The Sex Doll

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Erin shared a house with three other students. Clare and Max where a couple so they had the largest room and she and Tyler, the other tenant, had smaller separate rooms. Her’s, being situated between the other two, gave her a ringside seat into what her neighbors were up to.

At night she lay listening to the couple in the bedroom on the one of her side and she thought Tyler could probably hear them too. Clare and Max repeatedly called out “O fuck,” as their bed slammed against the dividing wall and by the moans coming from Tyler’s room she was pretty sure that he was choking the chicken in response.

She thought of bursting in on him one night to catch him in the act and then she could take it out of his hand and into hers. However, she was far too shy to do such a thing.

One afternoon a courier arrived with a package for Tyler. It was left outside his door and she couldn’t resist examining it to see what it might be. Normally it wouldn’t have anything to identify the product on the parcel but it was imported from China and there was a customs declaration.

“OMG,” she exclaimed, “here I’m in bed at night fingering myself to sleep and he’s ordered a fucking blow-up sex doll.”

As the heating ducts in the house carried sound like a Tannoy system she figured if she lay with her ear to the register when he started fucking that plastic woman she’d lie down on the floor and diddle herself.

“It won’t be very romantic,” she mumbled, “but it’s better than nothing.”

Tyler, who had an afterschool job in a fast food joint didn’t get home until ten. She heard him excitedly tearing open the package. She heard him struggling to blow it up and then the bed started creaking like fuck as he banged away at the plastic cunt aided by a generous amount of lubricant.

Erin changed her mind about fingering herself and instead decided to play a joke on him. She knew the heat register was very close to his bed and so she put her lips up to the grate on her side and started to make loan moaning noises on behalf of the doll. The bed stopped creaking for a moment and when it started up again so did she.

This time he didn’t stop and just kept banging away as she got more and more excited and when he blew his load she yelled as if he was doing it to her. Tyler wasn’t dumb enough to think it was the doll making the noises and before she could get up off the floor he burst into her room and saw her lying on the floor naked.

“What are you doing?” he yelled, embarrassed and upset at the same time.

“I’ve just been pretending that you were fucking me.” she said, figuring there was no way out of this nasty situation.

“Is that what you want? do you want me to fuck you?”

“I’ve wanted that ever since you moved into the building,” she retorted, “but you’ve always ignored me and now you’re fucking that plastic bitch from China instead.”

Tyler, who was only wearing his boxers, dropped them to the floor, and in spite of having deposited a full load into a plastic bag, his dick was up and ready for action.

“Get on that bed and spread your legs,” he commandeered, pretending he was some sort of macho man.
“You’re not dealing with a bunch of plastic now,” she protested.

“Do as I say,” he said, struggling to keep up the image he’d created.

She took a good look at his dick and decided it was too good to waste and lay on the bed, with her legs wide open as requested. There was no foreplay, he just jumped on the bed, rammed it into her with ‘a take that attitude’ and went at it like a deranged Bull Terrier. When she felt his hot cum flowing into her well-preserved crack she screamed so loud her neighbors stopped fucking to listen
After that night of passion, Erin taught him all about foreplay and they regular competed with the couple next door to see who could make the most noise. Everything was going well for a couple of weeks but then he suggested they have a threesome with Lulu. That’s what he’d named his blowup doll.

Erin realized that he’d probably been cheating on her with that Chinese cockchafer and she told him to fuck off. A few months later she met up with a really nice guy, and although she’d occasionally listen to Tyler and Lulu banging away next door, she had no desire to blow a guy whose dick tasted like an old flip flop. THE END

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