Girl’s School

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Simon Wendover landed a teaching job at a girl’s college he thought life couldn’t get any better. The salary was good, the living quarters excellent and every day he was surrounded by perfumed beautiful women.

The women were mostly between 18 and 22 and he was only 25 himself but the board of governors was most impressed with his credentials and so were a few of the girls. Madison Philips used to dream that he was fucking her in front of the whole class and she used to tell her friend Pippa who in turn told Emily, who told Hannah, and so on.

Soon all the college was talking about her dreams and every time as they passed Simon they’d start to giggle. Madison didn’t really dream about him every night but she felt obligated to satisfy her eager audience’s appetite for her erotic stories. To do this she simply created them in her head and they got more and more bizarre as time went by.

“Last night I dreamed that he bought one of those wands so he could massage my vagina with it,” she told them, I came six times and then he fucked me doggie style and made me suck his cock afterward. It tasted so salty.”

Every evening five or six of her friends would gather in her room to listen to her latest dreams. Whether anybody really believed she had these debauched dreams didn’t seem to matter – she was such a good storyteller. In fact, she was beginning to believe in her own imaginary accounts. To bring them to life she bought herself cock shaped vibrator and late at night she’d lie naked on her bed, spread her legs and ram it into her pink taco.

Around eleven P.M. the duty teacher would make the rounds to ensure all the lights were out and everyone was safe. If there was a light showing under the door they would tap gently and call “lights out.”

One evening when it was Simon’s responsibility he saw the light under Madison’s door and went through the same routine. She was so engrossed zipping the vibrator in and out of her twat she was completely oblivious to the tapping on the door.

After several attempts to attract her attention, he opened the door slowly as he was authorized to do and just peeked in just as she had an orgasm. She was crying out, “O Simon, O Simon,” as her ass bounced up and down on the bed. He was about to close the door hoping she’d not seen him but she had.

“Mr. Wendover, I was just thinking about you,” she said, not looking at all perturbed that he’d caught her in the act. “Is yours as big as this?” she asked, holding up the plastic cock that was still buzzing.

“You shouldn’t be talking like this,” he said, feeling his dick increasing in size as she displayed her neatly trimmed quim and gorgeous looking tits.

“I’m twenty years old Mr. Wendover, I’m not a virgin, and I’d very much like you to fuck me. And don’t say you don’t want to because I can see the bulge in your pants.”

To say he wouldn’t like to fuck her would have been a lie and when she walked over to him and started to rub the front of his pants his will power just faded.

Madison undid his belt brought his pants and underwear down his legs and took his dick in her mouth. It was if she had a magic tongue. She licked and sucked until his knees went weak and his cum coated the back of her throat.

After that, it was her turn. He carried her over to the bed, slid his face between her slender thighs and licked her wet cunt until she screamed. Before she’d stopped quivering he’d rammed his big dick into her mound and fucked her as if he was the duty stallion.

Leaving her with a cunt resembling a cream filled éclair, he made her promise not to tell anyone, and then he slipped out of her room and continued his rounds.

Of course, Madison couldn’t keep her mouth shut and over breakfast the next morning she was regurgitating the whole sordid incident to her fans. As usual, no one really believed her but they pretended they did.

It was when Ms. Gilchrist heard the murmurings that things got a bit tricky for Simon. She taught Geography, Home Economics, and Health, and had a rack on her like a Holstein. Amazingly she was still a virgin and as she taught the health class, where sexuality played a big part, she thought her own lack of sexual experience was detrimental. This became even more significant when it seemed that 20-year-old Madison was way ahead of her.

When this frustrated virgin invited him to her campus studio apartment for coffee and things to nibble on he didn’t realize that he’d be nibbling on her hairy snatch and later boring a hole through her hymen. AND he certainly didn’t expect her to coat his cock and balls in chocolate spread so she could lick it off.

Unlike Madison, Ms. Gilchrist didn’t blab to her friends on the faculty but suffering from post-coital stress she did tell her therapist. Dr. Beckman, who was recently divorced, soaked up every detail of her patient’s encounter to the point where she started ovulating.

Even though she’d never met Simon she suddenly had this desire to have his baby. She was obviously in need of therapy herself but poor Simon didn’t know that. Like a Lamb to the slaughter, he accepted an invitation to her perfume soddened apartment for coffee and something to nibble on. THE END

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