Private Dick

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Private Dick

When Nick Benson walked into my office I knew that it was a matrimonial job, I could smell it. I hate doing that kind of work but it pays the bills. Being a private dick might seem glamorous to some people but that’s only if you like sitting in a car watching a house for 12 hours at a stretch.

Fortunately, there are benefits, occasional some presentable young woman can’t afford my fees and after a little negotiation, I settle for a blow job or a good fuck. Of course, I can’t do that too often or I would go broke but I still prefer to see a woman’s hand going up and down my cock more than seeing her using it to count out money.

I guess about half my clients are women who suspect their husbands of playing away but then there are guys like Nick, who feel their wives are having a bit on the side. He provided me with the usual photo, car license number and the address of a dance class where he thought she was spending too much time. There was also a short list of men he thought she might be attracted to. He gave me a long spiel of how he’d always been faithful to her except for that one incident in the back of his car in Cleveland. On the surface, it looked like another one of those boring cases watching some doorway hour after hour and taking the occasional video or photo.

Ten minutes after he left the office things changed dramatically. There was a knock at the door and when I shouted “door’s open,” in waltzed Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Rachel Benson.

“That was my husband that just left your office wasn’t it,” she shouted, even though we were barely two feet apart.

“I’m sorry,” I replied, “but I can’t comment on my clients, it’s all very confidential.”

“Don’t fuck me around,” she snapped, “I know it was him, I should be able to recognize my own fucking husband.”

“Then why did you ask?”

“I followed the bastard here because he’d circled your name in the classifieds,” she said, adjusting her short skirt as she sat down across from me. “I have no idea why he suspects me of fucking around, I have never ever been unfaithful to him whereas he was once arrested in Cleveland for fucking a prostitute in the back of his car.”

“Would you like a cup of coffee,” I asked, wanting to cool her down a bit.
“Yes I would, and put it on my husband’s bill.”

“There’s no charge for coffee,” I laughed, “it’s complimentary.”

As I was pouring it I took a good look at Rachel Benson, she was about thirty, very attractive and from where I was standing, I could see right up her miniskirt to her white panties. She had long slender legs and from what I could see, without the aid of X-ray vision, she seemed to have a nice set of tits.

We sipped our coffee together and she settled down a bit but then started to blab on about how suspicious Nick was.

“Every man I look at he thinks I’m having an affair with,” she said, “once he even accused me of having the hots for his uncle Fred and he’s as ugly as fuck. She shook her head in exasperation, “he’s totally crazy.”

“But you’ve never been tempted to have an affair,” I said.

“Of course I’ve been tempted, Nick’s not what you would call a great lover but I have always played it straight and that’s what so fucking annoying.”

“Perhaps you should have a little fun on the side,” I suggested, “it would serve him right.”

“You’ve hit the fucking nail on the head,” she snapped,” perhaps I should, it would serve the cocksucker right.”

“You’re a very attractive woman,” I continued, “any man would be happy to have a few heated moments with you.”

“You’re right again, I’ve had my fair share of propositions.”

“But you’ve always turned them down.”


“Perhaps you should give it careful consideration the next time it happens,” I said. “I have to be careful in my business but if I was going to proposition anybody it would be someone like you. You’re attractive, sophisticated and brimming over with sex appeal.”

She looked at me quizzically for a moment, “do you really think so?”
“I think exactly that.”

“But you never proposition women because you’re a detective.”

“Well, I have to be very discrete. I wouldn’t want to get involved with someone who’d start blabbing to all her friends about it.”

“Some women are like that,” she agreed, “But if I got involved with someone like you my lips would be sealed.”

“Does that mean I can proposition you,” I laughed, pretending I was not serious.
“Why don’t you try me?”

“OK – how would you like me to fuck your brains out?”

“That’s not a very romantic approach.”

I took a plastic flower out of the vase on my desk and handed it to her.
“Would you like me to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had?”

“Holy fuck, that’s not a lot better than asking to fuck my brains out,” she laughed, “but my cracks getting wet so perhaps we should give it a try.”

I’d purchased the sofa in my office for such occasions. Even have a removable cover so that I can get in laundered if it gets any shot spots on it. First I invited her to sit on the sofa and I sat beside her. I could see that she was a little nervous and unsure whether she was doing the right thing or not – so I took it slowly.

Slipping my arms around her narrow waist I brought her towards me and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, then another and then I held her really tight and kissed her passionately. Soon our tongues were entwined and I was unbuttoning her top with my right hand and had the left up the back unclipping her bra. When those items were removed I fondled her tits as she began to make little groaning sounds. At this point, I laid her on the cushions and started to suck her nipples. She really seemed to enjoy that and she managed to partly unbutton my shirt so that she could run her hand across my hairy chest.

As I continue to suck her tits, first one and then the other, I reached down to the hem of her skirt. I slowly moved my hand up her smooth warm thighs until I reached that narrow strip that was between me and her cunt. Her body gave a jerk as I maneuvered my finger around that narrow strip and made contact with the pussy lips.

I gently played with them for a few moments and then inserted my finger up inside of her.

“That feels so fucking good,” she said, as I moved around in a circular motion, “so fucking good.”

I decided at that moment to get down to some serious business and I slipped off her skirt and panties and then I hurriedly took off my clothes and stood naked beside her. She reached up to grab my dick and then she sat erect and took it into her mouth. Fondling my balls with one hand, she gripped onto the base of my dick with her thumb and forefinger on the other and she sucked.

Even when I warned her that I was cumming she just continued and with a big groan, I shot my load into her mouth. Once she’d swallowed it, still in a sitting position, she leaned back and opened her legs, inviting me to kneel down to nuzzle my face in her hairy snatch.

When I opened up her lips with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down that wet slit, she almost went berserk. I started to flick it up and down the inside of those velvety lips and until she screamed and her body shook from head to toe.

Before she could recover I grabbed her, threw her onto the sofa, forced her legs open and made a hole in one. She gasped as it went deep inside of her and then I started to ram it into her with strong forceful strokes. Now she was babbling about how good it was and how she wanted me to cum inside of her. When I felt my goo shooting up my dick and into her cavity, it was my turn to yell and I gave her any number of short sharp thrusts to make sure she got my whole load.

After our little session, we had to make some kind of a plan to justify charging her husband a fee. That afternoon I took some photos of her shopping and other innocent pursuits and the following day I took photos of her going to the dance class, even went inside making sure I didn’t include any men in the photos. I took pictures of her leaving the club, going straight home and the next day I did a variety of other shots.

I did fuck her in the back seat of my car a couple of times to pay back her husband for his Cleveland misdemeanour and once at my office because she liked it. She also gave me a blow job while I was driving on the Freeway and I blew my load somewhere between the 5th Street exit and Case Avenue access.

That weekend I presented Mr. Benson with a bill for $2500 and he seemed to be very pleased with the result of my investigation. Two weeks later, Rachel pretended to go to see her sick aunt in Dayton for a couple of days, when in fact she was with me, blowing the $2500 on a dirty weekend in Vegas. THE END

Copyright 2019 Cristiano Caffieri

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