Love Balls

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Cristiano Caffieri

Mrs. Jackie Fischer, who was known locally as “the lady who does the church flowers,” was not happy in her marriage. Her husband Larry complained he found it hard to cum because her vagina was too big.

The only person she dared confide in about this was her best friend Tracy Browning. However, her so-called best friend hadn’t confided in her when she had the same problem, but it came out in the conversation. She hadn’t even told Jackie that she’d been to a sex toy party in Oxford, or that she’d been walking about for weeks with a couple of plastic love balls up her twat.

“They exercise your vaginal muscles as you walk about and Dan says that it’s like fucking a virgin.”

“I should think it is if you’ve got two plastic balls stuffed in there.”

“You don’t leave them in silly you take them out when you’re going to have sex.”

Jackie thought it over for a couple of days and then she went online and ordered a set. She didn’t tell her husband, she didn’t even tell Tracy. However, the pastor at the church was soon to find out.

For some strange reason she hadn’t put any panties on the day she was due to do the flowers and at the back of the church, while bending, and in the presence of the Rev. Bracebridge, the balls fell out. They bounced on the floor and the echo reverberated around the church.

“I’m so sorry Pastor,” she said, and went on to the explain the situation, thinking a man of the cloth would understand her predicament.

“When you get to forty and your beauty starts to fade you can’t afford for your lady parts to get saggy as well,” she sighed.

“But you’re a very attractive woman Jackie, very attractive indeed. Any man in his right mind would be happy to make love to a woman as beautiful as you.”

Jackie picked up her plastic balls from the floor played with like a shy little girl.

“Why don’t you let me put those things back inside you Jackie just to make sure they don’t fall out again.”

She thought it was such a noble gesture she agreed and soon she was lying on one of the pews with her legs wide apart and the pastor looking up her snatch and licking his lips.

“That is the loveliest vagina I think I have ever seen,” he said, moving in much closer, “if you weren’t a respectable married woman I ask if I could kiss it.”

“Oh I’m not that respectable,” she replied, “go ahead.”

When he slid his face between her legs it wasn’t a kiss she got but she was on the receiving end of a monster-sized tongue. He licked up and down her moist pink slit like a hound dog eating its dinner.

Jackie couldn’t believe how good it felt and she cried out, “keep kissing it pastor, keep kissing it.”

She was feeling ashamed but when every nerve ending in her body lit up like a Christmas Tree she just blurted out,

“I don’t suppose you’d like to fuck me would you?”

There was no need to ask when she raised her head she was looking in the eye of a very hard thick dick. A split second later it was rammed up her pipe and going in and out like a piston rod.
Soon the pastor’s face turned bright red as he felt his cum surging up his cock and into the flower lady’s love tunnel. Her ass bounced off the pew as he rammed it in to give her those last few drops.

He offered to push the balls back in before she put her skirt down but she said he revealed something very important to her.

“I don’t need a tighter vagina,” she said, “I just need a bigger cock.”

“I’m at your service night or day,” he smiled, “night or day,” he repeated, stroking her thighs. THE END

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