Prick Teasers

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Matthew Paladino had worked for a daily newspaper in Ohio for over ten years but without any notice at all the publishers closed it down and he was without a job. Being single he didn’t have any responsibilities and he had invested his money wisely but it was still a shock to his system and he was not sure what he was going to do.

Being of Italian stock he’d always wanted to spend some time in Italy but had been too busy, now he was thinking of moving there and writing a novel that he’d had stored in his head for years. It was a big step but he quickly liquidated his assets and bought a ticket to Rome. From there he traveled to Arezzo in Tuscany and from there, guided by a map drawn up by his grandfather he toured the villages where some members of their family still lived.

After many large meals and glasses of wine he decided he had to stop socializing and find himself a base and he did so on the very first day he started looking. To most people it was a tumbled down castle, hit by earthquakes on more than one occasion, there were only two rooms that one could occupy and the rest was mostly piles of stones. There was a small building that served as a bathroom but you had to cross the ruined courtyard to get to it. However, in spite of all the inconveniences, he loved the place.

It had been on the market for years and the price had gradually dropped until it had reached a level that Matthew could easily afford. The documents were signed, the electricity connected and with a few bits of furniture purchased from an antique store, he was beginning to feel at home.

As soon as he’d completed all the red tape at the village office he began to settle in and sat tapping away on his laptop into the early hours in an effort to get his book underway. Everything seemed to be going splendidly until she arrived – Olivia.

She said she was his third cousin on his father’s mother’s side of the family but she could have been the Queen of Sheba for all he knew. After they had drunk coffee and eaten a few pieces of Italian pastry Olivia told him she had a problem.

Matthew was afraid to ask what it was but just to be polite he did.

“I’m what you call – a – nymphomaniac,” she said, “I can’t get enough sex and it’s a real problem in my village because most of the men are old, the young ones having all gone to Florence or Rome to work and even the old men, who can still get it up, feel loyalty to their wives – so they’re just not interested in me.”

Matthew, thinking that perhaps he shouldn’t get involved with another family member, particularly one who talked like a nut, he suggested she might go to Florence or Rome and provide a bit of home comfort for those young men who yearn for their village. She didn’t swallow it.

She just said she couldn’t possibly live that far away from her Aunt Isabella ( his second cousin on his mother’s father’s side of the family apparently), as she was 85 and looked forward to her visiting from time to time.

“No I want to stay here with you Matthew, I’ll will cook for you, clean for you and fuck you as often as you want – please say that I can stay.”

“Well I’d love to have you,” said Matthew but I’m trying to write a novel and it’s best for me to be alone.”

“What kind of novel is it?” she sniffled, looking quite dejected.

“It’s a comedy romance,” he replied.

“Romance – perfect – you can act out all of the love scenes with me – we can do different positions – you can fuck me doggie style – monkey style – any style you like – it will give your book realism,” she laughed, “It will be a perfect arrangement.”

Matthew was about to say no again when she took off her coat. She was wearing a low cut blouse and a pair of absolutely gorgeous tits were poking out of the top. Her mini skirt, that was not much bigger that the belt she was wearing, showed off an equally gorgeous pair of legs.

At this point he decided that perhaps he was being a little too hasty, perhaps he should be prepared help another member of the family in need, and it would be great to have someone to cook and clean. When he said OK her face lit up and she immediately began to fuss around the kitchen like they’d been married for years.

She served a beautiful supper, poured the wine and afterward took all of her clothes off as she said the room was terribly warm. She then proceeded to wash the dishes naked. Olivia had a lovely ass and Matthew watched her from the table as she moved around and occasionally bent down to pick up some little morsel that had dropped on the floor.

By now he had a hard on so big he was afraid of tipping the table over. The prospect of going to bed with this exquisite creature was getting him very hot and bothered and she knew it.

His sexy cousin cleaned off the table with her tits swaying just in front of his nose and took much longer to wipe it than was really necessary. When he could stand it no longer he got up, walked over to her at the sink and slipped his arms around her narrow waist as she finished off the dishes.

“Stop it you naughty boy, you’ll make me drop these cups, you’ll have to be patient, go back and sit down, write your book or something.”

He was getting a bit confused, a few hours ago she was a nymphomaniac wanting it doggie style, monkey style or any way he wanted it, now she turned into a domestic servant bent on winning the “Ideal Home Award.” He tried to type but he couldn’t. Who could with an incredibly beautiful naked woman prancing around the kitchen.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to her staying here,” he thought to himself, “I’m never going to get any work done and it looks as though she’s nothing but a prick tease.”

