Nipple Clamps!

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Cristiano Caffieri

Logan Warwick was a young entrepreneur with a small successful business selling novelty items on the internet. His stockroom was packed with cheap plastic drinking glasses, lunch boxes, humane mousetraps, cheeky T-shirts and colored condoms that glowed in the dark. Amelia, a nice looking 19 -year- old with big tits was his only employee. She was responsible for just about every aspect of the business as Logan spent a lot of his time lunching with business types in an effort to break into other fields of endeavor.

The one area he did take care of was purchasing the products that were mostly imported from Asia. When new products came in she was always excited to open up the boxes, she never knew what to expect with her wingding of a boss. She almost peed her pants on a couple of occasions but her worst experience was when a whole bunch of talking shrunken heads spilled out on the floor.

One day when Logan was out playing golf with a potential financial backer who he hoped would put money into his idea for a gadget that would detect any traces of meat in vegetarian meals, a package arrived. It turned out to be a consignment of nipple clamps. She’d heard about such things but she’d never seen any before.

It was a very simple device, basically two clips connected by a chain. As there was no one around and she decided to try one. She unbuttoned her top, rolled up her lacy bra and cautiously open the first clamp and latched it onto her hard erect nipple. It hurt a little bit but not so much as to prevent her from doing the other one.

When they were both in place she tugged on the chain a little and she felt a sort of pleasant pain. In fact, it made her feel quite horny. The only problem was she couldn’t figure out how to release the clamps and as she was struggling, who should walk in but Logan.

“Oh I see they’ve arrived,” he said, ignoring the fact that his big titted assistant had them attached to her nipples.

“I can’t get them off,” she whined, her face going as red as a beet.

“OK,” he laughed, “don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

As his fingers made contact with her tits she felt a hot flush run through her body. After fiddling with them for a while he managed to release them but it wasn’t easy.

“I guess you have to get used to them,” he said.

Tugging away like that made my nipples sore,” she complained.” them “I’m sorry about that, perhaps I was a little too rough.”

Amelia assured him that it was OK and was just about to pull up her bra when he bent over and started to suck on them.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

She wanted to say fucking wonderful bu she settled for, “much better but still a little bit sore.”

Logan, who prided himself in looking after his employees – looked after her! He pressed her against the wall and began to lick, suck and fondled them as she guided his hand down to her thighs. At this point, he lifted the hem of her skirt and his finger was soon pulling back the narrow strip of her panties and running up and down her wet crack.

“I think we have a duty to our clients to try out our products first,” he said, and with his free hand, he reached over to pick up a package of the florescent condoms. Amelia undid his belt, letting his pants fall to the ground and then she took the pack from him, opened it up and slipped the condom on his hard throbbing cock. Feeling her gentle roll it down to his balls felt so fucking good he quickly took down her panties and lifting her skirt up, positioned himself and drove it into her flower right up to the hilt.

She gasped and held onto him tight as he thrust it in and out forcing her ass against the wall. Finding it a bit uncomfortable as his feet were slipping on the tiles he lowered her down to the floor, opened her legs up wide and then stuck it into her hairy snatch again and pounded her until she started to cry out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Logan shot his load a split second later and she, grabbing onto his long blonde hair, working her cunt in a sort of belly dancing motions.

“That was great, I loved it, can we do it again?”

Once she’d cleaned off his dick with her tongue he took a blow-up mattress off the shelf and they spent the rest of that afternoon fucking like two deranged rabbits. Unfortunately, things began to go wrong when Amelia decided to experiment and clipped one clamp to his ball sack and the other to his nipple. Obviously, there was a defect in the shipment and not being able to release the clamps she had to search around for some pliers to cut the connecting chain. Logan left the office that night home that night with the two segments still danging from his body.

The next morning he called on the garage where he had his car maintained and stood there with his pants down while the mechanic sprayed his balls with WD 40. Eventually, he was freed from the defective device. Hal the mechanic didn’t charge him anything as one of his men had captured the incident on his cell phone camera. It’s gone viral! THE END

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