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by Cristiano Caffieri

Emma didn’t have a bad sex life, her husband was very good at foreplay but he didn’t have a very thick penis. Before she was married she’d only slept with one other man but what a man he was. He was Italian and his name was Lorenzo. She met him while she was on holiday in a beautiful Italian town called Amalfi.

He was so good looking and so charming she could refuse him nothing and that included her virginity. The first time it was quite painful because his dick was so wide it stretched the lips of her cunt to capacity. In spite of this, she let him fuck her every night she was there and he even gave her a farewell bang in an airport photo booth.

Her first night with her husband Harry, who she married three months after getting back to the States, was a disappointment. It was so thin she could hardly feel it. She mentioned this to her McKenzie her next-door neighbor and she made a surprising admission.

“Rick is just the opposite,” she said, referring to her husband, “his dick is so big it’s like having a whole salami stuffed up you twat.”
“Sounds like Lorenzo,” replied Emma, looking dreamy-eyed.


“Lorenzo, he was an Italian guy I met on holiday. When he fucked me it felt like you were taking it from one of Budweiser’s Stallions.”

“And you liked that?”

“It was fucking marvelous.”

“I think Harry sounds more like my type, somebody who is good at foreplay and doesn’t need the Holland Tunnel to accommodate him.

“Perhaps we should change partners, said Emma, with a cheeky grin on her face, “just for sex I mean.”

“I never thought of you as being kinky.

“I’m not kinky, I’m just practical. Why don’t you discuss it with Rick and I’ll talk to Harry and you and I can have coffee tomorrow morning and iron out the details.”

Although both men pretended to be shocked by the suggestion they very quickly came round to the women’s way of thinking. Of course on the first night, when they gathered at Emma’s house there was some embarrassment but that was soon overcome.

Rick very gentlemanly escorted Emma to the master bedroom while Harry and McKenzie elected to stay in the living room and fuck before the log fire. Before Emma could get all her clothes off, Rick pounced on her, sticking his tongue down her throat and then deep into her crack. The big moment came when he rammed that enormous cock into her cunt. McKenzie had not been lying about the size it stretched her lips to capacity. In fact when she was cumming she unconsciously called out Lorenzo’s name a couple of times.

Meanwhile downstairs Harry very slowly took off McKenzie’s clothes. Her delicate white panties were the last item he removed and as he pulled them down her legs he lingered to kiss her hairy mound. It took her by surprise and her body began to tremble a little but then she encouraged him to stand up so she could take off his shirt and pants.

“I’ve always dreamed of this,” he said, “I’ve always fancied you.”

She was pleasantly surprised by his admission and it prompted her to slide down to her knees and take his slender, but quite adequate dick into her mouth. McKenzie never sucked her husband’s because she was afraid of getting lockjaw but she took Harry’s into her mouth right up to his balls.

He didn’t want to question his wife’s sexual prowess but he’d never felt the intensity that he was now feeling with his petite next-door neighbor. It was almost unbearably good. Her tongue embraced his cock as she sucked it and the way her long slender fingers massaged his balls was much more spine-tingling than when Emma did it.

After he had licked and fingered her cunt, sucked on her breasts and kissed the inside of her warm thighs it was time for penetration. He was getting a bit desperate to cum by this time and so he slammed his throbbing cock into her wet cavity and soon his ass was going up and down like the hammers of fuck as she moaned and told him how wonderful he was. When Harry shot his load he could feel it streaming upwards and deep inside of her as she cried out and dug her fingernails into his shoulders.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the bedroom, Rick was fucking Harry’s wife for the second time, and although she thought she might be bow-legged for the rest of her life, it was what she wanted. Both couples gave this arrangement the thumbs up and eventually moved into a house together. Here they had twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes, and once they even had a fivesome, when a sexy visiting nurse called to remove some stitches from Emma’s vagina. THE END

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