Pleasing Younger Women

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Quinn Bailey started college in Oxford in the UK she didn’t realize that she would find it difficult in locating suitable accommodation. Consequently, when she found Amish Tiverton’s card in a newsagent’s window she immediately phoned and went round to see him.

He turned out to be an older man, widowed, retired and in need of a little help around the house. The deal was that she got rather a nice room at a nominal rate in exchange for sharing chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. It was an ideal arrangement for her although she was a bit nervous about sharing a home with a strange man. However, things turned out very well.

Quinn was quite a good cook and Amish really seemed to enjoy her food even though much of it was quite new to him. He was basically a meat and potatoes man with an occasional order of fish and chips from the shop around the corner.

Although life was generally quiet in the old stone house things livened up a bit every Tuesday. One week Mary O’Conner, a lady in her mid-forties would come around after supper (or Tea, as they call it in England), and Amish and she would disappear into his bedroom. The same occurred when Yvette Doucette, a woman with a strong accent, who came the following week.

Because all of the interior walls were made of thick stone Quinn couldn’t hear what was going on but people usually only go into the bedroom for two things and it was too early to sleep. After about an hour the women would slip out quietly and Amish would just continue watching TV or whatever he was up to as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Quinn began to think, in spite of his years, he was some sort of a gigolo and the next time Mary came to the house she let her curiosity get the better of her and slipped into her room which was next to his. The rooms had once been connected by a door that was now blocked off with a plywood panel and as she often heard Amish’s snoring through it, she figured if there was going to be any groaning and moaning going on she would hear it that too.

There was no way she could have been prepared for what she did hear. Mary was making noises like a cow in heat and Amish was going at it with such force the bedhead was banging on the wall and seemed to be in danger of breaking right through.

On the following Tuesday, even though she felt guilty, Quinn did the same thing when Yvette called by. It was much the like the situation with Mary but she yelled out in French and let out a piercing scream when she had, what Quinn assumed, was a massive orgasm.

When she and Amish washed the dishes together later that evening she began to look at him quite differently. His hair was almost white and although he didn’t have a lot of wrinkles he certainly had other signs of age. She almost shuddered when she thought of having sex with someone almost old enough to be her grandfather, but there was a sense of fascination.

The next time the two women came for their weekly servicing she couldn’t resist listening at the wall. When Yvette starting calling out, “It feels so nice Amish – it feels so good.” Quinn realized her pussy was getting wet and she left the room disgusted with herself and returned to the living area. When Yvette passed her on the way out she was positively glowing and despite her best attempt to not let all this sex get to her Quinn was feeling very horny.

That evening Amish had asked her to put a couple of pictures up for him and so to take her mind off of things she got out his rickety step ladder and tried to hang the first picture on a nail already in the wall. It was quite a large picture and heavier than she thought. Amish was in the kitchen so she tried to do the whole thing herself and managed to it hooked onto the nail but then the steps began to wobble and she totally lost her balance.

Quinn cried out as she was about to take a swan dive and he came running from the kitchen and just caught her in time. He ended up with one arm around her waist and one on her left tit. Amish didn’t let go right away and for some reason, she didn’t want him too. The hand on her tit felt good and when he tried to remove it she took hold of his wrist and placed it back.

Her action prompted a look of surprise on his face.

“Thank you for saving me,” she whispered, “I could have been seriously hurt.”

Amish, with his hand still attached to her tit, said that it was nothing and asked why she didn’t wait for him to help.

“I thought I could manage without you but I couldn’t,” she replied rather sensually, and then she took his hand and slipped it up her top and as she was wearing no bra the look on his face became much more intense. It didn’t seem quite right for a man of his age to start fondling a young woman’s tits but he decided that if that’s what she wanted – he wouldn’t fight it.

As they kissed Quinn ran her hand down his leg and discovered a very acceptable boner. Amish took a deep breath and both of his hands now found their way up her top and began to massage her hardened nipples.

Dying to know what his dick looked like she lowered herself down onto her knees and unzipped his pants as he held onto her shoulders. As she slowly brought it out of his flies she decided that it looked pretty much like any other she seen and so she kissed the end to which Amish responded with a little gasp. This developed into a series of big breaths as she pulled back the skin and slipped it into her mouth.

As she sucked it and fondled it Amish was getting very excited but he didn’t want to come in her mouth he was now ready for some real sex. Gently pushing her away he proceeded to pull off her top and unbutton the waistband on her skirt. He took her panties down as far as her ankles and she stepped out of them. Thirty seconds later he was out of all of his clothes and the two, now naked, just stood there embracing.

Although she only weight 110 pounds she was surprised when picked her up and carried her over to the fireplace where he put her down on the sheepskin rug. There was a fire flickering in the grate and it felt very romantic.

Amish took a pillow from the sofa and put it under her bum and then lowered himself down and parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers. He then very lightly flicked his tongue up the edge of her soft warm groove and continued to do so as Quinn sighed and whimpered a little. Extending his arms across her belly and up to her nipples he tweaked them between his fingers as he stuck his tongue deep into pussy and licked the moist folds.

It didn’t take long for her to cum and when she did it was so intense she almost screamed the house down. At this point, Amish lowered his self on top of her body and took a few sucks at each nipple before ramming his dick home. Raised up on his arms he watched her tits flying all over the place as he increased the pace and the force of his thrust. When he felt his seasoned sperm running up his pipe he started to grunt and groan and she, sensing he was about to shoot his load inside of her, wrapped her long slender legs around him and dug her nails into his forearms.

She lay quite still on the rug afterward as he gently stroked her body and ran his fingers up between her thighs. Quinn just sighed as though she’d just had the most wonderful sex of her life.

They began to have these sessions on a regular basis but Quinn was getting kind of jealous that Mary and Yvette kept coming over on alternate Tuesdays. When she suggested that perhaps they shouldn’t come anymore he was shocked.

“Why they’ve been my clients for years,” he said.

“Clients?” she yelled, thinking he sounded like an aging male prostitute.”

“Why yes,” he replied, “They used to come to me when I had my chiropractic office in town. They rely on my special spinal re-alignment skills to keep them active. They’re quite young to have those kinds of problems but that’s the way it is.”

Quinn sighed with relief, gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him that as long as he wasn’t re-aligning their vaginas she didn’t really mind. THE END

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2014

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