A Bit of Rough

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Greg Wallace was too handsome for his own good. Every morning that he set out on his job delivering parcels he knew that at least once some women would want him to join her for a cup of coffee and that inevitably led to them having sex.

Many of his fellow workers envied his looks. Greg was like every movie star that women had fantasized having sex with. He had great hair, masculine chiseled features and his body was what you’d expect from a guy who worked out for an hour every day. However, Greg was getting a bit tired of being a casual fuck for a bunch of frustrated women, he wanted to settle down and eventually he joined an online dating service and got a whole bunch of hits.

One woman in particular interested him, she was very beautiful, she was educated and under occupation she’d put “independent means.” Greg had no objection to marrying a rich woman and so he made contact. She didn’t seem to want to go on a date or anything she simply invited him over for dinner one night.

When he saw the house he thought it was gorgeous. He figured she’d have to have a full time gardener and probably a couple of other servants to look after the place. She certainly had a pretty maid because she answered the door and led him into the drawing groom.

“Madam will be down in a few minutes,” she said, “please pour yourself a drink.”

Greg took her up on the invitation and helped himself to a 12 year old scotch and then sat down on one of the huge upholstered chairs. As he sipped on the whisky he looked around the room and could imagine himself getting use to the kind of lifestyle it seemed to offer.

After about ten minutes Griffith McKenzie drifted into the room wearing sexy flowing gown and smelling of exotic perfume. She formerly introduced herself and then led him into the dining room where an ageing butler served them a sumptuous meal. She asked him some questions about himself and seemed quite attracted to him. Later they retired back to the drawing room where she locked the doors.

“Take a seat Greg and let’s get down to the reason you’re here.”

“Well – I’m looking for a steady relationship,” he said.

“I’m not,” she retorted, “does that surprise you?”

“Well…,” he began, but before he could get another word out she threw herself on his lap.

“I’m after a bit of rough Greg.”

“A bit of rough?”

“Yes since we first made contact two weeks ago I’ve had a private investigator follow you on your delivery round. He reported to me that you made rather longer than normal stops at 112 Elm Street, 347 Palmer Street and 1498 7th Avenue.”

“You had me followed? Is that even legal?”

“I’ve no idea,” she replied, “but I want you to give me what you give those sluts on your route.”

Poor Greg was stumped for words and once again before he could say anything she took charge of the situation, crushing her lips against his and sticking her tongue halfway down his throat. She then got up, took him by the lapels, dragged him to his feet and slapped him across the face.

“Get your fucking clothes off,” she cried, “ and fuck me – hard.”

He would like to have made a run for it but them she dropped her gown to the floor and she had the most magnificent body he’d ever see, Her tits were firm and perky, her skin didn’t have a blemish, and her hairy muff looked most inviting.

Not wanting to pass up such a perfect body he quickly undressed and as soon as he’d wiggled out of his pants she grabbed him by the balls, threw him back on the chair and took his dick in her mouth. His balls were aching after she’d crushed them but now she was fingering them skillfully as she sucked hard on his throbbing cock. He yelled when he was cumming but she paid no attention and he coated her tonsils with a massive blob of cum.

Pulling away from him she grabbed onto his legs pulled him halfway off the chair and then balancing on the arms of the chair she lowered herself onto his face. He could hardly breath as the lips of her cunt spread over his mouth and nose. The next thing he knew she was tugging on his hair yelling, “Suck it you bastard.”

Greg obediently started to lap his tongue up and down her groove and she continued to tug on his hair groaning and moaning like a cow on heat. When she came, she just screamed and rubbed her wet pussy lips up and down his face.

She rested for no more than thirty seconds before she threw herself on the floor spread eagle. Even though he was scared shitless by the woman he couldn’t resist the thought of slipping in between those slender thighs and fucking her brains out. He knelt in front of her, opened up her legs even wider and then he moved up and sank it into her well lubricated snatch.

He savagely pounded her mound until she started to scream “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, “I’m cumming.” He shot his load at the precise moment her body began to shake like she was in a seizure.

When it was all over she quietly got up, unlocked the door and still naked rang for the butler and ordered some coffee. Although he pretended that he was prepared to service her needs he had no intention of ever coming back to that mad house ever again. However, the next day when he looked over the packages as he loaded them into his van he started to sweat. There, wrapped in expensive paper and tied with red ribbon was a parcel to be delivered to Griffith McKenzie. THE END

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