Chocolate Cream Pie by Cristiano Caffieri
Tasha likes confectionery with her sex, chocolate smeared over her tits, candy g-strings for some serious chewing and lubricating gels to make her blow jobs more tasty.

An Unusual Gift by Cristiano Caffieri
Kristy wasn’t sure what a Sex Wand was until Alex bought her one for her birthday and taught her how to use it. Later he wished that he had told the maid what it was for.

Frapping Farm Girl by Cristiano Caffieri
Angela works on her uncle’s farm along with a young handsome lad called Damon. The two of them have something in common in addition to watching farm animals have sex, they both like to masturbate.

Fucking Her Brother-in-Law
by Cristiano Caffieri
Completely naked, Kirsten accidentally gets handcuffed to the bed and can’t reach the key. Thank goodness her brother stopped by to help!

Husband Swop by Cristiano Caffieri
Emma’s husband has a thin dick and she doesn’t like it. Her next door neighbor has exactly the opposite problem as her husband’s was like a tree trunk. It seemed that everybody would be satisfied if they did a swap once in a while.

Love Balls by Cristiano Caffieri
Jackie wanted to tighten up the walls of her vagina thinking it would make having sex with her husband more enjoyable but her Pastor proves to her that it wasn’t her vagina that was at fault.

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Music Lessons by Cristiano Caffieri
Zara Kemper had the urge to take music lessons but the handsome dude of an instructor gave her other urges.

Nipple Clamps by Cristiano Caffieri
Amelia worked for an importer of cheap Chinese merchandise. She often tried out some of the little kitchen gadgets and tacky jewelry but one day she tried out a set of nipple clamps and this got both she and her boss into an embarrassing situation.

The Police Informant by Cristiano Caffieri
One of Detective Sergeant Perry’s informants was an ex-cop turned prostitute. She’d given him some good tips but she demanded an unusual method of payment.

Police Business by Cristiano Caffieri
Detective Kate Bowman had been called out to investigate lots of break-ins but never a sex toy store before. Seeing all those pleasure products lying around made her feel quite horny and so did the handsome proprietor.

Shaggin’ Wagon by Cristiano Caffieri
When you’re buying a vehicle it’s great to have a nice friendly sales person to demonstrate the features and it doesn’t hurt if she’ll do anything for a sale.

The Bondage Buff by Cristiano Caffieri
Some people liked to be restrained when they’re having sex but Mia was a bit doubtful about it. However, she did agree to be strapped to a wall once and she’s been laughing ever since.

The French Liqueur by Cristiano Caffieri

When Meghan Slater was holidaying in France she bought some liqueur that the locals claimed was an aphrodisiac. She tried it out on a neighbor who helped her to carry her luggage upstairs and holy shit – it turned out to be true.

The Fucking Machine by Cristiano Caffieri
Brianna Bought Masturbation machine and discovered that delivery and a little coaching were all part of the service.

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The Girl’s College by Cristiano Caffieri
When Tyler landed a plum job teaching at a college for young women, who were all of legal age, he tried to control his sex drive but temptation kept getting in the way.

The Sex Doll by Cristiano Caffieri
Living in a house with three other students can have its moments but the guy Erin fancied was having his moments with a blow-up sex doll named Lulu.

The Sex Swing by Cristiano Caffieri
When Seth helps his neighbour to erect a sex swing in her living room it’s he who becomes erect.

The Wrong Hole by Cristiano Caffieri
When Andrea sneaked into a sex store far from home she didn’t expect to bump into a guy who attended the same school. And she didn’t expect to get fucked up the ass.

The Valentine’s Day Fuckfest by Cristiano Caffieri
Nick and Michelle decide to celebrate this special day by trying out a few new things at an “erotic hotel.”

The Tits and Ass Strategy by Cristiano Caffieri
Although most women use their talents and abilities to climb the corporate ladder there are a few who rely on their sex appeal and the fact that most men are weak when it comes to a shapely leg and a good pair of tits.

Toilet in the Museum by Cristiano Caffieri
Karin finds herself working with a foreign exchange students who schedules his daily masturbating sessions for high noon.

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