An Unusual Gift

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Kristy Bladen opened her husband’s birthday gift she was puzzled.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s a wand,” Alex replied with a grin.

“A wand?”

“You can make magic with it.”

“OK,” she said, looking at the device with no idea what she had in her hand.

“It’s a sex aid,” he explained, taking it from her and running it up and down the front of his pants.

“What – it’s for you?”

“Of course it’s not for me,” he retorted, getting a bit impatient that she was so naïve, “it’s for you – you run it up and down your thing.”

“Do you mean my foo foo,” she exclaimed, a little shocked that he’d buy such a thing.

“Yeh – it makes you cum,”

“How do you know?”

“Because James Thompson bought one for his wife and he says it made her go crazy.”

“She was always crazy.”

“Maybe she was but let’s try it out and see how it feels.”

“What right now?”

“Yeh – just take your panties down and lie on the sofa and I’ll be the operator.”

She was a bit reluctant but not wanting to be too much of a prude she slipped off her delicate white panties and lay on the sofa. He was trembling with excitement as he lifted the hem of her skirt exposing her shaved pussy. With his left hand, he gently opened her thighs, switched on the wand and slowly moved the whirling head up to her crack and just touched it quickly. It was a bit of a shock as she had never done anything like this before but as he pressed it against her a little bit firmer she opened her legs to get the full effect.

“That’s fucking amazing,” she gasped, “keep doing it.”

Alex, who had developed an enormous boner watching her with that look of ecstasy on her face, really got into it and when she started to yell she was cumming he almost came in his pants.

Breathing heavy and lifting her bare ass up and down she asked him to fuck her.

“I want it so bad Alex – and make it rough.”

He threw down the wand, rolled up her T-shirt to expose her beautiful tits and then he rammed his dick into her wet cunt and pounded her mound like a wild animal. As she grabbed onto his hair and kept calling out how wonderful he was, he felt his sperm surging up his cock and deep inside of her. Her body began to vibrate so much he thought she was going to break his dick in half.

Kristy wasn’t very adventurous when it came to sex but she really appreciated the gift and looked forward to using in on a regular basis, even when Alex wasn’t around. However, things got a bit complicated when their Russian maid Nadia, who spoke very poor English, happened to pick it up and asked,

“What this?”

Not wanting to explain its real purpose Kristy thought fast on her feet and pretended it was a microphone.

A few days later, when they had guests for dinner Alex was calling for the maid who was in the kitchen. With all the chatter going on she was having some difficulty in hearing him. As he was getting a little impatient with her, Nadia slipped upstairs and dug out what she thought was a microphone.

When she walked into the dining room with it, intending to hand it to him, the chatter stopped abruptly and all eyes were on Nadia.

“Oh my God what have you got there?” cried out Mrs. Beamish, his boss’s wife.

“Mr. Bladen can use this when he wants me to come,” she smiled.

“Well buff my muff Alex, I didn’t know that you and Kristy were swingers,” she said, and with that, she whipped off her panties and insisted that he crawl under the table and stick it in her twat. In the meantime, Mr. Beamish was chasing Kristy around the dining room with his dick hanging out the front of his pants.

Nadia quit the next day, refusing to stay in a house where men shoved microphones up women’s private parts. Kristy took the Wand to the charity shop in the main street and as the Beamishes were insisting on more get-togethers, Alex started to look for another job. It seemed that some gifts keep on giving and some keep on taking away. THE END

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