The ultimate tease came when she decided the clock on the wall needed dusting and she stood on the chair next to Matthew with her muff just inches from his face, unable to control himself he leaned forward and licked her slit. The next thing he knew she was lashing with the dusty and telling he was taking liberties.

When all the dusting and cleaning was complete Olivia said it was time for them to go to bed but before they could make love he had to get a shower. This, of course, meant going outside in the dark and walking over the stone strewn courtyard to the outbuilding.

Stripping down to his boxers in the bedroom he grabbed a towel and made his way to the outside bathroom. The water was freezing cold and it shriveled up his dick to the point where it almost disappeared. Dodging in and out of the fallen battlements he made his way back to the door of the living quarters to find it locked.

“What the fuck is going on,” he yelled banging on the door.

After some minutes and a good deal of frustration, the door opened with Olivia draped in a towel.

“You are so impatient,” she said, as Matthew, half naked himself, was shivering from the evening air. “I was just taking a wash in the kitchen sink,” she continued, “And I like to wash my private parts in private.”

As he entered the living area, still a bit pissed off she stopped him in his tracks by poking her finger in his chest. When he paused she dropped her towel, whipped his away from him and sat down on the floor between his legs and began to fondle his balls.

His dick, still feeling the effects of the cold began to warm to the treatment and to help it along its way she took his foreskin between two fingers and proceeded to lick it. She ran her tongue from his ball sack up to the tip and then when it was getting hard, she kissed the end and gently slid it into her mouth.

Matthew’s anger melted away, he thought that all the teasing might have made this whole experience just that much better. As Olivia worked up and down his erect stem she used both her hands to massage his balls and it felt fantastic.

As she increased the pace of her sucking and her hand movements Matthew’s body began to feel hot and tingly all over, and as he groaned she worked it even harder until he could feel his sperm assembling to make a dash for it. When it did burst forth he just shouted “Fuck,” at the top of his voice and she kept milking it and milking it until he could stand it no longer and moved backward out of her grasp.

Even though he felt a bit shaky on his legs he grabbed hold of her in the fireman’s carry, and with her tits bouncing up and down on his shoulders, he almost ran with her into the bedroom. He literally flung her onto the bed as she, overcome with excitement, called out a string of words in some Italian dialect he was not familiar with.

Kneeling between her legs he bent over and started sucking on those perky tits. She moaned as he stroked them delicately with his finger tips. Then he moved his head down between those long slender legs and parted them gently to allow him to embed his face in her bush.
As his tongue moved up and down her wet groove he also fingered her lips and soon she was jerking up and down with her ass and moaning out loud. Seconds later her body started to shake and he felt the muscles in her pussy start to contract.

“Oh my God,” she shouted, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Matthew didn’t doubt the fact and before she could even catch her breath he rammed his dick into her and began to move it in and out. At first, he did it quite slowly but, perhaps being anxious to cum again, she started to wiggle her bum as if she needed him to quicken the pace.

“Go faster,” she cried, “Go faster, I want to cum again, make me cum again.”

Matthew was thrusting his dick in and out as fast as he could as she was tearing at his shoulders with her long fingernails. When he felt himself cumming he increased his speed until he was moving like a piston rod and when he shot his load she held onto him as tight as she could and almost went into hysterics.

The poor guy was breathing quite heavy and ready to lay back for a while but she seemed to have an insatiable appetite. By morning he was completely exhausted and Olivia, who was apparently feeling quite chipper, served him breakfast in bed and sprung a surprise on him.

“This is my cousin, and your cousin of course,” she said as a tall and very beautiful young woman entered the room, she was completed naked and had a feather duster in her hand. “This is Ianola, she’d like to stay here for a while, she’s a really good cook and housekeeper and I thought it would be nice so that we could have a threesome.”

Matthew smiled weakly thinking that he’d soon have the cleanest house in Italy and possibly the sorest dick. His plans for the novel obviously had to be shelved and instead, he decided to write a daily diary about his sexual exploits. This turned out to be a best seller and he was able to afford three months at a Swiss clinic where they attempted to repair his emaciated body and cure him of his Sygenesophobia ( an intense apprehension of one’s relatives).
Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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