Police Business

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by Cristiano Caffieri

As a police detective Kate Bowman had been called out to investigate some unusual burglaries. She’d tracked down thieves who had stolen puppies from a pet store, toilet bowls from a bath boutique and a lifetime supply of paper plates and cups from a party store. However, one pleasant sunny morning, when she’d planned to take the day off, she was called out to a downtown sex emporium.

She expected it would be run by some sleazy little bald guy but it wasn’t, David Bond was a handsome young entrepreneur with a smile that proved dental hygiene could make your panties damp.

“Thank you for coming so quickly,” he greeted her, as she walked among the scattered dildos, handcuffs and bottles of lubricant that littered the floor, “I’m afraid my visitors left quite a mess.”

“Is there anything missing or is this some sort of a revenge attack?”

“Revenge attack?”

“You know – a dissatisfied customer or somebody who doesn’t want a sex shop in the neighborhood.”
“Well, I must admit I can’t swear anything is missing until I’ve cleaned it all up and they did spray Fuck You all over my office at the back.”

Kate decided to photograph everything but she couldn’t very well have the scattered inventory dusted for fingerprints, the department budget wouldn’t run to that. She worked her way from the front of the store to the back and there was what he referred to as his office. The word office was misleading, it looked more like a torture chamber. Restraints were hanging from the wall, special chairs to fuck on, swings, Sybian machines and a six-foot-tall penis that she hoped was just for display purposes.

Kate was fascinated by the chez lounge-style chairs and she was curious about one that had handles at the top end.

“What are they for?”

“Just lie on it for a minute and I’ll show you,” he smiled.

She was interested in the possibility of buying one for herself and so she swung her body over it and David grabbed onto the handles and leaned over her.

“The man just lowers himself down and from there he can insert his penis and bang away. Of course, it can be used in other ways – it’s up to a couple’s imagination.”

“Just lower yourself down for demonstration purposes,” she said, getting a little hot and bothered as the blonde blue-eyed Adonis hovered over her. When he obliged she could feel his hard dick pressing against her pussy.

Kate always wore civilian clothes as she was a detective and was occasionally cautioned for her short skirts and low cut necklines. Her outfit that day had not escaped David’s attention and as he looked down at her heaving tits he just lost control and kissed her. She kissed him back and thrust her crotch against his bulging knob.

“It works a lot better with your clothes off,” he ventured, and soon the pair of them were stripping off and throwing their clothes across the room.

Back on the chair, with her perky tits pointing at the ceiling and her shaved crack feeling wet and receptive, she gazed up at his muscular frame and couldn’t wait to have his king-sized dick up inside her. He didn’t plunge it in all at once he just took it in his hand and rubbed it up and down her lips. He probably intended to keep teasing her for a while but she was ready to go and she gripped onto his arms and pulled him down until his chest was pressing against her tits.

There was a brief kiss, a little tongue wrestling and then he rose up, took aim and thrust it into her wet cunt. It went so far in she gasped and then when he partially withdrew and shoved it in again she completely lost it.

“Fuck me now, and fuck me hard,” she yelled, “or you’re under arrest.”

David’s dimpled bare ass started to go up and down like a fiddlers elbow. When he shot his load she could feel the hot cum spurting into her love tunnel. As he withdrew she slid down the curved chair, took it into her mouth and sucked out the residue.

Kate had to get back to the station and so she quickly threw on her clothes but promised to come back for more demonstrations.

“I love being eaten out, do you think the chair could be utilized for that?”

“Why don’t you come back this evening I’m always hungry around six,” he smiled.


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