.”

“OK take off your gear – this information better be worth it.”

“What’s a matter with you – some men would give the right arm to lick my pussy,” she said, stripping down to reveal a body that still had a little mileage left.

“It’s just that I never get to cum – you never let me fuck you,” he grumbled.

“OK, OK – just this once – but after you’ve eaten me out.”

Laying on the bed with her smooth white thighs open for business Jack knelt on the floor pulled on her legs to bring her pussy lips up to his mouth and then he started to lick from just above her anus to her clit in big swipes like an oversexed St. Bernard. That’s the way she always liked it – just big swipes, sometimes right up the middle and sometimes up the sides of the lips that he held apart with his fingertips.

“Holy fuck – I’m cumming,” she yelled with her body shaking like someone who stuck their finger in an electric outlet.

When that was all over she played with his balls, sucked his dick and then lay back as he plunged it into her wet crack and pounded her as if his stripes depended on it. When his cum surged up his pipe it just kept coming and coming until his balls began to look like two dried prunes.

When he’d withdrawn his dripping dick they both sat naked on the bed and Jo gave him some information he didn’t expect.

“You don’t need the names of Beth’s associates Jack – I did it,” she confessed, “I shot the bitch. You know – I would have trusted her with my life but she discovered my bank details and drained my account – twenty thousand fucking dollars.”

“God – I hate to do this Jo but I’ll have to arrest you.”

“I don’t care Jack…you see… I’m dying anyway.”

“Holy shit! what are you dying of?”

“A rare strain of Syphilis Jack and there’s no known cure.” THE END

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