Poking Her Down Under

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Cora Webster and Tommy Edwards lived in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, not a hundred yards from each other, but apart from the occasionally greeting they rarely spoke. He would have liked to have got to know her because she was a real dish and the clothes she wore showed off her gorgeous body in a most provocative way. When she passed the window of his parent’s house he used to watch her, even the way she walked and moved her tight little bum made him horny.

Tommy still lived with his parents but she had her own apartment in a converted house and seemed to have quite a lot of visitors, most of them male. He often dreamed of what it would be like to be lying on top of her naked body but felt he didn’t have the remotest chance of that. After all, he just worked in a fast food joint and most of the guys she entertained seemed to be the executive type.

One day he was sprucing up his parent’s garden when she leaned over the fence.

“Your names Tommy isn’t it.”

He was so startled he sort of stammered yes putting three or four extra letters in it.”

“I was just wondering, as we’re neighbors – if you’d like to come round to my place for a drink tonight.”

Once again he stammered but he did manage to make it clear that he’d be fucking delighted.

As he showered and got duded up he started to wonder if there was something sinister about the invitation, he thought she might be into multi-level marketing or maybe a Jehovah’s Witness tying to convert him. When he rang the bell he wasn’t sure whether he’d come out later with a bag of men’s fragrances or a copy of the Watch Tower.

Cora opened the door in an outfit that made him want to cum right there and then on her welcome mat. She smiled at him and just signaled with her arm for him to enter.

Her apartment was lit by candles and their shadows danced on the wall together as they walked across the room. There was was the smell of incense and some kind of alternative music was playing in the background. It was all a bit creepy.

She bid him take a seat on the sofa and asked what he wanted a drink. Armed with a Jack Daniels and one of her Hors d’oeuvres, which she pointed out had been made with own delicate little fingers, he sat back and waited for her to show her hand.

“Do you believe that our destiny is guided by the stars,” she asked, as she raised a glass to her full scarlet lips.

Tommy said that he hadn’t thought about it much.

“So you’ve never been to a psychic or a fortune teller.”

He had to admit that he never been to either, “Although I did open a fortune cookie once that said I was going to meet a very beautiful woman.”

“That could be significant,” she responded enthusiastically, “That might well be significant.”

He was beginning to think she was a might have Kangaroos loose in her top paddock but she was so fucking beautiful he knew he could overlook such a minor fault.

“I go to a psychic you wouldn’t believe Tommy.”

He thought he probably wouldn’t.

“Her name’s Moirag – she lives locally and I go to her twice a week for her guidance,” she paused and gave a big sigh, “do you know what she told me yesterday.”

He shook his head.

“Well – I’ve not been having too much luck with boyfriends, most of them turn out to be self-centered jerks – and do you know what she told me?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

She told me I’ve been going out with the wrong types – she said I should go for an ordinary simple kind of man – someone who could love me for myself.”

He didn’t want to be regarded as simple but he did back up Moirag’s assessment to the hilt.

“She told me more than that Tommy,” she whispered, licking her lips like a Marylin Monroe impersonator, “she even gave me a name.”

“That’s absolutely amazing,” he said, “Absolutely amazing.”

“Do you know what that name was?”

“Brad Pitt?”

“Of course not silly,” she giggled, “It was Tommy. Not only that she told me he lived quite close by and I’d know he was the right man when he made love to me.”

Any skepticism he had harbored about the paranormal was swept away forever and he had become a devout follower of Moirag – even though he’d never met the bitch.

“I’m a bit embarrassed to ask you this Tommy but would you mind fucking me, I really need to follow my psychics advice – it’s essential I know if you’re the one – I going on 25 and romantic-wise I’m heading nowhere.”

He was not the kind of guy to stand between someone and their beliefs and so he agreed, trying not to seem too anxious, even though he had a boner that you could have hung a week’s washing on.

“Would you prefer the bed or here on the rug,” she asked, rapidly shedding her clothes. When her gorgeous tits appeared, still jiggling after being wrenched from her bra he didn’t think he wanted to waste any time walking to the next room.

As he clumsily removed his gear she slipped out of her white briefs revealing a partially shaved slit and the thought that he would soon be sticking his dick in there made him hyperventilate. Once naked Cora glanced at his throbbing knob and moved towards him like a fashion model showing off her skin. She put her arms around his neck and her tongue slowly slipped into his mouth and sought out his.

Tommy brought his hands up to her tits and fondled them, they were soft and warm and she was receptive to his touch. Sitting on the arm of the sofa he was able to align his mouth with her hardened nipples and she started to moan as he sucked and licked them.

He had very limited experience with women but as a devotee of porn videos and French movies, he figured he could give her a fuck to remember. As for Cora, she had practical experience, and this was evident when she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She didn’t just engorge it, she nibbled it at the end, licked it from his balls right up to the eye and then gently peeling back his foreskin before slipping her lips slowly down his shaft fluttering her tongue as she did so.

When she began to go up and down on it, she continued that tantalizing tongue movement and it wasn’t long before he felt a warm feeling around his balls and his cum rapidly moved up the length of his dick and into her mouth. She swallowed the lot and didn’t bat an eyelid.

Tommy just sat there trying to catch his breath when she did an amazing gymnastic move. Doing a sort of somersault she pushed herself up with her arms and ended up with her bum on his lap. He grabbed her legs so they draped over his shoulders and pulled her cunt up to his mouth as if he was playing the Tuber. With his face tucked between her thighs, his tongue made contact with the pink folds and started to explore, darting here and there as she groaned, moaned and whimpered.

“Oh my God that is so good,” she murmured, “That is so good.”

He continued to poke around her wet crack and then changed his tactic licking from bottom to top, over and over again. When he’d managed to free one of his hands he put his finger in the bottom of her slit and pulled it gently as if to stretch it. Cora went off like a frog in a sock. She started to scream as she came with a vengeance and then sank to the floor almost sobbing with ecstasy.

When she’d stopped shaking she got to her feet, “Can we do it standing?” she asked, kissing him on the lips, “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

They were about the right height and so he bent down a little as she opened her legs and his dick slipped deep into her pussy. With his hands around her ass, and hers holding onto his arms he began to ram it in and out.

As their bellies slapped together he could see her lovely tits bouncing up and down, and when he quickened his pace they jiggled even more. He was desperate to shoot his load and he pounded her pussy like someone possessed. When he felt his sticky goo moving up and ready to make a break for it, he began to yell, “Fucking hell I’m cumming.”
Cora got just as excited as him and just kept repeating, “fuck me faster, faster, faster.”

When he made those final short sharp thrusts and his hot lava streamed into her cavity, she had a massive orgasm and dug her nails into his arm so hard it started to bleed. Both breathing as though they’d just run a marathon they flopped onto the sofa and sat there in each other’s arms.

“Moirag was right,” she whispered, “You’re the one.”

Tommy wasn’t going to argue with an obviously gifted soothsayer.

“And do you know what else she said?” continued Cora, kissing him gently on the lips, “she said that one day I’m going to catch you in bed with my sister Dana.”

Now he had no idea of what the sister looked like but if she was anything like her – well he was up for it. But then came the foreboding.

“Unfortunately,” she said, with a look in her eyes that was rather scary,

“Moirag also sees a knife in my hand, a bloodstained knife.”

At that moment, probably due to a draft of air, the candles began to flicker, but whatever the reason it scared the shit out of Tommy. Now he was not the sort of guy to show cowardice but in the circumstances, he thought it was for the best.

Still naked, and with his balls swinging from side to side, he dashed out of the front door and hurdled six fences on the way to his own garden.

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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